How Does Canva Work? Graphic Design Software for Non-Designers

If you have a blog or a website, you may have asked how does Canva work?

Creating unique images is not a simple task, especially if you are not a designer or you have never done it before.

You have heard of bloggers being sued for using images they didn’t have permission to use.

So how do you create unique and beautiful visuals for your social media accounts, blog, or website?

There are several graphic design tools you can use to create images; But the most common one is Canva.

Canva is graphic design software you can use to design uncommon images, logos, and other visuals for your personal use.

Additionally, there are many reasons you need to use this program.

First, it is simple to use, and you can create attractive icons on your own original images.

The next reason why you need to use Canva is that your blog needs pinnable images.

And the images you create on Canva are colorful, long, and can help attract traffic to your site.

Canva is easy to use.

Even if you are not a designer, you can create unique and attractive images with Canva for your site.

In this article, we will help you understand Canva, why you need to use it, how to use it, top tips about Canva, and the best alternatives you can consider.

What is Canva Graphic Design Tool?

How Does Canva Work? Tips for Designers

Canva is a new graphic design tool that is available for free.

It is uncomplicated software that has helped people create images with simplicity.

Just by an easy drag-and-drop feature, you can create unique images.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you create professional images effectively and quickly, the tool will help you.

Even without graphic design experience or skills, you can manage to create beautiful designs with this program.

They launched Canva in 2012; Thus, there are several images on the platform.

Since they started it, the program has attracted over 10 million users all over the world.

This is because users can create almost every kind of image with Canva.

Things to Create include:

  • Pinterest images
  • Blog post images
  • Social media cover photos, ads, and icons
  • Email marketing visuals
  • Infographics

Who uses Canva Graphic Design?

Canva graphic design tool is for anyone who wants to create unique images, templates, and icons.

Whether you want images for your business, social media account or templates for your blog, you can use Canva.

Fortunately, the free plan has a lot of features.

This means anyone can create beautiful images with this program.

Even for people who do not want to invest in image editing tools, they can use this tool for free.

With Canva, you can create as many images and templates as you can.

Also, once you create an account, you can start using it straight away; You need not wait for days to begin.

Unlike other image editing tools where you need graphic design experience or skills, anyone can use Canva.

When do we use Canva Graphic Design Tool?

People use Canva to create images, icons, and other visual contents.

The program has become popular because it is a drag-and-drop tool.

There are many instances why most people prefer Canva over other programs.

First, it saves time; When you want to create a template or image in less time, the best tool to consider is Canva.

It is comfortable to use and straightforward; Moreover, it is stress free to navigate with Canva.

Most people use the tool since it is not complicated and has several instructional videos.

Also if you require logos, the program can help you create some.

According to professional designers, Canva is fantastic for people who want to have logos for brand awareness or brand identity.

Some instances when you can use Canva include:

1. When creating social media posts–Since we are all in social media, you need a tool that will help you create attractive content.

Happily, Canva can help you create amazing social media materials.

Whether you want attractive materials for your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts, you can have them done with Canva.

There are thousands of free and paid layout designs to consider.

2. When creating eBook or CD covers – Having a suitable book cover shows the book is interesting to read.

Therefore, when creating an eBook cover, the best tool to consider is Canva.

The wonderful news is that there are many layouts to choose from; Also, you can create covers for your music CDs.

3. When you want to create visual content–Canva is a wonderful tool that can help you create visual content materials in minutes.

From posters, flyers to brochures, it is possible to design them in a few minutes with Canva.

4. When creating event invitations cards–If you would like to create an event invitation card, you need to use Canva.

Luckily, there are thousands of ready-to-use layouts you can consider.

From wedding invitation cards to birthday invitation cards, you can create them with Canva.

5. When you want to earn extra money–Apart from being a great tool for creating designs, you can earn money with the program.

If you are an illustrator or a photographer, you can upload some of your images to Canva.

There are free elements and paid elements on Canva.

So, if you want to make some money, you upload unique images on the site.

Hence, every time they use your photo or illustration, you gain.

You can visit the site to learn more about how to earn extra money.

Where do we use Canva Graphic Design?

Where do we use Canva Graphic Design?

Due to the advancement in digital marketing, everyone is looking for colorful and beautiful images to market their blogs, websites, and products.

However, creating visual content takes time, and it’s complicated.

