Get Paid To Do These 14 Things

The old saying goes, ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life’, and thanks to the internet this has never been truer.

If you’re looking for a way to make some pocket change but don’t want to get tied down with a boring old job, there are plenty of other ways to make that happen.

What fun things can you get paid to do online?

There are all kinds of opportunities for making money with fun activities like reviewing products, making podcasts, taking photos, and even playing video games. While you might not make enough to earn a full time living, you can earn some extra spending money and have a good time while you’re doing it.

If you need extra cash or something to fill some of your spare time, we’ve got the biggest list of things you can get paid to do that are anything but boring.

Check out the potential ways to earn some money online and see if it’s possible to make cash doing your favorite everyday things.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the paid jobs from home, we got you covered:

Paid Jobs

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The Everyday Stuff You Can Get Paid To Do

Writing Product Review On Laptop

As more and more services make their way online, the opportunities for making a living on the internet also grows.

These are just some of the fun things you can get paid to do so you can earn yourself some spending money doing what you love.

#1: Get Paid To Write Reviews


If you’ve got a lot of opinions and like to share them with the world, why not get paid to do so?

Companies in all industries and from all parts of the world put a lot of value into real people giving their input on how they’re doing, so much so that they’re willing to pay you to provide it.

Places like Swagbucks and Review Stream lets you write reviews on just about any product, so if you have a particular interest in something then it could be a fun way to make money.

Brands want to know from customers just like you how they can improve their products and if you’re able to write well and deliver on what the brief asks, you can earn a couple of hundred dollars a week submitting reviews on various products and services.

#2: Get Paid To Text

Holding Money And Smartphone

For those who always have their phone attached to their hand, it might please you to know that you can get paid to send those beloved text messages.

There are many ways to make money texting, including responding to questions on a field you’re experienced in, sending out written ads via text, answering survey questions that various companies send out about their products, and even adult chat services.

To get into texting for money, it requires some trial and error, as some of the deals are too good to be true. Don’t expect to earn a bucketload of cash from doing this, but you can make around $100 a week if you know where to look.

#3: Get Paid To Watch Videos


We spend a lot of our time laying on the couch watching Netflix, so why not get paid for it, right?

Companies and brands that want to get their products, services, and films out there are eager for consumers to spread the word, and they rely on everyday people to do it for them.

Netflix and other streaming services are always looking for viewers to watch and tag their latest releases and occasionally put out a casting call to do so.

If you love to watch videos and share stuff with your social media network, this could be a job for you.

Depending on how many hours you commit to a week and the type of content you’re watching and reviewing, you can make as little as $20 a week or a few hundred once you gain experience.

#4: Get Paid To Make A Podcast

Two People Talking In Podcast

Natural born talkers have probably already considered making their own podcast before, but did you know there’s the potential to make money from it?

If you have a successful podcast that gathers some interest, you can make money by using advertisements on it.

The advertisers will pay on a varied rate, depending on how big your audience is, and there’s a fine line between cramming too many ads into a show and just enough.

You’ll need a solid script and concept for a podcast to compete with the thousands of others out there, but it’s a legitimate way to make money discussing your favorite topic.

#5: Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend


Gone are the days of the handwritten pen pal, as the internet has ushered in a new way to connect with people.

Better still, you can get paid for talking to people on the internet, thanks to companies like Hire a Friend.

To get paid for being a virtual friend, you need to sign up for an account at one of these sites, enter some information about yourself to help you stand out, and then wait for people to contact you and strike up a conversation.

You can talk in a chat room, on the phone, via text, and even video chat, and the more you do, the more money you can potentially earn.

#6: Get Paid To Read Books

Reading A Book

If reading is your jam, you’d gladly do it all day for free, if given the chance. Luckily, there are now ways you can enjoy your favorite pastime of reading and actually get paid to do so, thanks to the world of book reviews.

Various companies hire people to read and review new releases from up and coming authors and provide feedback on their quality, usually in the format of a written review.

Media companies hire readers in all languages, with Spanish and English being the most popular, but you must be proficient in the language you choose.

These jobs are paid as a freelance basis or sometimes with vouchers or coupons, like $5 per book, so if you like reading to pass the time anyway it’s easy money.

#7: Get Paid To Play Video Games


Who would have ever thought you could get paid to do your all-time favorite thing, playing video games?

These days, this is a legitimate way to earn money while having fun, and if you plan on spending your youth playing games anyway, why not make some cash from it?

To make money playing video games, there are more avenues for income than you think.

You could set up a streaming channel, test and review up and coming games, start a YouTube channel about your gaming experiences, and compete in online gaming tournaments.

All are very real ways to earn money with your favorite pastime but some pay more than others.

#8: Get Paid To Write A Blog

Writing A Blog

Blogs are a dime a dozen these days but if you consider yourself a special kind of writer with a great passion for something that interests people, there’s real potential to earn an income.

The key to standing out is to find your niche, have a blog that’s appealing and easy to read, and write about something that hasn’t already been covered, so it can be harder than you think.

Blog writers make their money through advertising, so whenever someone jumps onto your page to read your thoughts, they see the sponsored ads you have which leads them to the advertiser.

Once you get popular enough, you might recommend certain products and services and get paid to do so, so there are more ways to earn an income stream.

