Searching for a Ghostwriter to Hire or Want to Become One? Ghostwriting Tips

If you’re searching for a ghostwriter to hire or start a career as one, this article can help.

You may have seen someone willing to hire ghostwriters.

However, you are not sure what they are or how you can become a ghost writer.

You are not alone; Many people do not know what ghostwriting is or how they can make money ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is a form of writing in which the ghost writer creates a written document but doesn’t take credit for the work.

On simple terms, a ghostwriter is a writer for hire.

He or she receives money but not the credit of the work he or she produces.

Would you like to know more about ghostwriting or become a ghostwriter?

In this guide, we will help you learn more about ghostwriting.

You will understand the profession and where and when to use ghostwriting.

Also, you will learn how to start earning as a ghostwriter, and tips and tricks about ghostwriting.

What is Ghostwriting?

Find a Ghostwriter to Hire with this Quick Guide

If you are a writer, you may be interested in becoming a ghost writer.

A ghostwriter is a writer that writes books, articles, speeches, blog posts, web copy, and email newsletters, and many others.

However, all credit goes to the client; Individuals or companies may hire you.

Being a ghostwriter means they don’t credit any of your work.

It also means you cannot publicly share the work anywhere unless your client gives you permission.

If you are new in the writing field, you may feel it is not an excellent idea to be a ghostwriter.

This is because you will build your career with no proof.

Fortunately, we will help you understand the field, and why you may need to become a ghostwriter.

Nevertheless, you need to know that any writing job you do for a ghostwriting client can never have your name.

And because of that, you can rate your ghostwriting services much higher.

For instance, some ghost writer rates are 100 percent more than standard rates.

Also, there are many people willing to hire ghostwriters.

From business owners to sole-entrepreneurs to teachers, many people are searching for ghostwriters.

You can also become a ghost blogger.

The functions of a ghost blogger are the same as those of a ghostwriter.

Someone may hire you to provide various blog posts for their blogs or website.

Who uses a Ghostwriter?

Today, over 70 percent of clients searching for writers need ghostwriters.

Hence, many people, especially, businessmen and women seek the services of ghostwriters.

And since continuous promotion and marketing of products is required, ghostwriters are needed too.

Happily, most people do not have the time or skills to write articles, blog posts, or books.

Then a ghostwriter can do the job for them.

A ghostwriter is not just for business people; Any person who needs something written can hire a ghostwriter.

For example, if a manager needs a speech to motivate his staff, he can seek the services of a ghostwriter.

Also, if a person wants a family reunion letter, he can hire a ghostwriter to do the job for him.

This means for anything that can be written, there is a ghostwriter.

One of the reasons why most people seek ghostwriter services is because they are experienced in their work.

They can write in a tone that the client desires.

For instance, if you would want your web content to have a professional tone, you need to seek a writer who is experienced in that tone.

Some people who use a ghostwriter include:

  • Entrepreneurs–Many entrepreneurs have turned to ghostwriters.
  • Since they are busy running their businesses, they depend on ghostwriters to get their ideas and opinions onto printed pages.
  • Celebrities–Some of the best clients for ghostwriters are celebrities.
  • Writing and structuring a 50,000-word autobiography is not a simple task, especially for a celebrity.
  • Thus, tendering the writing task to a ghostwriter is an actual benefit for the superstar.
  • Ordinary people–There are many ordinary people with extraordinary stories they want to share with the public.
  • But they do not know how to put the words into a print.

Hence, a ghostwriter can help them put their thoughts together.

When To ghostwrite?

If you are a beginner or new in writing, you may want to know when and how to ghost write.

It may surprise you that there are many ghostwriters; In fact, a freelance writer is a freelance ghost writer.

So, if you would like to venture into the world of writing, the best place to start is being a ghostwriter.

Happily, there are long-form and short-form ghostwriting projects.

So, if you have time and you need money, you can become a ghostwriter.

Although at the beginning you may only get low-paying jobs, you will gain experience in writing ghost projects.

Keep in mind that the path of becoming a ghostwriter is similar to that of a freelance writer.

Some ghostwriting projects you can consider include fiction ghostwriting, songs, eBooks, speeches, blog posts, articles, and many others.

Where do we find Ghostwriters?

Where do we find Ghostwriters?

Hiring an online ghost writer is not a simple task.

First, you cannot hire someone who calls himself a ghostwriter.

You need to be sure they can provide high-quality content.

Keep in mind that the strength and reputation of your work depends on the person you hire.

Therefore, you need to know whether it is beneficial to hire a ghostwriter and where you can find reliable writers.

Some top sites where you can get trustworthy ghostwriters are:

*Upwork–this is a sizeable community full of freelancers.

Whether you want a freelance writer or a ghostwriter, this is good to place to consider.

Here, there are thousands of ghostwriters; Some are experienced while others are newbies.

