10 Digital Marketing Jobs that will Skyrocket your Career

If you are searching for remote jobs to work from home, some of the best professions to consider are digital marketing jobs.

Digital marketing jobs to work from home include digital marketing specialists, social media marketing, digital marketing manager, search engine optimization specialist, digital marketing strategist, marketing directors, digital marketing analyst, and coordinator among others.

The excellent news is that many employers are searching for people to work as digital marketing specialists in their firms.

However, before you jump online to hunt for these jobs, it is vital to understand the field, the best careers to consider, and how to get a job in digital marketing.

Remember, there are some skills, qualifications, and knowledge needed to land the job.

Hence, you need to prepare before applying for any digital marketing profession.

To help you get started, below, I summarize digital marketing jobs and where you need to begin.


Digital Marketing

Nowadays every small and big company is searching for people to market their products online and offline.

From local stores to startups, companies want to increase awareness about their businesses and their products.

hus, they want someone with skills and knowledge about marketing.

Marketing helps business owners make more sales, increase product awareness, gain consumers’ trust, and create a social asset.

Therefore, every business needs a person who can use the best marketing strategies to attract clients.

Additionally, he or she must be familiar with recent marketing trends and modern marketing developments.

Modern marketing is an activity of connecting the audience at the right time in the right place.

Hence, a business person needs a digital specialist who can find, communicate and negotiate with potential customers.

For example, if most of the audience spends most of their time at the bar, you need a strategy on how you can reach them there.

Besides, if they spend a lot of time in the house, look for an approach to reach them at their homes.

Happily, there are original marketing strategies you can use.

You may choose digital marketing or traditional marketing.

There are distinct types of digital marketing and various forms of traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is not a new strategy; It is marketing that involves printouts, radio, TV, billboards, and postcards.

Although it is a friendly form of promoting products, the growth of technology has turned it undependable.

The best and the most used form of marketing is digital marketing.

Since over 4 billion people around the world use the internet every day, promoting a product online is the best approach.

Many individuals are using the internet to buy groceries, pay bills online, shop online, and plan for vacations through the internet.

Therefore, an excellent place to connect with your audience is through the internet.

Digital marketing is the best form of advertisement for any form of business.

What is Digital Marketing?

10 Digital Marketing Jobs that will Skyrocket your Career.

Because of advancement in technology, everything has become digital.

From sales to marketing, users can do everything online.

And with introducing laptops, tablets, and smartphones it is now possible for everyone to be online all the time.

Additionally, people can conduct their businesses while on the move.

Also, it means more and more people are searching and buying products on the internet.

Therefore, the perfect place to promote a product or a service is on the internet.

We also know digital marketing as internet marketing; A method of promoting goods or services through an electronic device or the internet.

It is a brilliant way to reach and engage with your clients no matter where they are.

It is a method where companies promote brands and their products on the internet via digital channels.

Since every business has a target audience, online marketing is a great approach for small, medium, and large enterprises.

This form of marketing is very significant for modern businesses.

It has become the most common type of marketing used by small and large enterprises because of its benefits.

For example, it is simple, cost effective, and a measurable form of marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing that required a lot of budgets, online marketing is straightforward, and very effective.

Besides, customers no longer call a specific store to seek information about a brand or a product.

They use the internet to get all the information they need.

Today, the click of a mouse button can buy anything.

And with internet marketing, small companies can compete with larger companies for advertisement space.

All you need is to be creative and understand the best types of online marketing your company requires.

Furthermore, you can reach your ideal consumers with this kind of marketing.

For instance, if most of your customers are on social media, you can easily reach them via internet marketing.

All you need is to place an ad on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other platform.

Online marketing is a marketing strategy that involves many forms of marketing.

Professionals in online marketing include:

Content Marketing Specialist–this is a person whose duty is to create content and then distribute it to the target audience.

You can create videos, blog posts, eBooks, images, or case studies.

The primary aim of content marketing is to drive customer action.

Social Media Specialist–is the process of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to attract attention.

Happily, 80 percent of internet users are on social media.

Affiliate Marketing Manager–the most common type of digital marketing is affiliate marketing handled by the affiliate marketing manager.

It is where people team up with businesses to get a commission for referrals.

You put a link to your site or blog, and each time a person clicks the link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

SEO Specialist – Search engine optimization is a strategy of getting traffic from search engines such as Bing or Google.

The work of the SEO specialist is to optimize content to boost traffic to the company site.

Without SEO, people cannot find you or your business on the internet.

Other forms of internet marketing are Pay-Per-Click advertising, email marketing, and instant messaging marketing.

As you can see, there are many professions in the digital world.

It also means it is a wide field full of exceptional opportunities.

When do we use Digital Marketing?

Internet marketing differs from traditional marketing; You need to know the right time and the right place to do it.

Keep in mind it is a strategy that affects how customers purchase their products and services.

Therefore, every business needs to be present online to boost their visibility.

A business needs to learn how and when to use online marketing strategies.

Failure to not know how it works can affect your overall strategy plan.

The process might look simple to some people but it is more complicated.

Hence, understanding how it works and by using the best methods, you will boost sales for your business.

Happily, you can use various types of internet marketing.

You can use online marketing to build a brand or product.

Whether the business is small, medium, or large, you can use internet marketing to build that brand.

With a website or a blog, you can promote your brand and reach many people.

Additionally, you can use digital marketing to promote new products.

If you have a new product on the market, the best place to promote it is on the internet.

The strategy helps to build brand recognition. 

Digital marketing is also used to get feedback from clients.

Since it is a measurable form of marketing, it is possible to get instant feedback from your clients.

Through the use of WhatsApp, FaceBook, or WebChat, you can get instant feedback.  

Also, you can use it to know your target audience.

For example, if you would like to know your target audience, online marketing, especially social media is the best place to start.

You can place your ads on various platforms such as Facebook or YouTube to know where most of your audience spends time.

Where do we use Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the recent trend for all businesses.

It is cost-effective, measurable, and the best one for small and large enterprises.

You cannot apply it without understanding how it works.

