5 Social Media Careers to Work at Home

5 social media careers to work from home

Businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations are searching for insightful, talented, and educated people who can work in the social media field.

A social media career involves addressing complaints, engaging with the audience, and promoting brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Careers in social media are growing quick.

And with an increase in paid and organic marketing on social media, more jobs are being created every day.

If you would like to work in the social media sector, here are top social media jobs to work from home.

5 Social Media Careers to Work at Home

1. Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist or Social Media Expert or Social Media worker is a person responsible for designing, developing, and implementing a company’s idea on social media.

By working closely with the sales and marketing team, your principal task is to enhance the company’s presence online.

You will suggest ideas and launching campaigns to generate awareness.

You can work remotely to develop and manage social media pages, measure the success of social media campaigns, stay up-to-date with the latest social media practices, use basic social media tools, and work with copywriters and designers to come up with quality content.

The main qualifications and requirements for a social media strategist job are one or two years of experience in a social media position, knowledge of social media practices, understanding of social media tools, a good knowledge of social media KPIs, multitasking skills, time-management skills, and a degree in marketing or relevant field.

2. Social Media Manager

Social media manager is among the top social media careers to consider.

A social media manager manages, implements, and monitors a social media strategy.

This helps to increase awareness, enhance marketing efforts, and boost sales.

Hence, your prime responsibility as a manager is to create and implement a social media marketing plan.

A good plan will identify target customers; have clear objectives and has an engagement strategy.

Other main duties of a social media manager are managing social media strategies, defining social media KPIs, managing a social media team, be up-to-date with social media tools, and work with designers, sales and marketing teams, and lead a product development team.

Also, you are to hire and train the team, attend conferences, measure the success of social media campaigns, and communicate with influencers through social media.

We also know a social media manager as a digital marketing manager, community manager, customer experience manager, or content marketing manager.

Since you are the voice of the company on social media, you need to be familiar with best practices.

Keep in mind that the company’s online reputation and future sales depend on you.

To apply for a social media manager job, you need to have worked as a social media specialist or you have experience as a social media manager.

Also, you need to be familiar with the latest social media tools, have excellent communication skills, and a good understanding of social media KPIs.

Some employers also prefer someone with a degree in marketing, have good interpersonal skills, superb leadership skills, be a team player, and a critical thinker.

3. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant with a client.

Among the most sought social media remote jobs is the social media consultant.

As a consultant, your work is to provide an expert’s opinion on social media matters.

Social media consultants are people with information about industry trends.

They understand the business well.

Moreover, they know how to use social media tools for quality services to their clients.

A social media consultant is someone who knows how to drive traffic to social media platforms.

Since he or she is an expert, he knows more than posting pictures, videos, and texts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you would like to start a career in social media consultancy, it is wise to know your tasks, responsibilities and qualifications.

The principal duties are analyzing data, offering unbiased opinions, preparing comprehensive social media strategy, educating management on various social media strategies, and testing best practices for the benefit of the company.

To seek a job as a social media consultant you must be knowledgeable on social media tools, experienced in matters of consultation, creative, and analytical.

In most cases, social media consultants are freelancers; Hence, you may be hired on a part-time or contract basis.

New clients or businesses promoting new brands are the primary employers.

4. Social Media Analyst

A social media analyst is the person who collects and analyzes social media data.

If you have some skills and experience in analysis, this a perfect work from home career to consider.

Working as a social media analyst means you will report to a supervisor or a social media manager.

Your duties include tracking the performance of several social media initiatives, changes, and developments.

They also refer a social media analyst as a brand analyst if duties go beyond social media platforms.

However, all the tasks involve data analysis.

A social media analyst job is to compare the current and the previous social media campaign and then give feedback to management.

They look into detail both on and off the platform to know what might work and what might not.

Qualifications and requirements for a social media analyst career are work experience, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or social media, analytical skills, and the ability to use social media tools and SEO practices.

5. Social Media Assistant

If it interests you in starting a career in social media, a social media assistant is another prominent position to consider.

It is a superb job to grow and gain experience.

A social media assistant works closely with the social media manager, analyst, and specialist.

Hence, you will be involved in decision making and strategy development.

If you have worked in the social media sector, you have an added advantage.

As an assistant, you need to work with the social media team and senior managers to develop and implement policies.

Other duties include conducting analysis and reports regularly, assisting senior management, and the lead generation process.

We may refer a social media assistant to as a social media intern or coordinator.

To work as an assistant, beginners must have excellent knowledge of all social media platforms.

Social media helpers must have analytical skills, excellent communication skills, time management skills, and sometimes a degree in social media or marketing.


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Before applying for any online job, get training via online classes through the Udemy.com online platform or similar websites.

You want to have some experience to compete with hundreds of people applying for social media jobs.

Also, practicing with personal social media accounts can help you gain experience.

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