Learn More About Buffer For Social Media

When promoting content or products, you need to be using Buffer for social media the right way.

Solo proprietors and large organizations prefer to use social media because it is simple, and affordable.

A strong social media presence can work magic for your brand or business.

However, keeping up with all social media profiles is not a simple task.

You need time and skills to keep up with the consistency needed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Luckily, some programs can ensure you remain active on social media.

There are social media management tools that can help you manage your social media presence.

A social media tool helps to make most of the activities on social media less time consuming and easier.

One of the most recommended tools is Buffer. Buffer social media manager is a straightforward app where you can attach your social media accounts.

However, just like other management tools, you may need a day or two to learn how to use Buffer.

Luckily, it is user friendly and a suitable tool for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other online businesses.

In this article, we will touch everything you need to know about Buffer.

We will help you understand why you need it when to use it, how to get started, pricing, and much more.

So, if you are ready to learn about Buffer, lets get started.

What is Buffer used for?

The founders of Buffer started by designing a tool that allowed Twitter users to share and schedule tweets in advance.

With time, they have added other features that include support for several accounts and review of performance.

Also, they have enhanced their scheduling feature; Buffer social media posting is easier and stress-free.

It is a tool that allows you to schedule and bookmark tweets or Facebook updates from your mobile phone or any browser.

Today, Buffer is one of the greatest social media management tools.

It is preferred by small and large companies because it supports multiple social media accounts.

This means it is a tool that allows you to post a status update on various social media platforms.

It supports the scheduling of updates. Buffer is a good social management tool that helps you schedule updates to all networks.

Provides understanding and effectiveness of social media.

If you are looking for a tool that will offer insight concerning your social media activities, Buffer is a brilliant tool on that.

Although many tools can achieve what buffer does, Buffer is simpler and makes it easier with sharing.

For instance, with Buffer social network app, you can easily plan and schedule your posting on your smartphone.

When to use the Buffer application?

Using Buffer for social media the right way.

Although the buffer started with Twitter, it has become one of the best social management tools for all major platforms.

It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others.

Buffer is a great application for businesses.

You can use it to promote your products or business on social media.

Also, if you would want to separate your personal accounts from your business, the tool will help you.

For instance, Buffer supports multiple accounts.

Hence, it is possible to manage a personal twitter account and a business account with this tool.

It supports Facebook profiles and Facebook pages for business.

Thus, with Buffer, users can schedule Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, tweets, and others for both personal and business accounts.

Where to use the Buffer Software?

If you are a busy person or you have several social media accounts, you need a tool such as Buffer to keep your pages active.

Buffer is a management tool that allows you to add Facebook pages and tweets to be sent on a schedule.

It helps you to line up updates to post across all your social media accounts.

Thus, you need not pick a time or date for the posts you want to schedule.

All you need is to add the posts in the queue, and the tool will do the work for you.

Buffer provides insight into all your social media pages.

It gives you the information you need concerning the effectiveness of your account.

Why do we use the Software Buffer?

Buffer for Social Media Home Page.
This is the Buffer Home Page

Buffer is one tool that has changed how business people manage their social media accounts.

With this app, you can manage and publish your posts in one place, schedule them, keep your Instagram tidy, and organize all your accounts.

To help you understand more about Buffer, here are reasons to use it:

It is easy to use

One of the prime reasons most people prefer Buffer over other tools is because it is easy to use.

It is just like a normal browser extension.

If you come across a link that you might want to share on your social media accounts, click on the browser button, select the accounts you want to share, and send.

Buffer does the rest of the process.

It is inexpensive

For pricing, Buffer is affordable; There are plans for small and large enterprises.

There is a free option and paid service.

It provides analytics

Another reason many people use Buffer is that it provides analytics.

However, you need to upgrade to Buffer for Business to access analytics.

This will ensure you have vital information concerning your posts, tweets and re-tweets, clicks, mentions, and many others.

They customize Buffer

With Buffer, you can choose times of the day or days of the week to post your content.

For instance, you can have a weekend schedule and a weekday schedule.

You can rearrange the order of content such as share now, move to the top, delete, and share next.

Also, there are auto-populous titles that you can use; You can add your own words or wipe the entire text and write yours.

It connects to many social media platforms

You can connect it to all your social media accounts.

For example, if you have 3 Facebook accounts, 1 Google Plus, 1 Pinterest, 1 LinkedIn, and probably 3 Twitter accounts, you can attach them to Buffer.

