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Hi and Welcome to Limber Link.com my name is Tony Monzon.

I’ve been in digital marketing since 2014.

My first baby step in learning digital marketing was to join Wealthy Affiliate University.


Before joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA) I had zero knowledge of affiliate marketing or about online business operations.

Actually, I was looking for a way to make extra money on the side while navigating the Internet.

However, I knew that there were a lot of make money scams going on that would promise big money over night.

So I searched on the Internet for websites that talked about untrustworthy websites but also legitimate sites.

One of the legitimate websites was Wealthy Affiliate.

So I tried them and signed up for the free membership deal.

I was surprised by all the information and tools WA offered.

It took me about a month to decide and signed up for a premium account.

Since then, I’ve been making money through several hobby websites that I own.


So why start Limber Link.com (LL) when I have other websites?

First, the reason I have over one website is that digital marketing works.

But the primary reason for launching LL was to help people transition from a traditional job to a home job.

In the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic war, people don’t know where to go to find a job.

Most people are confused about the Internet and need guidance on how to proceed.

Business owners are hustling to find road maps on how to transition from brick and mortar operations to an online business.

Because of the COVID-19 conditions, job layoffs, economic recession and lack of jobs, people are looking for alternative solutions.

This website will help you find legitimate work from home jobs, home office jobs, part-time work from home jobs and teaches digital marketing.

Not only jobs, but LL is dedicated to helping office or home office workers stay productive.

Whether you work in an office or an office at home, Limber Link is here to help.

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