Users need to know how, when, and where to use online marketing strategies.

By understanding how it works, you will use the right tools to reach and engage your audience.

Digital marketing ensures you reach your audience anywhere on the internet.

Happily, there are many areas where you can use digital marketing to reach customers.

For example, the first and the most obvious place to use digital marketing is on social media.

Because of the high number of people using social media sites, you need to establish your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular sites.

Being active on these sites will help to enhance your business.

Additionally, it is the best place to showcase your brand and products to many people and get their feedback.

The other way to use digital marketing is by creating a website and a blog.

Having a blog and a website is the best online marketing strategy that can help you grow your business online. 

Also, you will attract more customers and build your reputation.

However, you need to provide quality and informative content to the visitors often.

Why do we use Digital Marketing?

There is so much competition in the world of business.

Hence, you need to look for ways that will ensure your business survives.

And since we are living in a digital world, the use of digital marketing is in demand.

Whether you consider yourself an internet person, you need to think about online marketing for your business.

Keep in mind that the internet has become the king in all businesses.

This means you need to learn about it and ensure you use the best strategies that can lead to conversions.

If you want to be successful in online marketing, first you need to know how to use digital marketing strategies.

Unluckily, most people do not know the benefits of using internet marketing.

To help you get started, here are some reasons you need to use digital marketing.

*It is more than advertising–some people see online marketing as just advertising.

However, the strategy is advertisement and communication.

For instance, when you create a social media page for your business, you can promote your brand and communicate with your clients.

*Offer the opportunity for further branding–internet marketing is a marketing method that provides an opportunity for the company to promote its brand.

Also, if you are planning to re-brand your company, digital marketing offers an outstanding opportunity.

*Helps to spread brand awareness – whether the strategy you use leads to conversion, online marketing is the best way to spread awareness of your brand.

You can interact with your clients and potential clients; Also, you can reach many people at once.

*Enhance SEO–the key reason for marketing is to make sales.

Happily, digital marketing is a brilliant way to enhance search engine optimization and later lead to conversion.

*Stay at the top – if you are worried about your competitors, the best way to stay at the top is by using internet marketing.

Having a strong digital marketing strategy will ensure you are ahead of your competitors.

Hence, your company needs to put on a strong digital marketing campaign.

Companies need to have a professional who can assist in the campaign.

How do we use Digital Marketing?

How do we use Digital Marketing?

A business needs to promote its products for it to expand.

And since the internet is the most powerful approach to convince people to buy goods and services, you need to use it right away.

A Typical Digital Marketing Journey:

1. Solution to a Problem

What’s your solution to fixing someone’s problem? A business must identify a problem people are facing and how to solve it.

There are many ways to figure out what problems people have; For example, asking them on social media, forums, and creating surveys.

2. Build a Website

Build a website to create a communication platform.

Keep in mind that internet marketing spins around a website.

The business website provides basic information concerning the products and the company.

Thus, it is the first form of an advertisement in internet marketing.

Therefore, a website will reach millions of people using the internet all over the world.

3. Design the Website

Building a website is not enough; The next step is making it look attractive and professional.

Hence, you need to design it to be user friendly and attractive.

Remember the site is a digital asset of your company.

Therefore, it should look good to help increase traffic and bring in more sales.

4. Create High-Quality Content

The next step is creating content; High-quality and relevant content will make the website popular on the internet.

Hence, always create content that can help beautify the website.

You can have articles, videos, pictures, and other informative information on your site.

However, ensure the information applies to your company and your products.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines guide Internet traffic.

Hence, as a digital marketer, you need to be familiar with search engine rules and regulations.

For instance, you need to use the right keywords on your content; Also, make sure you place them correctly.

6. Email Marketing

The other step is email marketing; This is a significant part of online marketing for small and large enterprises.

It is sending promotion literature to your existing customers.

Happily, there are several tools you can use to help you with email marketing.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an amazing strategy that helps drive traffic to your business website.

And since most people, young and adults are using social media sites, you can increase the conversion rate via social media.

8. Paid Advertisements

Paid ads like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and other forms of advertisements are important to any business.

Users can create highly targeted ads for specific products or services.

These advertising campaigns can be profitable to a business if done correctly.

The above are various ways on how to use social media to promote your products and business.

However, digital marketing is a field that is expanding every day.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Digitizing businesses have given birth to unfamiliar types of jobs.

Digital marketing professions are among the most wanted careers.

Happily, digital marketers are people with knowledge and skills in the field.

They can attract and keep customers via the internet.

So, if you are searching for a digital marketing job, you need to understand the sector properly.

Also, you need to know where you fit because it is a profession that is rising exponentially.

Being both a science and art, digital marketing is a profession that has room for business people, techs, and creative individuals.

Therefore, if you have skills or experience in copywriting, marketing, web design, or web development, you can become a digital advertising professional.

However, it is not an easy career since you need to keep learning.

But if you can get the basics of digital marketing, you are in an excellent place to search for digital marketing jobs.

It is one of the best careers nowadays.

Fortunately, anyone can excel in this demanding and popular field.

Some reasons why digital marketing is a good career include:

  • Flexibility–if you choose this career, there are many exceptional learning opportunities.
    Additionally, it is a profession that is flexible; You can work from home and at your own time.
  • In demand–besides, digital marketing is a profession of outrageous demand.
    According to recent studies, small and large companies are searching for digital marketers.
  • Creativity–in this field, there are plenty of chances for creativity; You need to be innovative to succeed in this field.
    From creating audio and videos to writing quality blog posts, you need extra ways to help solve problems and involve your audience.
  • Earnings–since this profession is in high demand, the remuneration is amazing.
    From digital marketing internship salary to digital marketing salary, the pay is outstanding.
  • Additionally, you can work for over one client; As long as you have skills and experience, this is one of the best careers to consider.
  • Work with unique people–you will always learn additional things in this sector.
    It is a field where you will work with distinct people every day.

For example, if you are learning how to become a digital marketing assistant, you will work with several people.

Happily, there are many chances for digital experts across companies and businesses.