Hence, you need a tool such as Canva to create the content to help you save on time.

Whether you are an amateur or an expert in graphic design, you can use the program to make as many images as you can.

You can use it on your PC, laptop, or smart device; But you need to be connected to the internet to use the program.

It can take you less than 30 seconds to learn the basics.

However, it is essential to read articles and watch several instructional videos on the program to learn more.

Why do we use Canva Designer?

Today, almost every online marketer knows about Canva.

This is because it is simple to use and comes for free.

Some of the reasons why most people use Canva include:

*You do not need design skills–Even without design skills, you can use this tool.

They have designed several layouts that you can use to make various visual contents.

*Easy to use–Another reason you need to use Canva is that it is easy to use.

Even a small kid with computer skills can use the program.

You can easily drag-and-drop images to use.

Also, they have designs fit for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

*Plenty of Features–With Canva, there are so many features.

For instance, the program has grids to help you divide images into smaller sections.

Also, it has a feature for custom images.

*Teamwork–If you are working as a team, you can share the designs with them via links or emails.

Moreover, the tool allows you to share with your team directly from the website to Twitter or Facebook.

*Canva is Free–Although there are in-app purchases, you can have a free account.

In fact, you might not need to upgrade your free account.

This is because the free plan comes with many impressive features.

How does Canva Design Tool Work?

Is Canva graphic design free? And how does it work? These are some of the questions most people ask.

Canva is a graphic design tool that comes for free.

You do not need a sign-up fee to use the program; However, there is a paid plan.

Some features that are found in the paid plan include:

  • Upload custom fonts
  • Resizing your designs
  • Organizing your photos 
  • Additional images and templates

But since the free program has many features, you might not feel the need of upgrading to the paid plan.

Basic Steps on How to Start Using Canva.

1. Create an Account

Just like other programs, you need to create a Canva account to start using it.

Happily, the process is easy and stress-free.

The program has various membership options that include free membership, Canva for work where you need to pay a monthly or annual fee.

It also has Canva enterprise for a team with over 30 people.

2. watch instructional videos on site

After creating an account, you need to watch instructional videos.

Users need to learn how to navigate and get the most from the program.

Happily, most videos are short and contain a lot of information on how to create images and navigate in the program.

Although watching the videos is vital, using the program is easy, stress-free, and you can work on your own.

3. Create Unique Content

Canva is a tool that provides various types of content.

From marketing materials to social media images, you will find everything you need on the platform.

However, if the content you need is not available, you can easily create some.

Canva content continues to grow every day; For instance, they have introduced templates for resumes and eBooks.

4. Drag & Drop Interface


One reason most designers prefer Canva is because of the drag-and-drop feature.

You can drag-and-drop images, templates, and icons from within the program.

Moreover, the tool has a search feature; You can search for items on the platform quick.

5. Fonts and Images for Everyone

Whether you want to see paid or free images, Canva has an easy-to-use photo editor.

This means you can easily change the look of the images.

Moreover, there are hundreds of fonts to choose from.

6. Explore Customization Options

There are so many templates to select; Also, you can customize them to fit all your needs.

For example, you can change the background or the color of the font.

There are grids to develop great compositions, frames to decorate your photos, and shapes to use for boarders.

7. Share Amazing Content

Once you have created your visual content, you can share it with up to 10 members.

Furthermore, you can give them permission to edit or view your designs with the program.

It is also possible to share the designs with your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

8. Eye-Catching Images

Keep in mind that the images you create will affect your work.

Therefore, make sure you create eye-catching images.

Also, consider content that fits your topic, theme, and catch attention.

9. Use all Tools

Canva has great tools that can help make all your designs better.

Use them correctly to gain more.

For instance, use the grid tool for shortcuts, use color and font pairing tools, and crop your images.

10. Use the Canva App

Canva also provides an app easy to use and is fully featured.

Happily, it has the same design as the desktop version.

Hence, you can use it to create amazing designs during your travels.

Fully Explore Canva

*Learn more–if you want to get the most from Canva, you need to train and practice more.

Learn how you can create better designs by creating your own experiments.

*Get familiar with all types of documents provided – before you begin creating your designs, make sure you have the correct templates and dimensions.

*Keep all your designs well organized with folders–Canva provides folders to ensure everyone keeps the designs organized.

For instance, if you have icons or logos, you need to use them in separate folders.

*Get your teammates involved–Canva has various tools that can get the whole team together.