You can change accounts with every link you share

Since you can connect all your social media accounts to Buffer, you need not log in or to select the accounts every time you want to share your links.

It is possible to choose and de-select from the list of all your selected accounts.

These are just a few of the reasons most people prefer Buffer over other social media management tools.

How does Buffer Work?

This is an empty Buffer dashboard.

If you are new to social media tools, it is easy-to-use Buffer.

And since they have a 14-day free trial program, you can use the tool to tell whether they fit it for your business.

Without even providing your credit card, you can get started with Buffer.

All you need is to provide your email address, name, and company information to get started.

Also, buffer differs from other social media management tools.

Here, you need not enter your website name to use the program.

Once you connect it to your social media accounts, you can begin.

After connecting your social media accounts, Buffer provides a very brief tour explaining the key features and how to use them.

The tour will save you time and hustle of trying to figure things on your own.

If you have never worked with any social media tool, you should not skip the tour.

However, if you are familiar with the tools, getting started is very simple.

Working with Buffer is a straightforward thing.

You start by attaching your accounts and then plan the content you need to post to each account.

And once you get something you want to share, you add it to the list.

Buffer will publish later on your behalf.

However, there are distinct features you need to choose from.

For instance, if you want more extensive features, you need to pick Buffer Publish or Buffer Analyze.

Key Buffer Features

With the Buffer Free Plan you can connect 3 social accounts.

Even though Buffer is one of the best social media tools, they do not load it with unwanted features.

The founders have designed it to ensure it is more efficient and easy to use.

The major program is Buffer Publish; This is where you create posts and schedule them.

And since the foundation of Buffer is social scheduling, by using a drag-and-drop editor, you can easily schedule your social media content.

Unlike other tools, it is so easy to schedule and share with buffer sharing software.

Moreover, you can upload videos, images, and GIFs for your social media posts.

After it has scheduled the posts, it is easy to keep track of them in the calendar.

Buffer reply is a tool that helps you respond or reply to your social conversations.

You need not log-in to your social accounts to respond.

The other feature is Buffer for Instagram.

For people who have used management tools before, posting on Instagram is hard.

However, Buffer has made the process even simpler.

With Buffer for Instagram, it is now easier to schedule Instagram posting.

After connecting and sharing your posts on social media, Buffer will provide analytics.

It will offer analysis on performance, comments, reach, shares, and likes.

Although you may find this kind of information on Facebook, Buffer provides it in an organized manner.

However, if you want this feature, you will need to choose a plan that provides analysis.

What is the Buffer Scheduler?

Scheduling a Post to Social Media.

There are various reasons most people use Buffer.

However, the chief reason is buffer scheduler.

If you have several social media accounts, you need this outstanding feature.

Buffer scheduler is a feature that helps you save time and money.

It helps you schedule many posts across original accounts.

All you need is to choose the time and date and Buffer will do the rest for you.

Moreover, buffer has a feature known as the optimum buffer scheduling.

This is an amazing tool that recommends the best time to post on your accounts based on user engagement.

Are there other apps like Buffer?

Buffer is one of the most used social media management tools.

Whether you are a small business marketer or you have a large organization, the tool has the features you need.

It has proved valuable software for people with multiple social media accounts.

Its ability to schedule and share with all social media accounts with just a click makes it an important program.

Additionally, Buffer has a free plan, and a pro plan that comes with several essential features.

Some impressive features include:

  • Collaborating with your team members to manage your social media accounts.
  • Easy to engage with your social media followers and fans.
  • Easy to schedule and publish content across all your social media accounts.

But before you use Buffer, it is ideal to consider alternatives to ensure you pick the best tool.

This will ensure you select the best social media tool for your business.

Below are 5 Best Other apps like Buffer

1. Hootsuite–is a great software that is very similar to buffer.

They commonly refer it to as a social media management tool for brand management.

It is a program that supports integrations among social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, and many others.

Moreover, it is affordable and helps you manage your social media accounts in an organized manner.

2. PromoRepublic–for agencies and small businesses, this is a social management tool that can provide social media marketing solutions.

Some significant features of PromoRepublic are social media calendar, work coordinator, content organizer, Ads manager, reporting provider, and local manager.

3. SocialPilot–this is a cloud-based tool for small business marketers.

It allows you to schedule and engage with your fans on various social media platforms.

Additionally, it is affordable and comes with impressive features.

However, the program’s reports have fewer details than other software.

4. Sendible–this is another tool similar to buffer.

You can schedule posts, share, and track interactions from a folder.

