Wealthy Affiliate Review – For Beginners 2020

If you want to learn affiliate marketing quickly, you need to read this Wealthy Affiliate review.

In its simplest form, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a web hosting service with far more features and services than regular ones.

Customer Support: Knowledgeable and fast response.

Features: Top of the line one click website builder.

Performance: Fast cached website speed and performance.

Pricing: Affordable monthly and annual plan.

The first step is to know what a web hosting service offers the customer.

What is Wealthy Affiliate all About?

Web hosting is a service that lets individuals and companies post a website on the internet.  A web hosting service provider or web host is an enterprise that provides resources needed for the website to be visible on the internet.

They store Web pages on computers known as servers. Most web hosting companies require their clients to possess their own domain to host with them.

These companies can help you purchase a domain just in case you do not have one. Some web hosting services that could come in handy for your business are: A shared web hosting service means that your web page is hosted on a server that is shared by several websites.

Shared hosting has the advantage of being cheaper, but the major disadvantage is that you operate at the mercy of other websites.

For business starters, the shared hosting set up saves them initial costs. A cloud-based web hosting service allows hundreds of servers to work together and appear like one functioning giant server.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Top Features Pinterest Pin

This is an advanced technology in web-hosting and has the advantage of accommodating large website traffic rather than shutting down the website.

Self-service Webhosting-In this kind of setup, you purchase servers, install the software and configure the software. You only need to ensure that your machine room has sufficient power supply and adequate cooling.

Managed word press hosting-In this kind of setup, your web hosting service provider ensures that your word press installation is updated. Updating WordPress mitigates security threats, hackers and scammers that could pose a threat to your website.

This arrangement is convenient for startup businesses and those that are established. Dedicated web server-This is a setup where you are renting a server from a web hosting company, and you have full control of it.

It is the most convenient for your business when your website traffic increases gradually.

Web hosting service features

Good web hosting service uses technicians to assist their clients in troubleshooting and rectifying their emails. This is helpful so that their businesses can operate without hurdles.

We know WA’s technical support team to be extensively knowledgeable about their web hosting service. I have requested several technical support tickets and their average response time for my requests have been between five to ten minutes.

On top of quick response, technical support gives suggestions on how to improve certain situations. One of WA’s advanced technology systems is their website builder.

It takes thirty seconds to build a WordPress website with their revolutionary one of a kind profit ready website builder.

First choose a domain of your choice, pick a free WordPress theme from thousands of templates and press a button to create your website.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Service Premium Account.
Wealthy Affiliate Additional Web Hosting Features
Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Service Features.

Once installed, your website will be super fast, search engine optimized, and secure with real time back-up data solutions. After creating a website, I always check the speed of my posts and pages to make sure nothing is holding it down.

I create a dummy image and text and paste it to my website. Once the post is published, I go to a website speed checker to see the results. I always get high speed results for all my websites.

The best part about WA’s pricing plan is that you can start for free and later sign up for the premium plan.

As a free member, you have limited access to many important services throughout the program. Many people go premium right away because they see the benefits, but that’s entirely up to you.

Membership Pricing Plan for Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is an enterprise that handles the reservation of domain names and also assigns internet protocol addresses to the domain names.

A domain name is a method of identifying and locating computers and other resources that are connected to a network. Two firms can’t have a similar domain name.

Most people cannot differentiate a registrar and a registry; Both relate to each other but are different. Registries and registrars have a manufacturer-dealer relationship.

Choose a Domain in Jaxxy.

This being the case registries maintain and manage domain names. Many people claim to own domain names, but that’s not the case.

The truth of the matter is that registrars allow the customer to reserve their domain names for a specified duration which does not exceed ten years, but the ownership lies with the registry.

Registrars enable customers to renew their reservations beyond ten years which most customers do not know that they lease and not own the domain names.

There are other resellers of domain name registrations apart from the registry who are legitimate but are at the time faced with a lack of customer support.

Find available keyword related domains.

The International Corporation for assigned names and numbers has a printed list of all endorsed and practising domain name registrars on their website.