And as technology continues to grow, more and more employers are seeking employees with digital skills.

Digital marketing is also an impressive career for any creative person who loves to conduct online research.

Researching online takes skills and experience to quickly find legitimate information via the web.

What is a Digital Marketing Career?

Since every business is going digital, there is a need for digital marketers in almost every company.

A digital marketing career is a skilled job for people who possess marketing talents or knowledge.

Moreover, it is rapidly growing as new communication channels arise.

It is a job that involves creating content, social media postings, creating blog posts, videos, and more.

They aim of all these is to connect to a target audience.

Some of the best positions in the digital marketing field include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Professional Blogger
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Content Marketing Specialist

But to be a successful digital marketer, you need to possess several skills.

Also, you must have a powerful influence on customers.

Keep in mind that your crucial goal is to have an increase in sales.

For you to have a pleasing career in online marketing, you need to master various skills that include:

  • Ability to change strategies that are not working to ones that bring results. 
  • Skills and knowledge to manage various campaign strategies at the same time on various platforms. 
  • Ability to develop inbound marketing to create fresh leads
  • Ability to use advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and many others. 
  • Knowing how SEO works to increase rankings and attract new visitors.
  • Strong social media skills that include creating viral social media posts designed to increase social media exposure

With the above skills, you are best suited for a career in digital marketing.

However, keep in mind that you need to keep learning to remain relevant in this sector.

Who uses Digital Marketing?

Who uses Digital Marketing?

Since digital marketing is a wide field, there are certain qualities that you need to have to be fit for the job.

Whether you are learning how to become a content marketing specialist or how to become a digital marketing director, there are some qualities you need to have.

Some qualities you need to possess are:

*Innovative–you need to be someone who can be creative.

For instance, you need to be a person who can come up with new and interesting methods of reaching out to new clients.

*Passionate–you should be passionate about online marketing.

This means you should have a desire and an inborn curiosity to create fresh things.

Also, you should be passionate about the job and work extra hours.

*Persistence–in this field of internet marketing, you need to know that it is trial and error.

Hence, you need to have patience; Make sure you exercise patience with your plans and yourself.

*Powerful communication skills–being a digital marketer means you will interact with people.

Therefore, you need excellent communication skills to interact with all kinds of people.

From weak clients to stubborn customers, know how to deal with everyone.

*Goal-oriented–for you to have a successful digital marketing career, you need to have short term and long-term goals.

Always work towards fulfilling company goals.

*Excellent listening skills–it is very important to listen to what your customers are saying.

Hence, for you to work as a digital marketer, you need to possess excellent listening skills.

Keep in mind that you are creating a relationship with the clients.

With the above qualities, it is possible to succeed in the digital marketing sector.

However, you need to understand that they break the market into different levels.

Therefore, make sure you are at the right skill level where you can excel.

Do we need a Digital Marketing Degree?

Digital marketing is continually changing; This means you need to keep learning if you want to remain significant.

However, it is essential to know whether you must have a digital marketing degree to work in this sector.

Having a degree is important, and an added advantage to someone willing to work as a digital marketer.

They do not require having a digital marketing degree.

With the qualities explained above, you can succeed in any online marketing profession.

For many people, the biggest challenge is that digital marketing is changing every day.

New strategies and inventions are being innovated every day.

This means with or without a degree, you may succeed or fail in this field.

It is also important to understand the job description.

For instance, if you want to be a content marketing specialist, learn more about content marketing job description and content marketing salary.

According to marketing experts, people interested in getting into digital marketing jobs should constantly learn new strategies involved in internet marketing.

There are new apps, new devices, and alternative approaches being used by competitors.

Hence, employers are not interested in papers; They are looking for someone with skills and experience.

However, having a degree, a diploma or certificate is vital to you.

If you learn how to become a digital marketing coordinator, for example, you will know the qualifications needed.

Also, you will be well-informed about digital marketing and the best way to solve certain problems.

Luckily, there are online exams that can help you remain updated with novel approaches in the digital world.

Also, some e-courses will ensure you are well-informed.

Apart from taking online courses, working with an individual who has experience in digital marketing is an amazing way to learn and gain experience.

Other methods you can use to ensure you are up-to-date with digital marketing are:

  • Follow various established digital marketing sites to remain informed.
  • Happily, many social media pages educate people about digital marketing.
  • There are Facebook pages and Twitter accounts where known digital marketers post relevant information about digital marketing.
  • Build relationships with experienced online marketers.
  • There are online veterans who have been in the internet marketing world for a while.
  • Follow them on social media, visit their blogs, and subscribe to their YouTube channels to learn new skills about digital marketing.
  • Have a blog, a channel, or a social media page where you can promote your brand.
  • Remember, with or without a degree, you need to showcase your digital marketing skills and ability to any potential employer.
  • Be qualified by taking various digital marketing courses.
  • Apart from the free online courses, you need to enroll in advanced courses.
  • This will ensure you have all the knowledge needed to survive the digital world.
  • Volunteer or pick a low-paying job to gain skills and experience.
  • In the digital sector, potential employers are searching for someone with skills or qualified.

Hence, give a prospective employer a reason to hire you; Having a degree in the digital marketing sector is vital.

This is because employers want to hire people who are experienced and qualified.

Nevertheless, you can still have a successful career in internet marketing even without a degree.

Many successful digital marketers do not have a degree.

But you need to be up-to-date with the recent trends and innovation.

The most important thing in this field is to understand it and have strategies that can lead to conversion.

Hence, follow the above tips to ensure you remain informed about online marketing.

Ensure you keep learning about recent trends and developments throughout the marketing world.

What are some Digital Marketing Tools?

Being a digital marketer means you should be everywhere.

Also, you need to know how to use as many online marketing tools as possible.

This means you cannot rely on one or two digital marketing tools.

Additionally, you need to identify the best tool to save time and money.

Digital marketing tools are programs that help you execute your online marketing plan.

They have designed these tools to make marketing easier and effective.

There are free and paid tools to choose.

Hence, you need the knowledge to identify the best marketing tool for a particular job.