It is a program that can help manage leads generated from social sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

5. eClincher – this is another tool for small business owners to consider.

It allows users to schedule, share, and publish social media content.

Also, you can monitor the activity and interactions across social sites.

Where can I find Buffer app Reviews?

To ensure you have the best app, it is important to go through reviews.

Happily, there are many app review sites that can help.

If you are planning to use Buffer or any other social media tool, there are sites to read reviews.

Some top sites to find Buffer app reviews are:

  • ProductHunt
  • TechCrunch
  • MobileAppDaily
  • Mashable
  • AppAdvice

Is the buffer app for Social Media?


Buffer app is a tool designed to help manage social networks.

It provides various means that help the user schedule Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts.

Also, it helps to analyze social media activities.

If you are looking for a simple app, that will help you maintain the noise on social media, you need Buffer.

With this app, you need to keep adding tweets or posts to your stack; Buffer will publish them at the scheduled time.

They design the app for social media.

Since most people would like to keep posting content on social networks, you need not worry about a tool like Buffer.

Buffer for social media will ensure you do not tweet too much.

It will ensure you tweet everything you want at a specific time gap.

It ensures you keep the fire burning on social media which is the aspect of social media marketing.

Buffer is a great Social Media App because:

  • It supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Supports multiple Facebook accounts
  • It backs Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Provides browser extensions
  • There are Buffer blog buttons
  • They integrate it with SocialBro and many other popular apps

Can we use Buffer for Twitter?

Social Media Twitter for Buffer

Buffer is a social media solution tool that helps you schedule, accomplish, publish your social posts.

It is an app that supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other popular social media platforms.

It is more than a social management tool, especially for Twitter users.

So, if you are searching for a convenient tool to help you create tweets, schedule them, and then upload them with just a click, then you need to consider Buffer.

Besides, it has a browser extension; This means you can integrate with Chrome, WordPress, and other content research tools.

For Twitter, there are two ways you can add tweets in your buffer.

First, you can program Buffer App to add tweets to Buffer.

The other way is having browser extensions; Both ways are straightforward.

Most people use Buffer to schedule their tweets on twitter for various reasons.

Reasons to use Buffer include:

  • Manage multiple twitter accounts
  • Set a specific updating schedule
  • It is easy to add updates to Buffer
  • Use it everywhere with extensions, apps, and other features
  • You can use buffer on your mobile devices
  • With buffer, you can tweet with the most engagements

Can I Create a Buffer Free Account?

If you are planning to use Buffer, you can create a Buffer free account.

Happily, signing up is free; You need not use your credit card when creating a Buffer account.

The process is simple; You can log in using your social media accounts or just create an account.

Using your social media accounts is a simpler method.

However, if you do not want to use your accounts, you can use email.

After the signing up process, you can link your social media accounts to the tool.

This will ensure you engage with your audience in a more convenient way.

When using the Buffer free plan, the dashboard will have a basic look.

There are only three menus–analytics, queue, and the settings at the top.

Also, there are the social media accounts you have already linked.

If you have added too many accounts than the permitted, you will view them as locked.

This means you can create a buffer free account but they limit your options.

Nevertheless, you can schedule up to 10 posts; But with the free plan, you cannot see the queue at work.

What is Buffer Publish Pro?

Upgrade to Analyze in Publish Pro.

As explained above, Buffer has several pricing plans.

You can choose the free plan or pro plan.

Whether you are looking for a social media tool for your personal accounts or business accounts both buffer free plan and buffer publishing pro are ideal for you.

However, the features and capabilities improve dramatically once you move from a free plan to a pro.

Buffer publishing pro is a plan suited for a team that is looking to have extra features.

If you have many social media accounts, you have a big team, and you have many posts to publish, you need to consider this plan.

With Pro, you can link up to 8 social media accounts, have 100 scheduled posts, and have a calendar view of every queue among many other features.

Where is the Official Buffer Website?

The main buffer website is www.buffer.com. Visit the site to access the features provided.

Buffer is a great social media tool that helps you tell your story, grow your audience, and engage them.

It is a publishing, engaging, and analysis platform.

Although it is an outstanding rescheduling tool, it is an app that will help you:

  • Plan and schedule your social media stories
  • Connect all your social accounts
  • Create and organize your Instagram posts
  • Measure and analyze the performance of your social media stories


Hence, Buffer is a tool that can help you increase your social media engagements

Whether you are a sole-entrepreneur or an agency, this is a tool that can help you improve social scheduling.

As a social media manager, Buffer software can help you simplify your social media duties.

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