Essential Office Break Room Ideas to Consider

Office Break Room Ideas for Employees

The employee break room can become a jungle, that’s why we suggest these office break room ideas.

Today, companies and organizations are looking for the best ideas for break room time.

This is to make the area valuable and to ensure it remains useful to all.

With a solid break room plan, it is possible to have a pleasant experience.

Essential Office Break Room Ideas to Consider

Office Break Room Ideas to Recharge your Batteries

This prevents employees from talking and behaving negatively.

Thus, it is essential for management to come up with a list or break room policy to avoid potential disasters.

This will ensure everyone uses the break room correctly, and it remains beneficial to everyone at the organization.

In addition, it will help members socialize, rest, and hang out.

To help you get the best out of your company’s break room time, here are some amazing employee break room ideas to consider.

According to The Office Kitchen Etiquette (11/02/19) Basic etiquette guidelines need to be in place to have good professional relationships.

Things to avoid at the break room:

1. Do not talk about business assignments

Whether you have a quorum, time or a great opportunity, do not chat about business projects at the employee break room.

It is not a good idea to move from your workstation to the break room and continue with your corporate conversation.

The room should be like a playroom.

This means we should discuss corporate concepts outside the break room.

But employees can enjoy soft drinks, coffee, tea, and other snacks at the employee break room.

2. Do not talk negative about other employees

Another vital point that falls under essential employee break room ideas is to avoid talking negatively about other staff.

Keep in mind that the room’s intention is to relax and bring together all employees.

Therefore, if you talk negatively about other staff, you will create a division in the company.

And with positive talk, senior employees or juniors will mingle with each other at the employee break room.

Thus, to ensure every member is pleased when using the room, avoid conversations that discuss other members.

You can talk about a new movie series, soccer, rugby, boxing or any other cheering topics.

3. Do not hang around for too long

Man running with a laptop finishing his office break

Not hanging around for too long is another tip that falls under essential office break room ideas.

Even though the room should be open and welcoming to all, members should not sit around for a long time.

Thus, it is wise for the management to put a time frame for how long the employees should be in the break room.

Keep in mind that the room is for re-energizing and for breaks.

Hanging around the break room for too long can prevent other employees from entering the break room.

Also, a break room that’s too full can prevent others from sitting down and enjoying their time.

Therefore, employees should be encouraged not to hang around for too long.

4. Do not make a mess

The employee break room is an amazing area that allows workers to move around, hang out, and get to know each other.

It is also a chamber where staff can have a quiet time, read newspapers or magazines before attending a long session or conference.

However, if it is not well-kept, the break room may look like a trash room.

Employees may leave used tissues, unclean cups, and plates, or leave the room in a disorganized manner.

Therefore, people using the room should understand its uses and benefits to avoid making a mess.

Being a public room, everyone should respect each other by leaving it clean and orderly.

Things to do in the employee break room:

1. Read a novel, newspaper or magazine

A woman reading a book at the office

Reading something fun or entertaining is perfect for break time.

However, it might be impossible to do it at your workstation.

Therefore, the best place to do it is at the employee break room.

If you have a book you want to read or you would like to read today’s newspaper, visit the area for a few minutes.

After resting your mind for 15 to 30 minutes, you will feel energized ready to tackle office tasks.

2. Invite others for coffee or snacks

Chatting is another great thing to do in the break room.

Happily, you can do this by inviting your friend for snacks or coffee.

Inviting an employee for coffee is among the best office break room ideas.

The area has enough space for you to meet and talk about anything.

Whether you are stressed, joyful or unhappy because of something unrelated to the organization, you can invite a friend for coffee and share your matter.

3. Keep the break room clean

The other essential thing to do in the employee break room is keeping it clean.

Remember, it is a room everyone in the company uses.

Therefore, you can help keep the room clean by leaving it tidy, throwing waste at the litter bin, and arranging the seats after using it.

Since no one wants to use an unclean or untidy room, it would be great if everyone can help keep the break room clean and orderly.

4. Get to know other employees

Meeting people at the office

According to various studies, most employees do not know where most of their colleagues live, studied or hang out.

Whether it is a small or large organization, most staff members do not know each other’s private life.

Fortunately, a break room is an amazing place to hang out and get to know each other.

Therefore, if you would like to have a talk with a colleague, know employees working in a different department or hang out with your manager, the break room is the best place.

You can invite them for a coffee or find them at the break room and start the conversation.

5. Celebrate employee’s promotion or awards

Another way to use the break room is to celebrate someone’s promotion, awards and achievements.

If there is an employee rejoicing for their promotion, this is the best area to do it.

It is a place where you can share drinks, snacks, and rejoice together.

It is also a good place to celebrate birthdays, company anniversary or awards.

Being a social area, different departments can hang out, make merry, have fun and get to learn from each other.


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By creating a fun and relaxing environment in the break room, it helps employees feel better about their workplace.

Also, by implementing these office break room ideas, it creates a policy and guidelines people can follow.

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