Benefits of Drinking Water at the Office (Radiant Skin)

Benefits of Drinking Water at the Office

The benefits of drinking water at the office go beyond being thirsty.

Do you know your body is 60 percent water?

Hence, it is significant to drink enough water for your body to remain healthy.

But most people do not know the benefits of drinking water, especially to their skin.

Benefits of Drinking Water at the Office

Benefits of Drinking Water at the Office

Health experts recommend people to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

However, everyone’s body is different and may require more or less water per day.

This will ensure you look younger, have a healthy, soft, and good-looking skin.

To help you understand the benefits of drinking water for the skin, below are important tips to note.

What are the effects of not drinking enough water?

1. Bad things Happen to your Skin

If you are not drinking enough water, there are strange things that can happen to your skin.

However, this depends on your exercise level, body chemistry, weather, and if you are pregnant or sick.

Nevertheless, this is what happens to your skin if you do not drink enough water

Dehydration – Being dehydrated means your skin cannot properly moisturize.

It also leads to a dry, drained looking skin.

You stop sweating – Sweating is essential, especially during exercises.

It helps to get rid of toxins and enhances the texture and the tone of the skin.

If you do not sweat, it means your body does not have enough fluid to cool the skin or take blood to your muscles.

Therefore, if you notice you are not sweating when working out, take a water break immediately.

Wrinkly Skin – Failure to drink enough water can lead to more wrinkles on your skin.

Studies show that dehydrated people have more wrinkles.

Keep in mind that water helps the skin adjust itself internally leading to softer even skin.

Dark Circles Under your Eyes – The other obvious effect of not drinking enough water is having dark cycles under your eyes.

Since the zone under your eyes is vulnerable, having dry skin will make those circles visible to everyone.

Dry Lips – If you have chapped lips, it means you are dehydrated.

Having cracked or dry lips is an effect of not drinking enough water.

To maintain soft, smooth and good-looking lips, make sure you stay hydrated.

2. Drinking other Beverages

Drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, and alcohol cannot be compared to drinking of water.

This is because most of these drinks are dehydrating drinks.

For instance, if you drink a lot of alcohol, your skin becomes dehydrated.

Also, drinking alcohol causes dry mouth, fatigue, hangovers, and causes you to lose a lot of water.

To ensure you avoid all these effects of drinking dehydrating drinks, ensure your drink enough water.

3. After a Workout

Drinking Water after a Workout

The other effect of not drinking enough water is being dehydrated after a hard workout or exercise.

This can lead to a greyish face, migraines, skin breakouts, headaches, dry skin, increased blood pressure, and tiredness.

Happily, drinking enough water can help you overcome these effects on your body and skin.

Remember, extreme dehydration, especially after exercising can be fatal.

4. Drinking Sports and Herbal Drinks

Failure to drink more water leads to drinking more sports and herbal drinks.

But note that these drinks cannot replace water because they contain high levels of sugar.

Hence, they can have major effects on your skin and your body.

Although, sports and herbal drinks are designed to help people improve their performance, do not over consume them or replace them with water.

Keep in mind that water creates the majority of your body weight.

Hence, once you lose it through sweating or urine, you need to drink more.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Water for the Skin?

Drinking enough water every day is essential for your health.

Water helps in digestion, absorption, and circulation.

It is also very beneficial to your skin; Hence, to maintain soft and healthy-looking skin; you need to drink adequate water.

Main benefits of drinking water for the skin include:

*Soft and Smooth Skin – If you drink enough water, your skin becomes well moisturized.

This means it will remain soft and smooth for a long period.

*Erase Wrinkles – The other benefit of drinking water is getting rid of wrinkles on your skin.

Since water helps skin activate itself, you will notice fewer wrinkles.

*Softer Lips – One of the main reasons why people experience dry lips is due to dehydration.

Therefore, if you want to have soft and smooth lips, drink plenty of water.