Although marketing tools can make work easier, they cannot work for you.

You need to know how they work and whether they can boost your business sales.

Therefore, you need to get into the details and learn how they work.

You need to pick the right tools at the right time to be effective.

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools

1. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is open source content management system (CMS) software that allows users to create business websites.

It’s important to note that WordPress.org is different than WordPress.com; The most popular one to use is WordPress.org.

With www.WordPress.org you can create a hobby, personal or business website in a short period of time.

Also, WordPress has many plugins that can change the way your website operates and looks.

The best part of building a WordPress website is that there are tons of tutorials on the Internet to help you get started.

2. AWeber

AWeber is the king when email marketing is concerned.

It is a marketing tool that is used by many businesses including B2B and B2C enterprises.

If you are looking for a simple and easy marketing tool, AWeber is the best one.

Although there are several tools similar to AWeber, it is among the best.

AWeber has over 700 newsletter templates to choose from, all with unique designs.

Their customer support is very friendly and respond immediately to user queries.

3. Buffer Software

Since everyone is on social media, you need a powerful tool.

Happily, the Buffer app is a tool that can help you plan social media posts in a magnificent way.

No matter the age, size, or trade of your business, the tool will help you flourish in social media.

It comes with impressive features that work very well with popular social media channels.

The Buffer scheduler app allows users to schedule their marketing campaigns to multiple social media websites.

With a tool such as Buffer, social media marketing is simple and very effective.

It helps you manage many accounts without visiting every social media platform.

For more information, read the following article: Learn More About Buffer For Social Media

4. Ahref

If you are new to digital marketing, you might not be familiar with content marketing.

Hence, you need a tool that will help you with anything concerning content marketing.

Ahref is not only a keyword research tool, it allows users to research other websites for competitive analysis.

It’s also a great tool to help users create content for blogs by using special filters to research all kinds of topic ideas.

There are more advanced features to help you beat your competition like back-link examiner and referring domains.

5. Google Analytics


Whether you are a new online marketer or an expert, you may have heard or used Google Analytics.

This is one of the best free digital marketing tools to consider.

Even though most people view it as a traffic tool that does not offer much, it is one of the best.

If you understand internet marketing, this tool can be of significant help.

Also, Google has advanced it to be useful to many businesses.

Google Analytics has powerful tracking tools like measuring who visits your site, where they are located and the pages they visit.

Even when using other online marketing tools, include Google on your list.

6. Slack

Slack is communication software that allows team members to communicate with each other in an instant messaging environment.

Made for a group of people, Slack is made up of chat channels where people post messages for the entire team.

There could be different chat channels working at the same time so each message is sent to the appropriate party.

So if you have a business with a few employees, Slack can keep the team updated with instant messaging.

7. Canva Graphic Design Software

To make each of your articles look amazing, you need the ability to design impressive images for your website.

Canva is an easy-to-use drag and drop graphic design software that allows users to create professional images in minutes.

With Canva, people can design custom made images for social media, advertisements, websites and anything you can imaging.

Users can also download premium photos from categories like business, money, education, technology and more.

So if you don’t want to buy a graphic design software and spend hours learning how to use it, Canva software is the best choice.

8. Google Console

If you want your business website to appear in the number one spot on Google search engine, then you need to get connected with Google console.

Google console is like having your own website mechanic, it troubleshoots, fixes, and maintains your website in excellent conditions.

With Google console, users can monitor several verified websites at the same time from one convenient location.

The best part of Google console is that you can connect it to Google Analytics to keep both applications synchronized.

9. BuzzSumo

If you want a tool that will help you learn more about digital marketing, then BuzzSumo is one of the best.

It is a marketing tool that will give you an upper hand over your competitors.

With this tool you will understand your competitors and how you can beat them.

BuzzSumo is not a new marketing tool; It has been tested for several years and well advanced for new marketing strategies.

10. Google AdWords

If you want a marketing tool that will help to advertise a business on Google search engine, then you need to consider Google AdWords.

It is simple to use and very affordable even for small firms.

For payment, you can create a pay-per-call structure or pay-per-click.

It is a brilliant tool that will help you display your products and services online.

Hence, if you are looking for a tool that will help a business rank better on search engines, Google AdWord is one of the best.

All the above tools are magnificent for startups and established businesses.

Thus, to make sure your digital marketing plan works, ensure you use the right tool at the right time.

What are Remote Digital Marketing Jobs?

With the above information, you might need to know the best work from home digital marketing jobs.

Although freelance digital marketing jobs are just like other freelance work from home jobs, they are not simple or stress-free.

You need to work extra hours and give your best to get maximum results.

Here are some of the best remote digital marketing jobs to consider:

1. Digital Marketing Director

Today, the demand for digital marketing director is high.

Small and large firms are searching for someone who has experience and skills in digital marketing.

Duties of a digital marketing director include leading a digital team, implementing various online marketing strategies, and reporting to the manager of the marketing department.

Based on experience and skills, you can work for an enormous company and the remuneration is good.

2. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

With digital marketing, SEO is paramount; Hence, companies are looking for someone with search engine skills and experience.

Duties of a Search engine optimizer involve keyword research, user experience optimization, use of relevant SEO tools, and much more.

Hence, as a search engine optimizer, you need to be familiar with many SEO tools and how to use them.

Happily, there are hundreds of tools that you can use to improve business performance.

3. Social Media Marketing Expert

The other common remote digital marketing job you should consider is a social media marketing expert.

Since social media sites are now used to attract attention, firms are hiring social media experts.

Running a paid advertisement on Facebook or Twitter needs experience and skill.

Hence, companies are looking for people who have experience with social media.

With additional new strategies and new marketing options on social media, they need an expert.

4. Content Marketing Specialist

Creating and distributing valuable content is not a simple task; It is a profession that needs skills and experience.

Thus, as a content marketing specialist, you will create and distribute high-quality content.

Your job includes managing a blog, writing blog posts, video marketing, email communication, and others.

Working as a content marketing manager means you will report to the digital marketing manager.

This is a skilled profession where you can work from anywhere.

