10 Home Office Jobs (A Cyber Guide for 2020)

Are you a college student, stay-at-home mom, or just someone looking for home office jobs?

You are at the right place; Nowadays working from home is the new norm. Because of various issues affecting businesses and individuals around the world, many people are searching for online jobs to work from home.

The wonderful news is that many firms are searching for people who can work remotely. With or with minimal experience, you can apply for work from home office jobs from the best companies.

From typing jobs to writing to data entry jobs, there is so much that the internet has to offer. Big firms such as Amazon, Costco, and Walmart are hiring people to work from their home offices.

To help you get started, we have compiled the best information you need about work at remote jobs for beginners.

Home Office Jobs

This article gives details about working remotely, how to apply for work from home jobs, and the best home office jobs online to apply.

We have also provided the best sites to search for home working occupations.

How to get started on home working jobs

Working from home does not differ from an actual job at the office. You can have meetings, have a team, and communicate effectively with your clients online.

Nevertheless, working from your house has several benefits. You can work during the day or at night; You can work on your couch in your pajamas.

As long as you can deliver quality and well-timed results, the clients do not mind how or when you work. Besides, many freelance occupations come with benefits.

Thanks to programs such as Zoom, YouTube, Slack, and Skype, you can work for anyone from the comfort of your house. And because of flexibility that comes with stay home careers, you can work and focus on yourself.

It is an outstanding job that allows people to take care of their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

A Beginner’s Guide for Work from Home Jobs

Home office jobs with many careers.

Once you search for working from home jobs, you notice that the jobs are not scarce anymore. Today, many small and big organizations will hire people to work remotely for various reasons.

Some are using part-time workers while others are hiring full-time employees to work at home. This means you can get a part-time job or a full-time job while working at the home office with your kids. Additionally, you can work for several clients.

However, getting started with work at home office jobs is not a walk in the park. You need to be well prepared for the jobs. Also, you need to learn how to differentiate between legitimate jobs and scams.

Since working remotely is the recent development in many countries, fraudsters are working around the clock to con innocent individuals. Hence, you need to be cautious when searching for jobs on the internet.

Whether or not the job looks legit, you must be very careful. To get on the go, you need a pleasant office. Having a decent office with useful office supplies is very essential. But since you are a beginner, you might not be able to invest a lot in your home office.

However, there are several basic things you need to gain to get started. For instance, you need a computer to execute most stay home occupations. Here are the basic things you need to jumpstart your home office job.

The Basics for Work at Home Jobs

The Basics For Work At Home Jobs

To have a good working home office, here are some vital things you need to buy. You do not want to have a repetitive stress injury by having an uncomfortable office chair.

Hence, make sure you have the following supplies before you search for online home jobs for beginners.

1. A Spacious Desk

A pleasant home office starts with a decent desk; You can go for a traditional desk, a table or a counter.

Having a good desk will help you create a suitable workstation for your home jobs. Whether you want to work part-time or searching for full-time jobs, make sure you have a decent office.

2. A Comfortable Chair

The other essential equipment for your home office is a chair. But you do not need just a chair; you need a comfortable office chair.

A decent chair will support your back properly; this means you will work comfortably for long. Additionally, it comes with less fatigue, better posture, and easier breathing.

But make sure you select a wonderful chair for your work. It might be an excellent idea to test the chair before making a purchase.

3. A PC or Laptop

If you do not have a PC or a laptop of any kind, you need to invest in one. Purchase one based on the freelance jobs you are planning to do.

Keep in mind that some online home office jobs require a simple PC while others need a powerful one. Therefore, do a bit of research before you get one. If you intend to have a mobile office or you might move around to meet your clients, buying a laptop might be a good idea.

4. High-Speed Internet

From nursing home office jobs to typing home office occupations, you need reliable internet to execute your tasks. Thus, for you to work efficiently online, make sure you have high-speed internet for your stay at home careers.

5. VoIP Technology or Telephone

Other essential components of remote home office jobs are traditional phones and VoIP technology. This will ensure you communicate with your clients often.

Also, to get in touch with your clients via various programs such as Zoom or Skype, you may need to have a webcam and headphones.

6. A Printer or a Copier

Depending on your work from home job, they might force you to have a printer, copier, and a scanner. Hence, consider going for a multi-purpose machine.

7. Office Supplies

The other office supplies to include in your budget are ballpoint pens, sticky notes, paper clips, a network router, a surge protector, extra software, UPS, and file cabinet among others.

With the above tools and equipment, you will execute your tasks from your home office properly.

