How to Stay Awake at Work the Healthy Way

How to Stay Awake at Work the Healthy Way

Your head starts bobbing up and down like a Yo-Yo and realize that you can’t stay awake at work.

Should you punch your lights out to stay awake or have a co-worker slap you in the face?

I wouldn’t recommend either of those, that’s why I created a list of tips to keep you awake at the office.

The best thing about these tips is that they are natural remedies to keep you awake.

Tips on How to Stay Awake at Work the Healthy Way

1. Coffee or Caffeine Drinks

Coffee or Caffeine Drinks

When you can’t stay awake at work, it means you are not productive.

One of the best ways to stay awake is by taking coffee or caffeine drinks.

Coffee is a psychoactive stimulant that makes you attentive and able to focus throughout the day.

Your body contains a chemical known as adenosine.

It sends signals when your cells are tired; It is hard for body receptors to differentiate between caffeine and adenosine.

When you take caffeine, it suppresses the adenosine, thus keeping your body active for more hours.

When the receptor doesn’t get enough adenosine, you cannot go to sleep; You can take caffeine in many forms.

If you feel sleepy at work, you can take a cup of coffee, caffeine energy drinks or other caffeine drinks.

2. Walk or Exercise

According to WebMD. (2020, April 13). How to Stay Awake Naturally. Something simple as walking for ten minutes is better than eating a sugary chocolate bar.

Walking or exercise makes your body active; It helps to increase blood flow.

When the blood flows to the brain, you no longer feel sleepy.

Exercise works a miracle for keeping one awake; The best way is to have an intense workout before you get to the job.

In other cases, you might nod in the meeting; To ensure that you keep awake, excuse yourself and have a slight walk to the bathroom.

Ensure that you stretch legs and arm muscles; Look for a creative way to raise your adrenaline. It is the best natural brain stimulant.

3. Drink Plenty of Water if you Can’t Stay Awake at Work

A woman Drinking a Glass of Water

When you want to keep healthy, consider drinking plenty of water.

Being hydrated plays along when you can’t stay awake at work.

Not drinking enough water causes fatigue; When the cells are tired, the adenosine will raise, thus making you sleep.

If you nod, take a glass of cold water; Cold water will make your body hydrated, and also the chill will raise the adrenaline, thus stimulating the brain.

Always ensure that you have a water bottle with you at the workplace or a nearby water machine.

4. Eat Fruits

You can’t stay awake at work, consider taking fruits.

Periods of sleep comes because the body is being exhausted.

To stay awake, you need to energize your body and cells using simple sugars and vitamins; Fruits comprise vitamin C and sugar.

The sugar helps to boost your energy levels but not the glucose levels; Try foods that have a high concentration of vitamin C.

Such fruits include pineapples and oranges; these fruits work a miracle in converting fat into energy.

With increased energy levels, it lowers your chances of sleeping.

5. Get Enough Sleep

A man sleeping in Bed

When you don’t get enough sleep, you will have challenges in staying awake at the workplace.

Our body works like a machine; It needs time to rest; If that’s not the case, the productivity will be low.

You need not only to sleep; you need quality and enough sleep.

When the body doesn’t have enough rest, it will request for rest.

If you never have a night of quality sleep, there is little you can do to stay awake during the day.

Your cells need to rest so they can re-energize; If you can’t stay awake at work, you can excuse yourself and have a 20 minutes’ nap.

6. Listen to Music to if you Can’t Stay Awake at Work

Music is another ideal thing when you can’t stay awake at work. Although not all music can keep you awake, others make you sleepy.

Loud and energetic sound acts as auditory stimulation to the brain. Look for music with high bass and loud as it will help stimulate your brain.

In the workplace, you are not around to play loud music. You can opt to use quality earbuds to avoid bothering your colleagues.

Some recommended music when you want to stay awake are rock, hip-hop, disco, and techno.

Avoid soft and ambient music, they will make you sleep.

7. Play a Computer Game

Play a Spades Game

Research in Health Line. (2020, April 13). How to Stay Up All Night. Suggests playing a video game on a computer or tablet to stay awake.

A study conducted on students who play video games and those who didn’t reveal that game addicts sleep two hours less than their counterparts.

That shows you how computer games can save you when you can’t stay awake.

The games draw your attention and thus increasing your brain activity.

You are working hard to ensure that you win or beat the challenge.

When you want to stay awake, consider playing a favorite video game.

Ensure that the game is engaging and draws your attention; Choose a game that gives you a challenge but is interesting.

If you can’t access a computer in the workplace, consider mobile phone games.

8. Talk to Someone

There comes a time when you are commanding your brain to stay awake, but the eyelid does otherwise.

When you are in such a position, consider talking to a coworker.

Remember, not all coworkers will help you stay awake.

Look for someone who enjoys listening and has funny jokes.

Engaging conversation and jokes help to energize the brain, create alertness and increase physical energy.

When engaging in a conversation, you become alert so you can contribute.

Choose an interesting topic to discuss such as politics, games, career and any other interesting topic.

9. Draw or Doodle

Draw or Doodle to Stay Awake at Work

It might look odd to think drawing or doodles can help you stay awake.

Doodling is an excellent technique when you want to stay awake.

Drawing will draw attention and increase brain activity.

When you are drawing, you think more so your brain has to think of the image to draw.

Whether it’s abstract drawings or doodle, they all need attention and concentration.

If you can’t stay awake, consider drawing anything on a sheet of paper. Draw your colleague with devil horns and a mustache.

10. Volunteer for Physical Office Duty

Physical exercise will help you if you can’t stay awake at work.

Exercise helps to energize your body by stimulating the muscles.

To stay awake, volunteer for physical office duty.

For example, help a co-worker reorganize their office by moving furniture.

Help move a table, pick up office chairs or slide heavy objects.

Physical duty ensures that you stretch your muscles and there is no way you can fall asleep doing such duty.

There are many duties that you can volunteer depending on the workplace.

Any activity that you choose ensures that it’s engaging and intense.

The duty should involve a lot of movement and use of energy to keep the eyelids open.

Such an exercise will increase your alertness and energizing your cells.


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I’ve tried these tips in different situations, and they work like magic.

Everybody is different, some activities work better than others, while a little might not work at all.

I say experiment and try things you never done before; The key thing is to stay busy.

Next time you say “I can’t stay awake at work” read this article and it will help you get through the day.

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