Passive Internet Income – 5 Success Stories

Passive Internet Income - 5 Success Stories

The dream for many is to earn money without having to do much work for it, and thanks to the internet, having a passive income that does just that has never been easier.

Passive internet income is a way that many make a living these days and if it’s in your career plans then you’ll want to know how to do it successfully.

What are some success stories of people earning passive internet income?

There are loads of ways to make money with minimal effort including earning book royalties, having paid advertisements on a blog, and getting involved with affiliate marketing. If you want a passive stream of income from the internet, it’s best to use a few tactics at once so you can generate enough money to live off.

There are some great stories out there of people who stumbled upon a way to earn passive internet income, whether by chance or with a carefully formulated plan.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash without having to put ongoing effort into it, check out these examples of passive income success stories for some inspiration, and see which ones you could put into action.

#1: Make Money On Your Blog

Writing A Blog

There are millions of blogs out there and what many of their owners don’t understand is that they’re sitting on a potential gold mine with them.

There are plenty of ways to monetize a blog so that it continues to earn you money long after you’ve uploaded a post, and in some cases even years after it was written.

Some people have come to find that previous blogs they used to own still get daily visitors, and this is potentially untapped earnings.

By utilizing the ad space you have and getting sponsors and other advertisers interested in your blog, you can make a lot of money without having to do anything more than writing as you usually would.

To make even more money from your blog, you need to write well and keep it up to date. Information should be relevant, engaging, and not spammy or full of junk.

This is the key to getting more views and recommendations steered towards your blog, which will of course net you a more passive income from ads.

#2: Collecting Royalties From An eBook

Collecting Royalties From An EBook

When you’re an expert on a particular topic, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to earn passive internet income with it, even if you think nobody would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

E-books and online courses are two of the biggest moneymakers when it comes to passive income and if you have something valuable to teach the world, it could be your ticket to financial freedom.

Recording an online course or writing an e-book doesn’t require a lot of know-how and there are no extra costs like publishing or printing if you do it alone.

You can share your content through affiliate marketing sites, upload it to a personal blog, or spread the word through your own professional and personal networks.

Any time your book is downloaded or someone purchases your course, you get the full amount.

Because it’s original content that you own, the money is yours, so even selling something for a few dollars can add up significantly over time if 100 people download it a month.

#3: Art And Photography Commissions

Man Taking Photo With Camera

For those who are artists or photographers, there are plenty of opportunities to make money with your skills and natural talents.

Passive internet income can be made by collecting a commission from your work so that once it’s been designed or photographed, you continue earning money from it for years to come.

To make money with your art and photographs, look around at websites that use artists submitted pieces for their products.

You might be able to upload to stock photo websites and print-on-demand services that pay for unique content.

If your image is used to make a calendar or mug, or inserted into a document, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale, and after time it can earn you thousands of dollars each year.

Many artists make a full time living with this type of passive income as it requires just a little bit of effort to create, and then you can earn money from it without doing any more.

The more you sell and the greater your portfolio, the larger cut of commission you’ll be able to demand and live off, so it’s worth continuing with if you have the skills.

#4: Selling Related Products Through Affiliate Marketing

Selling Related Products Through Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a business and want another way to earn passive income through it, affiliate marketing is your key to success.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that rewards you for bringing new customers to a business, usually in the form of a pay per click, visitor, or purchase.

To make passive income from this, think about your current business or industry and what type of products you could become an affiliate partner for.

The key is choosing something that will interest people who already visit your website, check your social media page, or use your goods and services so that your recommendation of the product is something you know they’ll be interested in.

To earn a good passive income from this type of marketing, you should only recommend products you know are high quality and good value for money, rather than just shilling any old thing on your website to make a buck.

Some of the biggest names in affiliate networks are Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Clickbank, and Shopify Affiliate Program.

If you prefer a more niche affiliate marketing partner, you can search for one in your specialized field, and you might be surprised just how many options are out there to make money from.

#5: Utilize Ad Networks

Google Ads Logo

Advertising on the internet is very similar to the local newspaper; there’s free space on different pages for people to place their ads and they’re sold at a price depending on how hot that real estate is.

An ad network is a company that finds all of the free ad space online, whether it’s on blogs or brand websites, and advertises to sell it to others.

If you have an existing site or blog that gets a good amount of traffic, you can sell the ad space you have to one of these networks.

When the company places an ad on your site and someone clicks on it, you’re paid a commission for the introduction and will get a percentage of the sale that’s made.

To ensure the right ads are placed on your website, these networks will usually target them to your existing audience.

This means you have to do very little in order to make money from them and there’s a good chance they’ll be appealing to your visitors anyway, so it’s the perfect stream of passive internet income.

Related Questions

Earning a passive internet income is something that can be achieved by anyone, even if you’re not particularly internet savvy.

If you’re looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra cash each month without devoting too much effort to doing so, check out these frequently asked questions about passive income and our expert answers.

How Is Passive Income Taxed?

Passive income is considered a viable form of income and it will be assessed as such when determining how much tax you have to pay on it.

Long term capital gains, or assets that you’ve had for over a year, are subject to three different rates depending on how much your annual income is.

You can expect to pay either 0%, 15%, or 20% on long term capital gains, which can include some forms of passive income.

How Do I Start A Blog?

Before you start a blog online, it’s best to have a content plan in place that specifies the subject matter, the content you’ll use for the first few months, and a plan going forward for when and how you’ll update it.

A good blog should offer value, be reliable and up to date, and engage readers to be successful. Once you’ve earned some followers, you can look at advertising or affiliate marketing to earn passive income.

How Many Words Is An E-book?

If you plan on writing an e-book to earn money from a passive internet income, you’ll need to write at least 10,000 words of quality content, as well as including other forms of media if required.

A standard nonfiction book is between 50,000 to 75,000 words, but an e-book can vary quite a bit, as long as the content is well written, engaging, and solid.

Final Words

There are multiple possibilities to make a living working from home on the Internet.

They key is to figure out what you would like to do based on your skills and experience.

Today, go on the Internet and search for hobbies and professions you would like to learn.

Once you find one you like, see if you can take an online course to get some knowledge about the subject.

The more you know about your job, the better chances you will get a job online.

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