The more popular blog owners earn enough to live off with their writing, so if that’s your goal this is a great place to start.

#9: Get Paid To Take Online Surveys


You’ve likely seen advertisements for companies that want people to complete surveys in order to make money and probably skimmed over them as some kind of scam.

However, there are genuine surveys out there that can earn you some pocket change and they don’t take much of your time at all.

Companies value the feedback of current and potential customers and they pay money to hear it, which is where you come in.

To make money taking surveys, it’s better to head to the well-known survey providers that have been proven to be legit, otherwise, you could waste a lot of time for no payout.

Swagbucks, LifePoints, Branded Surveys, and Toluna are just a few to keep an eye out for. In addition to making cash, you can also earn vouchers and coupons with a range of brands, so it’s one of the easiest ways to get paid without having to do much at all.

#10: Get Paid To Rate Google

Google On Tablet

If you regularly spend your time asking Google questions or looking things up to get more information, you might be able to earn some money doing so.

Search engines like Google continually evaluate their performance by using real people to assess how the search engine is running and establish whether the results that are being shown match the query.

Internet and search engine assessors have the potential to earn enough to live on, so it’ sone of the most lucrative online things that will make you money. 

To get into this line of work, you’ll usually have to undergo a trial period to show that you’re switched on and efficient, and then become employed on a freelance basis billing the hours you work, helping them fine-tune their search engine.

#11: Get Paid To Run A Bingo Game


Bingo is one of those real-world activities that seem to have picked up even more players in the online world, and if you’re interested in the numbers game you can make some money with it.

Online bingo games see millions of players each day and within these games, there’s the need for chat and game moderators to oversee them.

A bingo moderator might earn a small amount of money watching over a game, or sometimes credit at the online bingo store, but they’re usually an overseas website that allows for this type of online gaming.

All you have to do as a bingo moderator is make sure the game is running correctly and all the participants are interacting in a fun and safe way, and they’ll pay you a small fee in return.

#12: Get Paid To Take Photos

Girl Using Photo Camera

Have you ever wondered how stock photo websites get access to the millions of images they have in their database?

Although some are put there by professional photographers, they also rely heavily on everyday people to submit their photos for use.

If you have a quality camera and understand what makes a good picture, you can get paid for submitting these to stock photo sites.

Your payment for these photos is usually calculated on a commission basis, so each time the photo is downloaded you might earn a certain percent of the sales.

The money is tallied up and able to be withdrawn when it reaches a certain limit, say $50, so there’s the potential to earn a lot.

This is a fun, easy way to earn pocket change, get your work seen, and improve your photo taking and editing skills, so it’s great for budding photographers.

#13: Get Paid To Test Products


If you want to earn some money and get to keep free products along the way, you might consider becoming a product tester.

Companies hire people from all over the world to test out their new products and provide feedback with written reviews, and in exchange, they’ll pay you and let you keep whatever it is you’re testing.

You’ll look at goods and services including food and drinks to tech gadgets, and everything in between.

These jobs don’t pay a lot but they are fun to do, and because you get to keep whatever you’re reviewing, it’s a nice little bonus.

The more you review, the higher value the items are that you’ll be asked to assess, so once you make a name for yourself with this job it can end up being quite a lot of compensation.

Check out Toluna, Pinecone, and UserTesting for the most legitimate ways to earn as a product reviewer.

#14: Get Paid To Post On Social Media

Smartphone In Hand

This one might require more groundwork than the others, as you’ll need to have a good basis as an ‘influencer’ to get companies interested, but once you do it’s one of the simplest ways to make good money online.

If you’re a well-known YouTuber or Instagrammer, brands and companies will pay you to advertise their products to your audience, and when you’re popular enough you can earn thousands per post.

Brands might ask you to advertise things like skincare products, clothing, or weight loss supplements, but it all depends on what your online brand is and whether the advertisement would be a good fit.

If you have plans on making money as an influencer, you’ll first need to establish what your own brand is before you can start making money for social media posts.

Related Questions

There are endless opportunities available for earning money online these days, and some of them are fun to do.

Although you won’t normally make enough to live off completely you can get yourself some spending money, so they’re worthwhile checking out.

If you’re thinking about getting paid to do your favorite everyday activities, we’ve answered some FAQs that can help you get started.

How Do You Get Paid To Review Amazon Products?

Any time you purchase a product on Amazon, you likely read the reviews first. Sometimes, the people writing these reviews are being paid for their opinion, and if you shop there regularly, you can too.

Amazon Early Reviewers is just one scheme offered by Amazon that pays up to a $3 gift card per review, whether it’s good or bad, but you must be able to prove that you purchased the product to qualify.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Earn Money On Instagram?

There’s no exact figure available that equates to eligibility for sponsorship or paid advertising on Instagram, but at a minimum, you would be expected to have 10,000 genuine followers.

A brand will only want someone advertising their goods and services to a large audience, otherwise, it’s not in their interest to pay for it, so you should have a large crowd of followers first, and a profile that matches the demographic they are trying to target.


All these are legitimate stay home careers that anyone can start right away.

Some jobs require users to have some background knowledge and training before applying.

For example, if you’re going to play video games to make money, you need to know the latest gaming platforms.

If you only want to sample a job, try it out, it might become your most profitable career ever.

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