*Flexible Skin – Whether you are an athlete or not, you need flexible skin.

Having elastic skin means avoiding muscle contractions and muscle cramps caused by dehydration.

Happily, you can achieve this by drinking enough water.

What do you Need to Start Drinking Water in the Office?

Drinking Water for the Skin

If you are not drinking enough water, all is not lost.

There are various steps you can take to start the rejuvenation process.

Happily, the process is simple and everyone can start.

Start the Rejuvenation Process.

1. Start a Water Journal

The first step is to create a water journal.

Having a water journal will help you monitor your drinking habits.

With this journal, you will be able to see the number of liters you drink every day.

2. Replace Sugary Drinks with Water

Sugary drinks are sweet and common for many people.

However, if you would like to have smooth, younger-looking skin, you need to replace sugar drinks with water.

Water is life for your skin; Therefore, you cannot go wrong by drinking enough water.

Keep in mind that there are many benefits of drinking water for the skin than when you drink sugary liquids.

3. Drink the Recommended Amount

According to health experts, everyone should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Therefore, if you would like to avoid bizarre things happening to your skin, drink the recommended amount of water every day.

You will be assured to sweat more, have fewer wrinkles, have soft lips, and healthy soft skin.

4. Drink more Water after Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol makes people dehydrated.

Also, it is a drink that makes you lose more water than you take.

When you are dehydrated, you become thirsty, have a dry mouth, experience hangovers, and your skin becomes dry.

Therefore, if you would like to avoid the effects of drinking alcohol, you need to consume water between drinks.

You are also advised to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

5. Drink Water after Excercise

Running or working out is beneficial.

It helps to keep the body and skin healthy.

However, it might be useless if you are not drinking adequate water.

It is possible to experience dry skin, tiredness, and fatigue if you do not drink enough water after running or exercising.

There are also numerous effects on the skin due to dehydrated caused by working out or running.

Hence, to avoid all effects ensure you drink enough water every day.

How to Track your Progress?

Drinking Water During and After a Workout

After days or weeks, you will start to notice various changes on your skin.

Once the skin receives sufficient amounts of water, hydration will start to show.

Your skin will turn soft, smooth, and younger.

Besides, you are preventing wrinkles, dry lips, and breakouts.

However, it is always a good idea to track your progress.

This will ensure you uphold a routine and enjoy more benefits of drinking enough water.

Below are a few tips on how to track your progress.

*Read your Water Journal Daily – To ensure you are on the right track, examine your water journal often.

It will also make you disciplined, organized and motivated.

Most people go off track by failing to inspect their journals regularly.

*Examine your Skin – The only way you can see if you are moving on the right track is by examining your skin.

The way your skin looks can tell whether you are hydrated or dehydrated.

Remember, we have different types of skin.

Some people have dry skins while others have soft skins.

Therefore, you need to know your skin type and check it often to determine whether you are drinking enough water.

*Check your Energy Level – It is also essential to check your energy levels.

Keep in mind that there might be changes on your skin due to your energy levels.

If you are a sports person, you need to drink a lot of water to ensure you are not dehydrated.

Also, failure to drink a lot of water will lead to tiredness and fatigue.

And all these symptoms will have major effects on your skin.

*Check your Body Weight – The other thing that will help you track your progress is knowing your body weight.

Studies show that dehydration can lead to weight gain.

This is because when you do not drink enough water, your metabolism becomes sluggish.

You are also advised to drink a glass of water half an hour before your meals to help you eat less food.


Drinking water in the office has many benefits that will keep you productive all day.

Your body loses large quantities of water every day.

Therefore, you need to drink a lot of water every day to keep your skin and other organs healthy and active.

You will also prevent wrinkles and dryness on the skin, boost metabolism, treat illnesses such as kidney stones, and prevent headaches and migraines.

If you are a sports person or drink alcohol often, make drinking water a habit.

This will prevent hangovers, and your skin will always look younger, soft and smooth.

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