Even though there is no clear qualification for a content marketing specialist, having the required skills and certification is paramount.

This will help to showcase your content marketing knowledge.

5. Copywriter

This is another great digital marketing job you can consider.

It falls under the content marketing field; Hence, you will work side-by-side with the content marketing manager.

As a copywriter, your job is to help the marketing team post exceptional content on social media sites, and help the SEO manager write strategic ads.

For skill requirements, you need to have superb communication skills and be able to write high-quality articles to boost sales.

6. Search Engine Marketer/Specialist

The duties of a search engine marketer are done by a search engine optimizer or the digital marketing manager.

However, if the firm is large, they need a search engine marketer. 

We also know the search engine marketer as a search engine specialist.

This is someone responsible for targeting several leads, keyword research, bid management, and other duties.

Qualification for this job varies from one company to another.

Hence, if you believe you have what it takes to be a search engine specialist, you should apply for the job.

In some companies, this job is for newbies but in established firms, they give the occupation to experts with years of experience.

7. Inbound Marketing Manager

Based on the size of the company, they need an inbound marketing manager to help manage the funnel.

Also, he or she should be able to handle conversions at every level.

Although both inbound marketing manager and content marketing manager can handle the same tasks, their duties are different.

The inbound marketing manager has to build a plan on how to attract customers.

On the other hand, the content marketing manager has to focus on executing the plan.

Hence, this is a very important position for any company with a large digital marketing department.

8. Email Marketing Manager

Even though email marketing might seem like a simple job, it is an important occupation for an enormous company.

This is a profession where they require you to prepare newsletters, onboarding emails, and outreach messages.

As a freelance email marketer, you will need several tools to help you execute your duties.

Additionally, you need to understand the best tools that will ensure your emails do not end up in the spam folders.

These are just some of the best opportunities you should consider as a digital marketer.

However, more openings are waiting for you; Do more studies on what you need and learn the skills.

Keep in mind that digital marketing is a wide field with unlimited opportunities.

And with the right skills and knowledge, there are hundreds of freelance digital marketing jobs for you.

Where could I find Digital Marketing Remote Jobs?

Where could I find Digital Marketing Remote Jobs?

Based on recent studies, over 50 million Americans are searching for online remote jobs.

This means many people are searching for work from home careers.

If you are searching for digital marketing jobs near me, you need to know where and how to search for them.

Working remotely comes with several benefits; You can work during the day or at night in your pajamas.

However, you need to create your schedule and be your own boss; Happily, you can work part-time or full-time.

As discussed above, digital marketing remote jobs are some of the best occupations you can consider.

However, finding these jobs are difficult; You need to know the best site to search for legitimate digital marketing jobs.

Well, there are plenty of places to look for cyber remote jobs.

There are part-time, full-time contracts, and many others.

To help you get started, here are some of the best places you can find digital marketing remote jobs.

1. FlexJobs.com

This is one of the best sites where you can find remote marketing jobs.

It is a website that is user friendly and one that focuses on flexible work.

So, if you are searching for remote or part-time work, Flex Jobs provides many opportunities for internet marketing jobs.

Once you visit the site, you will need to create a profile and a resume.

Then you will need to sort jobs based on location, category, and other sub-sections.

Apart from digital marketing online jobs, there are many other freelance jobs at the site.

It is also a site where you can take skill tests and get information on your job search.

For more information about Flex Jobs, read the following article: Flex Jobs Work From Home Careers For Everyone

2. Upwork.com

This is a magnificent site to search for remote marketing jobs.

Upwork.com is a known site that has existed several years.

People all over the world sign up for Upwork.com to search for online remote jobs.

Joining the site is free, and it is a superb place that provides many options for employment.

Just like Flexjobs.com, you need to create a profile and take skill tests.

However, some people claim that Upwork jobs are low paying, particularly in the digital marketing sector.

It is an exceptional place for newbies or people without experience.

For more information about Upwork, read the following post: How Does Upwork Work? (Seeking Legit Jobs)

3. MediaBistro Jobs

This is another amazing site that focuses on social media jobs.

Hence, if you believe you can be a social media manager, content marketing manager, or any other position in the digital marketing world, this is the place.

Happily, this is not a platform but a job board; Hence, it is possible to sort jobs based on your skills and experience.

Media Bistro is a recognized site that provides legit freelance work from home jobs.

And since digital marketing is a huge sector, you need to know the best keywords to use when searching for a job.

4. LinkedIn Jobs

Some years back, LinkedIn was just a social media site; But today, it is one of the best places to find cyber remote jobs.

Whether you are searching for part-time jobs or full-time work from home jobs, this is an impressive site to examine.

And since most entrepreneurs and companies are on LinkedIn, they normally post openings at the site.

Hence, it is one of the best places you get legit remote jobs.

5. Problogger Jobs

If you are not familiar with bidding, Problogger.com is one of the best sites to get jobs without bidding.

Even though most of the openings at www.Problogger.com are for freelance writers, there are some for marketers.

However, most of Problogger jobs are low paying.

But it is a superb place for starters or people without experience looking for work.

Posting jobs at the site is not free; Also, companies pay less compared to other job boards.

Nevertheless, it is an impressive site with many openings every day.

And for job seekers, sign-in is free without paying a fee.

6. ClearVoice Marketplace

This is another amazing program where you can find digital marketing remote jobs.

It is a simple to use platform and an excellent one for inexperienced marketers.

Happily, most of the employers at ClearVoice Marketplace pay pretty well.

Unfortunately, it can get confusing to browse for various openings.

However, the site normally sends emails once an opening matches your skills.

Hence, if you believe you have what it takes to be a digital marketer, you need to visit ClearVoice Marketplace.

Most of the jobs at the site are part-time work from home jobs.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is an old site that has helped a lot of individuals gets freelance jobs.

Happily, many openings at the site are for remote positions, including digital marketing jobs.

The site is user friendly, and it is well designed to ensure you do not waste a lot of time searching for jobs.

Additionally, the website has a simple to use filter to ensure you search for jobs in the right category.