With the collaborate tool, you can add users via email to edit or view your designs.

* Keep in touch with Canva assistants–If you are new in Canva, you can enjoy Canva assistants.

The representatives can easily provide you with tutorials, articles, and Canva tips.

Where is the Official Canva Website?

Where is the Official Canva Website?

The official website for Canva is

Canva is a free design program that has many graphics and fonts.

Even without paying for a subscription, you can use several Canva features.

The tool is easy to use, and it’s designed for extra members.

This means it provides an affordable option for small businesses, startups, and big organizations.

But some people believe it might not be a suitable tool for large professional designs.

However, you can achieve brilliant things with the tool.

You do not need a complex tool to create large designs.

The official Canva website is; Sign up today to get a free Canva account.

What are Canva Software Alternatives?

Whether you are a newbie or experienced designer, you need to understand there are many graphic design tools.

Some are available for free while others come at a fee.

Canva is definitely one of the best tools for designers.

It is easy to use, available for free, and good for newbies.

However, it is not the only graphic design tool on the market.

There are many great alternatives you can consider.

To help you make an informed choice as a graphic designer, below are some of the best Canva alternatives you can consider.

1. Stencil

This tool is like Canva; It is a program designed for bloggers, marketers, and businesses.

Stencil is easy to use and works very fast.

It is one of the best choices for social media marketers.

It is a great graphic design tool because:

  • There are many free images
  • It has more than 80k templates
  • Massive fonts, icons, and graphics
  • You can upload your logos and images

The tool has a free plan and a pro plan; However, the free plan comes with a lot of limitations.

2. PicMonkey

With PicMonkey, you can manage to create designs, edit images, and templates.

The program has over 40+ filters and other impressive features.

Some features provided include:

  • Photo editing feature
  • More than 2400 templates
  • Easy to use online tools
  • Use on android or IOS devices

The program does not have a free plan. However, the paid plans come with a 7-day free trial.

3. FotoJet

This is another amazing tool with many features similar to Canva.

For example, FotoJet design app is very similar to Canva. Some chief features of FotoJet include:

  • You can create new designs, edit, and create collages
  • Has drag-and-drop feature
  • Photo editing is easy with features such as effects, frames, and overlays

There is a free plan but you may need to upgrade if you want to access more features.

4. Desygner

This is another astonishing design tool that is good for designing, PDF editing, logo creation, and many more.

It comes with features that include: 

  • Simple and easy to tool
  • Huge library of templates
  • Database that comprises icons, free images, and banners

There is a free plan but comes with many restrictions; But the premium plan has many significant features.

Top 5 Canva Tips and Tricks

1. Use Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Just like other programs such as excel and word, Canva has great shortcuts that help you do things faster and with ease.

Happily, most of these shortcuts are just the same as those in other programs.

But there are a few designed only for Canva.

Learn about them and make sure you use them.

For example, ctrl+A helps you select all the text and Ctrl+B to make your font bold.

2. Move Elements with One Command

To ensure you save on time, you need to learn how to move many elements at once.

You need not move each element at a go. 

If you Left-Click+Hold and Drag, you can move various Canva elements at once.

3. Hidden Canva Elements

This special tip most Canva users wish they had learned before they got started; Learning it will save you a lot of time.

For instance, it might be difficult to edit elements when there are so many on top.

But if you know how to do it, the process becomes simple.

You can click on any element, and then Ctrl + down arrow; This will bring the element in front to edit.

4. Get Free Premium Canva Templates

Canva has so many elements to use; Happily, a lot of them are free for those using the paid version and free plans.

However, you can turn the paid images to free ones.

All you need is to discover one element in the premium image.

Keep in mind that the premium element is the one you pay for.

So, if you delete it, the image is now a free one.

To discover the paid element, click ‘download’, and you will see the premium element.

After knowing the paid element, you can eliminate it from the image; This means the template will be a free one.

The image element could be a simple image, template or unique design.

5. Check Undisclosed Images, Backgrounds, and Icons

By browsing the provided elements, you might not find the right ones to use.

But you can use various tools such as the search button to search what you are looking for; you will find many interesting elements.


Having a unique and beautiful visual is important in the world of digital marketing careers.

And with tools such as Canva, you can create many images you need for your projects.

Take advantage of the program and start creating great and colorful images for your social media marketing projects and other duties.

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