How to Search for Online Office Jobs

How To Search For Online Office Jobs

Now you have a magnificent home office. The next step is learning how to search for decent remote jobs. Well, there are plenty of jobs you can consider.

Because of limitations prompted by Covid-19, small and large companies are establishing partially or a remote workforce. This means many employers will hire people to work from the comfort of their home offices.

Getting legit work from the home contract is not as easy as it seems. Recall, many online scams are pretending to offer legit jobs. Hence, you need to research properly and ensure you do not fall into the hands of these cons.

Here are some tips that will ensure they do not deceive you when applying for online jobs.

Tips for Avoiding Online Job Scams

  • If the freelance profession sounds too good and comes with a lot of benefits, it’s most likely a scam.
  • If the job does not need skills or experience but comes with many paybacks.
  • Always read the job requirements carefully.
  • Research the hiring company before applying.
  • If you cannot get details about the company, do not apply for the job.
  • Avoid ‘get rich quickly advertisements’
  • Employers do not charge people to work for them; Hence, never send money as startup kits.

How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Despite the big hype about freelance careers and home offices, legitimate remote home jobs are difficult to get. Keep in mind many people are applying for these jobs.

Also, searching for a job is part of working at home job. Hence, you need to learn how to find online jobs to ensure you land on the best clients and the best-paying jobs.

And since most remote jobs are part-time, you will need to constantly search for potential clients. The requirements for home office jobs online are like those for working in a normal office.

Essentially, you need skills, experience, and qualifications to apply for any job. To get underway, make sure you dedicate several hours every day or week to search for these jobs.

This means you need to consider job searching as a part-time job. If you are searching for full-time work at home jobs, then you need to spend full-time hours searching for jobs.

5 Ways to Find Part-Time Jobs Working from Home

5 Ways To Find Part-Time Jobs Working From Home
Social media network

1. Networking

Just like searching for a regular office job, the first thing you need to do as a beginner is to network. Start by contacting your relatives, friends, schoolmates, and other job seekers.

Let them know your skills, experience, and that you are searching for a job to work from your home office. Get in touch with those people who can help generate information about freelance jobs or job leads.

You can contact them directly or indirectly; If you contact them directly, ask for job leads.

If you contact them indirectly, seek advice concerning working from home occupations or whether it is an excellent idea for you to search for online work from home careers.

Make sure you have contacted everyone who may help you land a remote home job.

2. Bid for Jobs

The next step is bidding for jobs. Contact companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups to let them know you are searching for part-time or full-time work from home occupations.

But first, you need to research the companies before bidding. Learning about your potential employers will give you an upper hand while applying positions.

Make sure you follow them on social media or visit their website and blog to find out how you can help them. With the correct information, you will write a good proposal and promote yourself and your services.

3. Create a Website

One of the best ways to attract good clients is by having a blog or a website. This will show the potential clients you are a legit worker.

Even though it may look difficult for beginners, having a professional-looking website is the best strategy to get good clients for work from home employment.

During your free time, you can create a blog that explains yourself and your services.

The blog will speak about your skills and experience from previous jobs. Luckily, it is easy, and affordable to create a blog. It may take you a few minutes or hours to have a professional-looking website.

4. Visit Websites Offering Work from Home Careers

The simplest way to land legitimate home office occupations is by visiting sites that post remote jobs. Happily, there are many sites where clients post legit jobs every day.

Some known job sites for work from home jobs include:

Indeed.com – this is one of the most famous sites to search for stay at home jobs.

From writing jobs to virtual assistant jobs, you can find any online job at Indeed.com.

Freelancer.com – you will find writing jobs, remote-jobs, part-time jobs, freelance jobs, and many more at freelancer.com.

Monster.com – among the popular sites to find stay homework is monster.com.

Here, you can upload your resume and learn more about organizations offering remote jobs.

Flexjobs.com – this is a known site that lists thousands of working from home careers every day.

It is also user friendly and offers tips on part-time jobs to beginners.

Upwork.com – just like freelancer.com, upwork.com is another website that lists remote-jobs, writing jobs, freelance jobs, and many others.

Being a popular site, they list thousands of jobs every day.

USAjobs.gov – if you would like to work for the USA government, you need to visit USAjobs.gov for home office work and many others.

Zirtual.com – for people searching for virtual assistant jobs and other distant jobs, this is another common site to consider.

Mediabistro.com – it is an impressive site known to provide freelance occupations for media professionals.

Guru.com – the site provides freelance jobs, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, office jobs, and many more.

Careerbuilder.com – for home office medical transcription jobs, careerbuilder.com is a significant site to visit.