So, depending on your task and your budget, you can offer your project to ghostwriters at

*Scribewriting–Do you want help on writing a book, the best place to get a ghostwriter is Scribe. is a magnificent site that provides ghostwriting services among others.

At the site, they will pair you with a professional ghostwriter to help you develop your book ideas.

*Fiverr – Fiverr is like Upwork; However, ghostwriters advertise their services and they are more affordable.

So, if you are searching for ghost writers for hire, this is the best place to be.

Moreover, you can tell who are the professional ghostwriters.

This is because Fiverr vets everyone promoting their services at the site.

These are just a few of the sites you can seek professional ghostwriters.

Other places to consider include,,,, and among others.

Why do we use Ghostwriters?

Below are some reasons most people seek ghostwriting services

1. To help Present their Thoughts Professionally

Not every person was born a writer; Some people are poor writers while others are outstanding writers.

However, if you have a brilliant idea, it does not mean it cannot be written, or it has to be poorly written.

You can seek ghost writer services to help you present your thoughts.

A ghostwriter will take your well-rounded ideas and present them in a organized structure where everyone can understand it.

2. To Help them Build their Brand

Building brand awareness is not a simple task; It needs time and creativity.

Whether it is loading your website with content or writing a book, having high-quality content does not just happen.

Happily, a ghostwriter can help you build your brand with ease.

Being a professional, a ghostwriter can help you accomplish your goals in a brief time.

And ghostwriters do not take credit for their work, your brand benefits highly.

3. When you are Short on Time

Another reason people hire ghostwriters is when they have no time.

Since many people have busy lives, they seek services of ghostwriters to help them achieve their writing tasks.

Although writing might not be a tough task, they need a lot of research and formatting for someone to produce quality content.

Clients seek professionals that can do all kinds of writing activities.

4. Ghostwriters are Great Co-workers

You can hire a ghost writer as a co-worker.

If you are a writer, you can collaborate with another writer to ensure you are on the right path.

Also, if you can maintain a long-term relationship with the ghostwriter, he or she will adapt to your style, tone, and voice of your projects.

Ghostwriting a project needs a timeframe and a budget.

Therefore, before you search for a ghostwriter, you need to know when the projected should start and end.

Other factors include how much you will spend on the project.

Once you have a budget and a timeframe, the next step is searching for a ghostwriter.

By visiting sites such as or, you can find professional ghostwriters.

However, choosing a ghostwriter is difficult.

There are several things you need to consider before hiring a ghostwriter.

You do not want to realize that you need another writer when the writing project is almost complete.

Some tricks you can use to ensure you have chosen the right ghostwriter are:

  • Place hiding instructions within the job post–A professional writer should identify hidden instructions.
  • If he or she cannot read the entire job description, you need another ghostwriter. 
  • Hold a video conference interview–There should be chemistry between you and your co-worker.
  • Therefore, hold a video or face-to-face interview with your potential ghostwriter. 
  • Ensure he or she can deliver–Although there are many ghostwriters, not all of them can deliver your exact needs.
  • Therefore, ensure you pick someone who is fit for the requirements.

How do you Become a Ghostwriter?

1. First become a Freelance Writer

To become a profitable ghostwriter, it is important to start as a freelance writer.

Being a freelancer will build your integrity.

Also, you will have an easier time marketing your ghostwriting services.

Being established helps with networking.

One way to become a successful freelance writer is having a personal blog.

Here, you can publish your gigs and show them to your potential clients.

2. Become a Freelance Editor

If you do not want to become a freelance writer, you can be an editor.

There are many people seeking editors to edit their books and web content.

Since editing is not a tough task, you might not earn much but you can gain a lot of experience.

3. Pick Comfortable Writing Gigs

As a beginner, do not look for long-term ghostwriting projects.

Start with small and comfortable writing tasks.

Articles and blog posts are some of the best tasks for newbies.

Once, you have familiarized yourself with ghostwriting, you can move to extensive projects.

4. Write for Other People

You need to adapt to various writing styles and tones for you to become a good ghostwriter.

And the best way to do it is by writing for other people; You can do it for free or charge lower rates.

Also, read more about ghostwriting, follow ghostwriting pages on social media to learn more about this field.

How to Make Money as a Ghostwriter?

How to Make Money as a Ghostwriter?

Most people who hire ghostwriters are doctors, dentists, attorneys, and business people.

This means you can make good money as a ghostwriter.

Some will hire you as a ghostwriter to work on their books, magazines, blogs, and email marketing.

However, you need to land good gigs so you can start earning as a ghostwriter.

Below are a few tips on how to start making money as a ghostwriter.

1. Check Job Boards–These are some of the best places to check for ghostwriting jobs.

However, you might not earn good money here because most job boards look for cheaper writers.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent starting point.

2.   Visit Popular Sites–Sites such as Upwork, textbroker, iwriter, Freelancer, and social media platforms have various openings for ghostwriters.

Whether you are a new or veteran, there are jobs for everyone on these sites.