After registering a domain name you can change your registrar not less than sixty days from the registration date. Many registrars offer other services for free apart from domain name registration.

Such services include free email forwarding and transfers of a domain name for free. The registrar has permission to discuss your domain name with the technical contact, the registrant and the administrative contract.

Wealthy Affiliate Domains Available for Purchase.

The excellent news is that WA is registered and certified to sell domains on their platform. This means you don’t have to go to GoDaddy.com or NameCheap.com to purchase a domain.

Additionally, premium members can use Jaxxy the keyword research tool to find a keyword targeted domain. For example, my niche is about pet dogs and I want to create a domain name called ‘elite dog’.

I enter the keyword into the keyword research tool and I get the following suggestions:

  • Elite Dog Club
  • Elite Dog Grooming
  • Elite Dog Training
  • Elite Dog Food
  • Elite Dog Kennel

Within Wealthy Affiliate’s online keyword tool we can search for these domains and see if they’re available.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Keyword Tool Jaxxy

They create keyword tools to assist online marketers and advertisers reach their target audience. The keyword tool is used to find specific keywords and add them into an article.

Also, these keywords help people find your articles and blog on search engines like Google. Use of a keyword tool helps increase the effectiveness of advertisements and lower the marketing costs.

You need to consider some of these aspects before engaging an online keyword tool. The language you choose and the location can determine your target customers. You cannot connect well with your audience if you do not understand their locality or their language.

Make sure your searches are precise so that your audience do not struggle to look for content from your website.

Having accurate keywords keeps your audience much engaged with your website. Keyword search on your website shows people’s needs, wants and aspirations.

Jaxxy Keyword Tool Software.

Keyword tools help marketers to discern new keywords associated with any subject by spontaneously generating suggestions. For your website to gain traffic from search engines, it should have content derived from the correct keywords.

For that matter, you need to use words that your audience is using while searching for products and services from the website. The online keyword tool will also help you get keywords from approximately a hundred and ninety-two Google domains.

At the same time, it uses around eighty-three Google language interfaces to derive keyword ideas. Keyword selection becomes more important when you are running a pay per click marketing campaign.

Wealthy Affiliate has their own unique keyword research tool named Jaxxy (See above screenshot). Yes, the keyword tool is included with the premium membership for members to use. Jaxxy keyword tool has more features but my favorite is the alphabet soup research tool.

If you need to find quality keywords for your niche, use the alphabet soup tool to find many ideas. With the alphabet tool you will get related keywords starting from the letter ‘a’ all the way to ‘z’.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate web hosting service that is dedicated to helping individuals who want to learn about affiliate marketing.

Many people go online to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing but end up being scammed by people offering empty promises. Anyone that says affiliate marketing will make you rich in a few months is full of crap.

As a matter of fact, it can take several months, or years before you can earn a good stream of income. The problem with most people is that they are not willing to work for a long time without getting paid.

Unless you have an existing website with a lot of traffic, or have money for paid advertisements, expect to work for a long time without making money. There are many components to affiliate marketing that people do not know.

Specially for beginners, many people do not have knowledge or education required to start an affiliate marketing business.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet, (Aristotle).

This is where WA separates itself from all the scammers and other web hosting services. WA provides affiliate marketing training with their paid membership. We can find Wealthy Affiliate training on their platform called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Live Events Training Calendar.

The above image shows live training events in Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) is an online training platform that teaches people step-by-step how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby a person known as an affiliate recommends a product online and earns a commission on any sales resulting from the affiliate’s recommendation.

Large companies like Apple and Amazon have affiliate programs and trace their sales through affiliate links from different websites. In affiliate marketing, they spread the responsibilities of product creation and marketing to other parties. 

The parties involved in affiliate marketing are; affiliate, consumer and product creators.

The roles of the three parties:

1.The affiliate

The affiliate who may be an individual or a company persuades customers to buy certain products from a seller.

If customers buy on his recommendation, the affiliate earns a commission from the sale. Most advertisers know their target customers whom they direct their product promotion.

2.The Seller

The seller, also known as a product creator, vendor, merchant or entrepreneur, is the owner of the product.