Thus, if you are searching for nursing home office contracts, careerbuilder.com might be a suitable site to consider.

Simplyhired.com – there are significant openings for someone searching for work at start home jobs on simplyhired.com.

Freelanced.com – this is a site that posts many office jobs from home.

Glassdoor.com – with glassdoor users will find jobs based on popular searches.

In Glassdoor you will find jobs from major cities in the U.S. and also their salaries.

From data entry working home jobs to transcribing jobs, you can apply for various professions to work from the comfort of your house.

These are just a few of the sites to search for remote positions. Visit these sites, sign up, and start bidding for work from home jobs.

5. Join Social Media

If you are searching for office jobs from home, you need to be active on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and other famous social media sites are some of the best platforms to search for stay home work.

Although you might not get a job right away, social media is a superb place to build relationships or connections with many potential clients.

Luckily, small and big companies are on social media. Therefore, it is easy to find job openings on Facebook than on other sites.

After joining these sites, make sure you remain active. You can be active by joining various conversations that concern your professions.

Top Home Office Work for Beginners

Whether you start bidding for stay home careers right away or apply to online contracts, your chief aim is to land the best home office professions.

Apart from landing the best job, your aim should be to get a home office career. Luckily, many benefits come with a stay at home employment. You can make more money while working remotely.

Since you have come across countless strategies to make money while working from your house, some jobs might not support you for a long time.

Hence, you need to learn more skills, gain experience, and try to engage yourself with other professions.

Here are the top freelance professions for beginners at home.

1. Walmart Home Office Jobs


Walmart is one of the biggest stores that use millions of people around the world. It offers various openings that include remote-jobs, part-time jobs, and full-time opportunities.

If you have some skills or work experience, you need to search for work office jobs at Walmart. It is an exceptional place to search for remote jobs and especially for someone with minimal skills.

You can visit walmart.com for information about salaried positions and hourly position assistance. Also, you can find the best profession to apply for working at home.

Apart from visiting the site, you can sign up on sites that offer work from home jobs to search for Walmart positions. Some of the best sites are indeed.com or Monster jobs.

Why Choose Walmart’s Work from Home Jobs?

Since it is an enormous company, it is an excellent place to begin your search for part-time or full-time work from stay at home work.

Some reasons why most people prefer Walmart home office jobs are:

  • It is a delightful place for someone with little experience and skills.
  • If you aim to enhance knowledge in various areas, this is the best place to search for remote jobs.
  • Since there are many job openings at Walmart, anyone can apply for these positions.
  • With Walmart’s jobs, you can improve your skills and experience.
  • This is because there are various types of jobs at the store.

How to Prepare for Walmart Work from Home Jobs

Just like any other home office job, you need to prepare for Walmart’s work from home jobs.

Although some positions might not require someone to submit a resume, it is wise to have the CV and a cover letter ready. Based on the home office job you are searching for, you might also need work samples.

Work samples will increase your chances of landing a job. Keep in mind that they list many Walmart positions on various sites such as indeed.com, flexjobs.com, and Monster.com.

Therefore, track the Walmart positions you have applied. You do not want to send duplicates or waste your time and efforts. After applying for Walmart jobs, you need to be ready for a remote interview.

Hence, ensure you are ready to be interviewed online via Skype, Zoom, or email. Also, have your credentials set and be ready to answer common interview questions.

In most cases, there are basic questions of a normal interview.

2. Teaching/Tutoring Online Jobs


The other option is exploring online teaching jobs. The splendid news is that there are many tutoring and teaching jobs to consider.

Because of Covid-19, many schools and learning institutions have been closed. Hence, students and parents are searching for teachers and tutors. Most of these teaching online jobs need someone with skills and experience in teaching.

It might be difficult to get a teaching job without skills or experience. Therefore, be very watchful of any online teaching occupation that does not need certification or experience. It might be a scam.

Some common requirements for an online teaching job to consider:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • TESOL, CELTA, ESL certification
  • Flexible hours
  • Have a laptop, webcam, and headset

There are also teaching jobs for tutoring younger kids or high school students. In most cases, you will tutor international students.

Hence, you have an added advantage if you are familiar with one or more foreign languages. For most tutoring jobs, they might supply you with a curriculum, resources for your lessons, and training.

3. Cracker Barrel Home Office Jobs


This is another great store that offers a wide range of job opportunities. So, if you are searching for legitimate work, Cracker barrel home office jobs are some of the best to consider.

With some basic skills in any field, you need to search for stay at home jobs at Cracker Barrel. We consider it as one of the best places for beginners.