3. Guest Post–Although you might not get money instantly, you can market yourself by writing for other people for free.

Hence, if your work is good, these people may hire you.

4. Influence your Clients–Contact your existing clients, family, friends, and other writers for the job.

Some of these people may have a job for you or know someone who can hire you.

These are some tips that you can use to get gigs as a freelancer.

As a ghostwriter, you need to reach out to many potential clients as you can.

Top 5 Ghostwriting Services

If you are ready to become a ghostwriter, there are different fields you can consider.

Here are the top best 5 ghostwriting types:

1. Internet Content

Web content, blog posts, and social media posts provide ghostwriting jobs.

Happily, today most businesses and organizations have blogs and websites.

This means there is a need for content providers.

And since most business people are not talented writers, they will always offer writing services to ghostwriters.

The wonderful news is that there is a constant demand for content.

Hence, ghostwriters can help companies, and bloggers achieve the goals of providing regular and fresh content.

2. Speeches

Many public figures and business people do not have time to create a lengthy speech.

Hence, they may need writers to help them create an amazing speech.

However, for speeches, a ghostwriter must be experienced and qualified for the jobs.

Speeches are more complex than blog posts and articles.

Some personalities who seek ghostwriters to construct speeches for them include politicians, corporate executives, celebrities, and many others.

3. EBooks

There are many individuals who believe they need their own book.

Some want to share their rags to riches stories while others want to encourage people.

However, most of them do not know how to put the idea on paper.

Hence, they can only hire someone to write for them.

Since they don’t want to tell everyone that someone else wrote their stories, the best person to construct an eBook or a book for them is a ghostwriter.

4. Newsletters

News outlets, businesses, and various institutions are looking for ghostwriters to write newsletters for them.

Therefore, if you are experienced in this field or you have some knowledge of journalism, you can write a newsletter for various institutions.

In most cases, newsletters cover company updates, various events, and important messages for the recipient of the document.

5. Case Studies and Manuals

Case studies have become effective sales tools.

Many companies share their positive experiences with their customers through case studies.

Therefore, they need ghostwriters to help them write good and professional-looking case studies.

Also, companies that manufacture products seek the services of ghostwriters to write manuals.

As a writer, the development of technology has given birth to many opportunities.

Happily, most business people and individuals have realized that ghostwriters can significantly influence their success.

Other ghostwriting services include video scripts, white papers, audio scripts, bios, medical documents, and business reports among many others.

Top 5 Ghostwriting Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Ghostwriting Tips and Tricks

1. Provide Quality Content

If you are a beginner, you need to learn copywriting skills.

You can only be successful as a ghostwriter if you can provide high-quality content.

Follow other copywriters on social media, read books and articles, and watch videos on how to write quality content.

Keep in mind that being a ghostwriter means you have experience in all kinds of writing.

It might be impossible to succeed if you stick to just one type of writing.

Therefore, read and write a lot to enhance your writing skills in all areas.

2. Lay the Foundation

As a ghostwriter, you need to have a foundation; Keep in mind that you might not have referrals.

Most ghostwriters have blogs and YouTube channels where they showcase their work.

Happily, it is possible to create a blog for free; Hence, create one and start publishing your work.

Apart from owning a blog, you need to have decent social media accounts.

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, make sure all these pages are good.

From the cover photo, profile, and your posts, everything should look good for potential clients.

3. Create a Portfolio of Writing Samples

If you are a beginner, do not start searching for ghost writer jobs without building your portfolio.

Keep in mind that you need to prove yourself to potential clients that you are a talented writer.

Building a portfolio helps to reveal the work you can handle to your clients.

Once you have a site and several articles published, you can start sending emails.

Also, get some guest posts; Guest posts are important.

You may get clients through several guest posts.

4. Pitch and Pitch

After building your portfolio and having some articles under your name, the next step is pitching.

You need to cold pitch and warm pitch.

Cold pitch involves sending emails to any potential client.

Send emails to people who might be interested in your services.

Warm pitching is contacting known clients or people who need your services.

These may be your friends, relatives, or business partners.

Also, it involves replying to job openings; Visit sites such as iwriter, ProBlogger, textbroker, and Upwork.

However, with ghostwriting, you need to be patient.

It may take weeks or months before you land a ghostwriting job.

And once you land a writing job, give your best by writing high-quality content.

Also, make sure you complete your work before time.

5. Ask for Referrals

After doing a grand job, ask for referrals from the existing employers; Also, keep networking.

One of the best ways to earn good money as a ghostwriter is to get referrals from your existing clients.

However, do not stop networking or cold and warm pitching.

This will ensure you have a continuous work flow.

Final Word

For ghostwriting, there are a lot of things involved.

However, it is a straightforward digital marketing job anyone can do.

Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, there are many ghostwriting jobs for you.

In most cases, the path taken by a ghostwriter is like that of a freelancer.

And since technology is improving and changing, options are limitless.

Hence, if you want to be a ghostwriter, be prepared by following the above guide.

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