8. People Per Hour

Another known site where you can search for freelance work from home jobs is People per hour.

This is an impressive site with hundreds of openings listed every day.

Even though there are few high-paying jobs at the site, it is a superb place for beginners.

Additionally, there are all sort of openings posted at the site.

Happily, jobs at the site are unique and good ones for someone looking to gain knowledge and experience in the digital marketing world.

9. AngelList

One of the favorite sites for people searching for marketing remote jobs is AngelList.

It is a simple site for startups.

However, you need to understand the site to ensure you select a job that matches your skills and expertise.

Happily, many impressive companies are searching for digital marketers at the website.

Hence, make sure you know the best keywords to use when searching for remote online marketing jobs at AngelList.

10. RemoteOK

This is another great resource for people searching for remote digital marketing jobs.

Fortunately, it is a site that gets many fresh jobs every day.

This means you can visit the site every day for new openings.

Although there might not be high-paying jobs at RemoteOk, you can expect to get unique openings.

These are just a few of the best sites to search for digital marketing remote jobs.

And before you apply, make sure you have a simple profile description, a personalized message, and an excellent profile picture.

How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

In the marketing world, companies can and will spend a lot of money.

Happily, digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

However, as a marketer, it is important to know how you get paid and whether they pay you on performance or when work is complete.

For example, if you want to be a digital strategist, you need to know the digital marketing strategist salary.

In most cases, digital marketing jobs are part-time or contract basis.

However, it is always wise to negotiate for your salary.

If you do not have the experience, consider an entry-level salary.

According to recent findings released by LinkedIn, employers and employees can be able to tell the average salary of a freelance marketing job.

The study shows estimated data across states, positions, and professions.

Happily, the numbers were provided by the employers and the employees.

You can use the tool to get an estimated salary based on your skills, education level, location, and industry.

In most cases, you will get paid based on your skills, qualification, and experience.

Happily, you can work for several clients at a time.

However, make sure you schedule your work to avoid messing up.

How do I Create a Digital Marketing Resume?

ow do I Create a Digital Marketing Resume?

One of the toughest things when applying for a digital marketing opening is selling your skills and experience.

This is because you need to write a resume and a cover letter that will help you stand out from the rest.

Creating a digital marketing resume might be easier than writing any other resume.

But since the employer expects you to have some experience, you need to be very creative when writing the resume.

Also, you need to show your skills and experience to land the job.

To help you get started, here are a few steps on how to create a digital marketing resume.

1. Research and Plan Ahead

Before writing the resume, it is important to research and plan.

Keep in mind that companies are different; Hence, having an impressive career might not be enough.

You need to learn more about the company. 

Therefore, visit the company website and know their vision, mission, and goal.

Also, make sure you insert keywords that can impress your prospective employer.

Do not forget to mention things you have learned about the company. 

2. Be Precise

Since digital marketing is a broad field, you need to be specific.

Show your special skills, and how you can help the digital marketing team.

If the company is searching for an SEO writer, for instance, make sure you include your blog posts in the resume.

You need to show them your skills, and why you are the best person for that position.

3. Use Analytics

A digital marketing resume should not be full of text.

Hence, you need to look for ways that can make it look exciting.

And one of the best ways of having the resume engaging is to include analytics.

Nevertheless, do not spoil the resume with images.

Just include a couple of them to make the employer interested to learn more from you.

Also, make sure the image you use adds value to the resume. 

Thus, adding analytics will confirm you are familiar with the job.

Adding things like conversion rates is a magnificent way to make your resume interesting.

4. Lead the employer to your LinkedIn profile

If you have a LinkedIn account, it could be an excellent idea to lead your employer to your profile.

Today, a LinkedIn account is a powerful tool that can help you land a digital marketing job.

Therefore, after highlighting your experience and skills, provide a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Apart from seeing your knowledge and skills, the employer will know you in person.

Hence, you will build a relationship with your next employer.

5. Have a Good Structure

A good resume has content and an attractive structure.

Therefore, apart from creating a powerful and engaging resume, make sure the structure is excellent.

Keep in mind that if the content is unorganized, you have very few chances of getting the job.

Your next employer might not read the entire resume.

Therefore, before creating a resume, go online, and check out various templates.

Happily, various programs can help you create a digital marketing resume.

You can be creative and design your own; Creating a resume is easy.

Hence, take time to review before submitting a resume to any potential employer.

When creating one, always think like an employer; Be precise, organized, and stay objective.

Besides, read the resume again and again before submitting it.

How do I Create a Digital Marketing Cover Letter?

Based on the position you plan to apply, it may face you with stiff competition.

Hence, you need to write a powerful cover letter.

With an excellent cover letter, you will increase your chances of landing the job.

Even though you might not be sure if the employer will read the cover letter, you should not blow away the chance.

Here are some tips on how you create a digital marketing cover letter.

1. Every Word is Essential

Even in job search, first impression matters.

Thus your future employer should have a good first impression of his or her next employee through the cover letter.

Keep in mind he or she will have to go through several cover letters.

But you need to go straight to the point; Avoid wasting time by writing irrelevant information.

For example, write why you are the best candidate and what interests you about that company.

Try to showcase your talent without going into details; This will give the employer a reason to call you for the interview.

Nevertheless, mind your language; Therefore, before you write the cover letter, look into the tone of the company.

By using the same tone, you show that you understand the company.

It is significant to note that every company should have an original approach.

Hence, a visit to the firm’s website will give you an upper hand.

2. Research

Before submitting your cover letter and your resume, research the business.

Doing research will ensure you match their tone.

Besides, you will address the vital goals and objectives of the company.

Also, make sure you are familiar with the company’s structure, especially the digital marketing structure.

It is also a superb idea to check the name of the person to who you should address the cover letter.

You can also research the company’s ethics, voice, and aspirations.

This will ensure you write the cover letter accordingly.

3. Always be Transparent

It is important to note that transparency is valued in the digital marketing world.

Therefore, you need to be transparent with your future employer.

By being honest and writing properly, you will make your potential employer want to get more from you.

Additionally, they can tell what you can offer to the company.