You can visit crackerbarrel.com in the career section to look for remote jobs or visit the popular job sites for new openings. Here, you will learn more about the stores and how to apply for jobs.

Happily, Cracker Barrel offers grand opportunities for people looking for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or remote location jobs.

There are many work opportunities for all.

Why Consider Cracker Barrel Remote Jobs?

Although there are many stay home jobs, Cracker Barrel’s remote jobs are unique. There is a flexible schedule for stay at home moms, students or people searching for part-time jobs.

This is a company that recognizes all employees as a family. Thus when working for Cracker Barrel, you grow and develop important skills. Cracker Barrel is a magnificent place to gain experience.

Since they have flexible hours, it is a pleasant place for students and stay at home individuals.

Apart from gaining experience, you can improve your knowledge and skills by working in various fields. Since it is an enormous company, there are numerous openings in logistics, purchasing, IT, operations, and many other departments.

How to Prepare for Cracker Barrel Remote Jobs

Even though there are several remote jobs at Cracker Barrel for beginners, it is essential to prepare before applying for any opening.

Keep in mind that many people are applying for Cracker Barrel part-time jobs. Hence, make sure you have prepared your CV and application letter properly.

Also, visit the site and research the basic requirements for the jobs you are looking for. Apart from visiting the site, Indeed.com and glassdoor.com are other sites that list Cracker Barrel remote jobs.

Once you prepare, start searching for work from home jobs at Cracker Barrel. Happily, many jobs have minimum requirements.

4. Nursing Home Office Jobs

Call center agent

Although most nursing jobs take place in hospitals or clinics, there is numerous stay at home work available for nurses. Many people prefer nurses to work with patients in person.

However, many occupations are done remotely without visiting the hospital. Thus, if you have some skills or experience in nursing, you should consider these jobs.

These are jobs that allow you to practice nursing duties on your computer. Thanks to technology, nursing is a new broad field. There are contract positions, full-time positions, part-time jobs, and remote positions.

Home Office Nursing Occupations

Health care recruiter – if you are an experienced nurse, you can apply for a health care recruiter position. You will identify professionals and guide the hiring team and other duties related to hiring employees in a hospital.

Nurse case manager – these are jobs that include patient advocate, care coordinator and worker compensation specialist. If you have experience in care management, you can apply for a nurse case manager job. It is an outstanding job that allows home working.

Call center agent – if you are a nurse and you are searching for a telecommuting position, call center agent might be a splendid choice. Here, you will perform medical advice, telephone triage, and other simple duties. Many insurance companies and medical companies are searching for call center agents.

Online Instructor – can you teach online? And do you have some medical skills? If yes, then you can apply as an online instructor. You can teach medical lessons online.  We find most of these home working nursing jobs in colleges, universities, and private companies.

Health IT – another amazing telecommuting job for nurses is health IT. This is a job where they ask to develop a healthcare data system to make the nursing job easier. Therefore, you need nursing experience and records management skills.

Nurse auditor – nurse auditor working at home is a job for auditing financial statements for clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Where to Search for Stay Home Nursing Jobs

Today, there are many stay home nursing jobs for people skilled in nursing.

If you are searching for the stay at home nursing careers, you need to stay safe while searching for a job.

To avoid scams, some of the best sites to look for telecommuting nursing positions are indeed.com, careerbuilder.com, monster.com, flexjobs.com, and freelanced.com.

5. Costco Home Office Jobs


If you are a beginner, you may need to consider home working positions at Costco. This is another impressive company that uses many people in different jobs.

From part-time jobs to telecommuting positions, Costco is a marvellous place to seek employment. Happily, each store has various job openings. So, if you have some basics skills in IT, data management, or any other field, you can consider Costco home office positions.

Even though it is an enormous store, getting hired is simple and very standard. Start by visiting Costco.com and at the bottom of the page, click the jobs link. Then search for the best position to apply.

If they select you for an online interview, make sure you are well prepared. Keep in mind there is high competition for Costco remote jobs. Therefore, it is important to be well-prepared when applying for Costco home office jobs.

Make sure you stand out as a professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. You can also search for Costco home working jobs at indeed.com, ziprecruiter.com, Glassdoor.com, and Monster.com.

6. Abercrombie and Fitch Home Office Jobs


Abercrombie & Fitch is a great retailer that deals with casual wear for younger people. Being a giant store, it offers a variety of job opportunities in the form of part-time, freelance, temporary, and remote jobs.

The store offer products such as clothing, shoes, accessories, and many more for children, women, and men. Hence, it is always searching for creative people to hire. So, if you are searching for remote positions in different departments, this might be a friendly place to start.