The vendor does not have to be present physically to market the product. The product under promotion could be a service or a physical good.

3.The Consumer

The consumer is the buyer of the product under promotion. The affiliate and the vendor share the profit from the sale of the product to the consumer.

Some advertisers disclose to customers they earn a commission from the deal while others do not. The retail price is higher when an affiliate is involved in the chain than when not in the chain.

Affiliates get paid in several ways:

Pay Per Sale

The affiliate only earns from a sale arising from the product promotion.

They base the commission on an agreed percentage.

Pay per Lead

The affiliate earns from the conversion of leads, and It may get a basis on customers persuaded to visit the seller’s site and complete a particular action.

Pay per click

They base affiliate earnings on increased website traffic from the affiliate to the seller’s website.

Another important aspect to consider when planning affiliate marketing is the domain name registrar. There are two paths to choose, you can start an online business based on a hobby or passion or promote WA as an affiliate.

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

To make money on WA you must build a website or transfer your existing one to the platform. If your website is receiving traffic, you can promote WA by placing an affiliate link on your site.

However, if you don’t have incoming traffic or you created a new website, you can use paid advertisements to receive traffic. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are directed to the WA platform to sign up.

If the person who clicked on your link signs up for a paid subscription, you make money.

You also get paid recurring commissions if the person who signs up continues to pay every month or year. All you’re doing is referring people to WA via your affiliate link to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy-Affiliate-Training Review Affiliate Bootcamp.

The WA Affiliate Bootcamp training has seven courses and seventy lessons in total. Bootcamp will show you how to promote WA through a series of affiliate marketing techniques.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification program has five courses with fifty lessons. Entrepreneur teaches people how to start an online business by choosing a niche of their choice.

Most noteworthy, is that each course is self-paced with written and video instructions. If for any reason you have a question, post it in the comments section of the lesson to get feedback from the community.

The WA platform also has live chat 24/7; Anytime you’re stuck you can ask a question in live chat. But wait there’s more; There are live weekly seminars conducted by our favorite instructor Jay from Magistudios.

You can sign up for these special live events and see how Jay builds an online business. Don’t worry if you missed the live event, Jay records each one and they are ready for replay in the live events section.

If Jay is happy, he might show you a NinJay tip; These are professional marketing tips hard to find. There are also classrooms that are built by WA members which teach about affiliate marketing. Overall, you will receive training that will help you build your website and kick-start your online business.

Final Verdict of our Wealthy Affiliate Review

As a premium member in Wealthy Affiliate for over five years, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be part of a vast network of entrepreneurs.

My three favorite components of WA are the community, affiliate marketing training courses and the Jaxxy keyword research tool. There’s no other web hosting service that I know, that gives this much value to their customers.

Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA built the platform with an affiliate marketing community in mind. The WA community is a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping members succeed with their business.

If you would like to create a blog on your own without the training and support of an affiliate marketing community, read the following article: How to Start a Blog and Make Money.

Your chance of success will not depend if you join a community or get thousands of hours of training, it depends on how quickly you take action.

People who fail in life are those who saw the opportunity but never took action. Are you going to let some random person use your ideas, talents or secrets to make extra money online?

Time is money, the longer you take to start an online business, the longer it takes to beat the person who just started a website.

You know you have the skills to build a successful business, all it takes is to click the button below to make extra money. Join Wealthy Affiliate now.

Special BONUS

Join the starter, it’s $0.

This is where you can take a sneak peak and decide to stay or not. Oh yeah, did I mention it was free?

Upon joining, I will get in touch with you within the first hour.

However, make me a promise that if you do join…you will show me your website for progress updates.

As your guide, I am determined to see you succeed.

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (with my 59% discount).

When your account is complete, I will contact you on your profile with a short welcome message, how to get help from me, and more about claiming your bonus.

I’ve been with WA since 2014 and I have valuable information to share with you.

But my goals are to see you climb in the ranks of WA and build an online business with passive income for years to come.

Best Wishes,

Tony Monzon from LimberLink.com

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