For instance, do not quote an extensive project that is not credited to your name.

If the project you did by yourself is small, mention it in the cover letter.

The most important thing when writing the cover letter and the resume is that you need to be yourself.

Giving incorrect information to get the job might not help.

4. Sign off with Self-Confidence

Signing off with a strong call of action is very essential.

Remember, you have shown your talents and qualities in the letter.

Hence, self-assurance is needed when closing the application letter.

Also, show the best way the employer can contact you.

All your cover letters should be different; Do not be afraid to use a unique tone or structure.

However, make sure you address or understand what a specific employer wants.

Your cover letter should be professional; Your prospective employer is not only interested in your talents.

He or she wants to hire a person who can work professionally; Hence, your personality should shine through.

Before submitting the cover letter, it is vital to re-read it.

And the best way to do it is to leave it for some hours or until the next day.

Re-reading it with a rational mind will ensure you catch any mistakes.

After re-reading and re-checking the cover letter, you can now send it.

The next step is to be prepared for the interview; If they do not consider you, do not be discouraged. 

If they select you, there are some digital marketing interview questions you should expect.

Thus, be ready with the right answers; Remember, show how you are familiar with the job description.

What are Some Digital Marketing Interview Questions?

hat are Some Digital Marketing Interview Questions?

Digital marketing is now a worthy occupation.

And just like any other form of profession, you have to go through an interview to get the job.

Happily, there are some common digital marketing interview questions you can expect.

Most of these questions will test whether you are familiar with digital marketing.

Here, we have compiled a list of the most common digital marketing interview questions for experienced and fresher candidates.

This will ensure you are well-prepared for the interview.

Common Digital Marketing Questions

Q1. Can you tell us more about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is wide.

Therefore, you need to give your answer based on the company structure, and probably what the interviewers want to hear.

However, do not complicate things. 

You can give them a general overview like “Digital marketing is promoting a product via the internet.

It involves social media marketing, SEO, link building, email marketing, and many others.”

With such an answer, you will be certain you are on point and you have not moved out of the topic.

Q2. Can you please split digital marketing for us?

After telling them about digital marketing, this might be the next question to expect; Hence, answer it like a pro.

“Thank you, There are distinct types of digital marketing.

However, the two major categories are inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing involves social media marketing, eBooks, and other ways that you can use to enhance the number of clicks.

On the other hand, outbound marketing involves placing ads, cold calling, and email marketing.”

Again, with such an answer, you will be certain you have explained yourself properly and you will be ready for the next question.

Q3. Why would you prefer digital marketing over traditional or offline marketing?

This is a question that will tell whether you understand why the world is moving from offline marketing to online marketing.

“Most companies, small and large prefer online marketing over offline marketing because of the benefits.

First, it is cheaper to market your products online.

With TV ads, newspaper ads, and other offline forms of advertisement, only big enterprises could afford it.

But with digital marketing, even a small company or young entrepreneur can afford it.

 Also, internet marking offers real-time results.

With traditional marketing, you need to wait for weeks or months to get an outcome.

Additionally, online marketing spreads across the world while offline marketing is limited to a specific area.

Q4. In online marketing, you talked about SEO; can you please tell us moret?

Sure. SEO is a search engine optimization strategy.

It is the process of enhancing the content and structure of your website so that search engines such as Bing and Google can index and find a website’s content.

It is also doing several promotional activities such as inserting keywords to increase search engine rank.

Therefore, as a digital marketer, I should know how to place the keywords to ensure I attract more audiences.

Q5. Good. You have mentioned the keyword. What is a keyword and how important is it in digital marketing?

Keywords are words a person enters the search engine when searching for something online.

Hence, you need to create your content based on keywords for excellent ranking by search engines.

From SEO point, how and where you place your keywords will affect your site ranking on search engines.

Therefore, you need to ensure you have the right keywords and you have placed them correctly.

Q6. So, what are the key areas where you can place the keywords to have a good ranking on search engines?

To have a better page ranking on Bing and Google, you need to use keywords in prime areas.

Some of the best places to insert keywords are:

  • In your website URL
  • Meta tag
  • Title and subtitles
  • In the web page content
  • Images used

However, do not abuse the keyword.

It is important to have the keywords in all these areas but avoid overusing them.

Hence, we need someone familiar with the copywriting to ensure the keywords are well placed for better optimization and page ranking.

Q7. What is Pay-per-click Marketing?

Pay-per-click also referred to as PPC is a simple strategy that is used to direct traffic to a particular website.

The advertiser places an ad on a particular website and pays the website owner once they click the ad.

It is an effective form of marketing that is preferred by small and large enterprises.

Q8. What are the most effective online marketing tools you will use once you get the job?

There are many online marketing tools I can use; Some of the best tools to consider are:

· Google analytics
· Crazy egg
· Kissmetrics
· BuzzSumo
· Trello
· HootSuite

Q9. Social media has become paramount in online marketing. What is your take on social media marketing?

Today, it is important for every business to have a presence in the social media world.

From having a Facebook page to creating a Twitter account, small and big enterprises should market their products on social media.

Social media is a great platform where you can promote your products, engage with customers, and get instant feedback.

Additionally, there are brilliant marketing tools that will help you manage all your social media sites.

Q10. Now let us ask you some personal questions. What attracted you to a digital marketing career?

You need to be honest when answering all personal questions.

For example, do you love how online marketing works or it is a high-paying job in digital marketing that attracted you?

If you are in love with internet marketing, it is wise to talk about the potential in you and the talents you have in digital marketing.

By asking this question, the interviewers want to know whether you are committed to online marketing.

Hence, you must show your full commitment to the sector.

Q11. How will your skills and experience help our business?

Here you need to talk about your past, your skills, and your personal experience.

By demonstrating all these characteristics, it shows you are qualified.

Also, make sure you emphasize your unique abilities.

For instance, why are you unique from the rest of the interviewees?

Your answer should tell how you will help the marketing team achieve its goals and objectives.

Q12. How do you stay updated with the latest online marketing trends?

The interviewers want to know whether you are familiar with recent trends in the industry.