You can find an opening in the IT department, HR, stores, purchasing, and many others. Visit the site today and start searching for freelance positions based on your skills and experience. Be prepared to increase chances of being hired with Abercrombie and Fitch home office jobs.

Apart from visiting the site for remote job openings, you can visit other job listing websites such as simplyhired.com, indeed.com, and glassdoor.com.

At these sites, you will find video editor positions, translator jobs, administrative jobs, copywriter jobs, and many others.

7. Amazon Home Office Jobs


Another amazing source of work from home careers is Amazon. Being the biggest online store in the world, you can expect plenty positions both full-time and part-time.

Most of the areas where amazon searches for remote workers are sales and marketing, account management, advertisement, and many others.

So, if you have special skills and experience in the corporate world, there are great online jobs for you at Amazon. Working at Amazon from the comfort of your house comes with many benefits.

Some perks include paid-time-off, retirement planning, health insurance coverage, and many others. To search for Amazon remote vacancies, visit Amazon’s career page.

However, you need to be well-prepared. Keep in mind many people are applying for these jobs.

Other sites that post amazon stay at home occupations include indeed.com, upwork.com, monster.com, flexjobs.com, and glassdoor.com among others.

8. Writing Home Office Professions


One of the common ways to earn while working from your home is getting involved in writing jobs. There are simple occupations that need someone who has a passion for writing.

So, whether you want to be a writer, blogger, or author, you need to be passionate about writing before you search for writing remote jobs. Writing is a wide field with several openings.

There is blog writing, ghostwriting, article writing, press release, technical writing, case studies, social media writing, magazine writing, and editing jobs among others.

With these jobs, you need to search for clients to make money. It is a broad field with various people seeking for clients. Hence, you need to be proactive and use credible sources when searching for writing jobs to work remotely.

Since many clients are searching for writers, it is possible to fall into the hands of scammers.

Some of the best sites to search for writing jobs include freelancer.com, upwork.com, indeed.com, guru.com, problogger.com, and monster.com among others.

To be a successful writer, make sure you write regularly. You can also create your blog to publish your work as you seek clients.

9. Typing Home Office Jobs


If you are good at typing, then you can consider online typing jobs. Although data entry jobs are some occupations that require a fast typist, there are many careers under typing jobs.

Happily, most typing jobs yield a better income and you can advance your skills and experience. So, if you are searching for simple internet job contracts, typing careers are among the best.

All you need is a laptop, reliable internet, and be able to type quickly. If you feel that you are not a fast typist, there are several online typing tests you can take. Also, make sure you type often to increase your speed.

Some legit stay-home typing jobs you can try are freelance writing, editor, data entry, translation, proofreader, virtual assistant jobs, and transcription.

The best places to search for typing careers are glassdoor.com, upwork.com, monster.com, and freelancer.com.

10. Android or iPhone Developer Home Office Jobs

Android Or IPhone Developer Home Office Jobs

If you have a background in software engineering or computer science, then you can apply for android or iPhone developer working from home occupations.

Because of the improvement in technology, many clients are looking for people with IT skills. Some tasks to handle include designing mobile apps, troubleshooting, and coming up with fresh ideas.

If you have skills and want to advance your expertise, then android or iPhone developer stay home work is great. It is a job for someone who has a passion for mobile apps.

With a good computer, reliable internet connection, the right design program, you can start searching for android or iPhone developer jobs.

Happily, this is a job you can do from any part of the world. Some of the best places to search for these jobs are flexjobs.com, indeed.com, glassdoor.com, and monster.com.


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Is working from the comfort of your home becoming more realistic for you?

Then the above information is for you. Keep in mind that there is no difference between working from a home office and working from an actual office in the city. But you can work in your pajamas while at home.

Being a flexible job, make sure you engage yourself with activities that promote your well-being and reduce stress. Also, time management is vital while working from your home office.

Therefore, make sure you set your working hours. The only way your clients can tell you are working is by completing the tasks on time. Although some problems may happen, always communicate in advance and ensure you deliver quality work on time.

You do not want to lose a client or clients due to late delivery. Therefore, make sure you have set working hours. Just like a normal job, establish when to work and when to end your day. Keep in mind you might work for over one client.

Hence, you need to plan your day properly to accommodate all your projects. However, working from your house office does not mean you cannot have free time. It is also important to have family time and do other things concerning your private life.

Do not stress your mind and body by getting involved in immense tasks to make money. Make sure you eat well and exercise to remain fit even when working remotely. If you can manage your time properly, you will have time to finish your projects and have time for your family.

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