• limber: (adjective) capable of being shaped, agile, nimble, flexible
  • link: (noun) connect, bond, bring together
  • We promote Jed-i (Joy of Engineering, Design, and Innovation) to make a difference to the quality of the engineering in India.
  • Students enrolling into our Apprentice program benefit greatly from our focus on conceptual and hands-on learning, both sadly lacking in any measure in our colleges. The exposure allows students to be confident of their skills and allows them to get better jobs. Industries benefit from more productive and more capable employees.
  • We also run the Jed-I Project Challenge, a de-facto national level competition among final year engineering projects.
  • Workshops to ignite the spark of engineering exuberance among both youngsters and experienced individuals
  • www.jed-i.in
  • Our mission is to convey the joy of deep study, the satisfaction of solving problems, the challenges of designing for the real-world, and the thrill of innovation. To spread the word that engineering excellence is the key for societal transformation in the 21st century. To create a network of Jed-i exponents and Masters who share a passion for engineering, design and innovation in India.
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