Since internet marketing is dynamic, it is important to stay updated by reading digital marketing books, visiting marketing blogs, and listening to podcasts.

However, it is important to check the sources.

You do not want to spend a lot of time on information that is not helpful.

Q13. Do you think digital marketing will one day replace traditional marketing?

How you answer the question will tell whether you are familiar with the future of digital marketing.

Therefore, do a bit of research about the future of marketing before facing your interviewers.

One important thing to note is that online marketing cannot replace offline marketing completely.

Therefore, instead of replacing it, both internet marketing and traditional marketing have become complementary to each other.

What are Some Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs?

There are many digital marketing entry-level jobs available.

However, it is important to understand your skills to ensure you apply for the right position.

Some of the best digital marketing jobs that are entry level for people who are starting are:

Digital Marketing Internship–in most cases, you will find this position in a company that is starting a marketing team or a firm with a low marketing budget.

Therefore, a digital marketing internship job description and digital marketing internship salary might not be defined.

However, it is vital to know how to become a digital marketing internship.

Content Marketer–the other position under entry-level digital marketing jobs is a content marketer.

This is a job that attracts editors and writers.

The primary aim of a content marketer is to bring in new customers.

Thus, they are skilled in writing and creating high-quality content.

Social Media Manager–today, almost every company is hiring a social media manager.

In this position, you will do more than just checking and posting stuff on Facebook.

You will work with various professionals such as designers, content creators, and managers to ensure you are all on the same page.

Marketing Manager–marketing manager is a position that involves a lot of tasks.

Depending on the firm, a marketing manager might work as a content manager or a social media manager.

But the manager has to manage communications with the clients.

SEO Specialist–being an SEO specialist means you can set up the site in a way that people can easily find it on search engines.

Hence, you need to be familiar with SEO and the best marketing tools for effective results.

In most cases, you will report to the marketing manager or content manager.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Job Descriptions and Salary

Even though digital marketing is a fresh field, there are many positions you can consider.

And once you work in the digital marketing world, your skills and experience will count for your future employers.

To help you understand more about online marketing jobs, here are the top 10 digital marketing job descriptions and salary.

1. Digital Marketing Manager Salary ($77,000 per year)

Digital marketing manager job description: The duties of a digital manager are to manage the entire online marketing team.

Also, he or she will be tasked with implementing marketing strategies.

The digital marketing manager reports to the general manager.

How to become a digital marketing manager: for you to become a digital marketing manager, you need to have worked in various fields and have a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist Salary ($51,000 per year)

Digital marketing specialist job description: A digital marketing specialist’s work is to help the digital manager implement all the marketing strategies outlined.

However, he or she has special skills in unique areas that include social media, SEO, or email marketing.

How to become a digital marketing specialist: for you to become a digital marketing specialist, you need to have skills and experience in online marketing.

Also, you need a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

3. Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary ($52,000 per year)

Digital marketing coordinator job description: a coordinator is a person with various skills and knowledge.

His or her duties include coordinating various functions in the digital department.

How to become a digital marketing coordinator: This is a position where you will need to coordinate various functions in digital marketing.

To become one, you need to have excellent skills in management.

You will build short- and long-term plans, follow thru marketing campaigns and reach company objectives.

Having a management and marketing degree is a degree vital in this job.

4. Digital Marketing Strategist Salary ($53,000 per year)

Digital marketing strategist job description: The position of a digital marketing strategist has become common in many firms.

This is a challenging job where you need to come up with various marketing strategies.

How to become a digital marketing strategist: to become a marketing strategist, you need to have worked in several firms and understand various marketing strategies.

5. Content Marketing Specialist Salary ($52,000 per year)

Content marketing specialist job description: the job description includes managing the content creation team.

They create and distribute high-quality content to various managers.

How to become a content marketing specialist: you need to have impressive skills in content marketing and content creation.

Even though having a degree or certification is important, experience defines everything.

6. Digital Marketing Associate Salary ($51,000 per year)

Digital marketing associate job description: This is a person who assists a digital marketing manager or a digital marketing director.

He or she reports to the manager and performs various administrative tasks.

How to become a digital marketing associate: You need skills, experience to become a marketing associate.

Also, you need to be familiar with all online marketing tools.

7. Copywriter ($37,000 per year)

This position is under content marketing. Hence, copywriter reports to the content marketing manager.

A copywriter is a person who is well skilled in writing high-quality content.

His or her work is to write or edit blog posts and other important information before being published.

Hence, he or she should have excellent communication skills.

8. Digital Marketing Assistant Salary ($65,000 per year)

Digital marketing assistant job description: though it seems like a simple task, you need to help the digital manager or digital director with administrative duties.

How to become a digital marketing assistant: you need to be well qualified to handle all tasks in the digital marketing world.

In case the manager is not around, you need to take over.

Hence, you need to be experienced, and familiar with online marketing.

9. Digital Marketing Analyst Salary ($60,000 per year)

Digital marketing analyst job description: The work of a data analyst is to create and organize systems that can easily interpret data.

This will help the digital marketing team understand strategies that are working and those that are not working.

How to become a digital marketing analyst: You need to understand analytical skills to become a marketing analyst.

Hence, qualifications, skills, and experience are required.

10. Digital Marketing Director Salary ($80,000 or more per year)

Digital marketing director job description: Digital marketing director position is one of the best jobs in internet marketing.

However, you need to understand everyone is looking at you.

If someone makes a mistake, all fingers point to you.

How to become a digital marketing director: To work as a digital marketing director, you need to understand all other positions and how they work.

Additionally, you need to be familiar with marketing tools and recent trends in the business.

A Master’s or bachelor’s degree is required.


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The excellent news is that there are multiple opportunities for digital minded people.

Happily, these chances are spread across industries and businesses.

This means many firms are hiring digital marketing personnel.

And as digitization continues, more job opportunities will arise in online marketing.

Now is an exciting time to train and go to school to invest in a high-paying career in digital marketing.

Disclaimer-Salaries and job descriptions may change over time, it’s up to the user to research more about each subject.

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