11 Essential Things you Need in the Office

11 Essential Things you Need in the Office

There are many options when running an office or home office; Here are some important things you need in the office.

Depending on the size or the amount of employees in the office, you may not need every single one.

1. Commercial or Residential Property

Commercial or Residential Property

Among the important things you need in the office is the location of your office. Would you want your office to be in a residential or commercial building?

Residential refers to a place meant for living while commercial is a building used for conducting business activities.

However, there are benefits and drawbacks of having an office in a commercial or residential property.

When your office is in a residential property, you might be paying cheaper rent and the office is bigger and quieter. But your office might be far from essential services found in the city.

This means you have to spend time and more money when seeking those services. Also, your clients need to travel some miles to visit your office.

But generally, it all depends on the nature of your business, budget and the size of your office.

If your clients do not need to visit the office often, having it in a residential property is the best option.

But if you need to visit essential offices such as city council or government headquarters that normally found in a town or city and your clients need to visit your office often, then your office should be located near them.

2. Office Furniture

After picking your office location, the next important things you need in the office are pieces of furniture.

Picking the wrong office furniture could be upsetting because you may be spending more than 6 hours on the office desk every day.

Therefore, choose wisely. To ensure you pick the best office furniture, here are some things to put into consideration:

Budget – Furnishing a small or big office is not easy; So, before you purchase office furniture, you need to consider your budget.

For example, how many office desks do you need?

With this in mind, you will be able to pick the best for your office. However, do not go for the cheapest pieces and compromise on quality.

Office Size – Avoid purchasing bulky office furniture that can consume large office space.

Thus, before the purchase, know your office size, and then plan how you can maximize it.

Always, pick furniture that will generate a spacious situation for your staff.

Comfort – Since you and your employees will be on the desk for hours, you cannot ignore comfort.

Therefore, choose furniture that will make the work space comfortable.

Needs – You also need to consider your business needs; For instance, do you need a large storage space for office stationaries?

Do you want privacy or it is an open office? Make sure you answer these questions before purchasing office furniture.

3. Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Office supplies are among the most important things you need in the office.

These are equipment and consumables usually used in an office.

Whether you are engaged in bookkeeping, data, communication, cleaning, content creation or accounting, you need several office supplies.

Nevertheless, the number of office supplies you need will depend on the size of your office and the nature of your work.

Some supplies you might need are pens and pencils, markers, books and notebooks, highlighters, paper clips, printing papers, erasers, writing pads, files and folders, envelopes, desk calendars, toner cartridges, paper glue, staples, and CD-ROM among others.

You also need some and big machines that include printers, desktops and laptops, laminators, staplers, foot massagers, power fixtures, paper shredder, safe box, file cabinet, office telephones, and many others.

Although, it might not be easy to have all office supplies at once, carry out a study to ensure you have everything you need.

4. Switchboard Telephone and Office Telephones

You cannot list the essential things you need in the office and ignore the office phone system.

Switchboard telephone and office telephones are very important.

With effective phone systems, you will be able to communicate with clients, partners, and employees.

Whether you might be using online communication or not, having a phone system is essential in any office.

With office telephones, you will be able to interact effectively with everyone. Besides, office telephones are easy to use, affordable, and very effective.

5. Network or Server Room for Internet

Network or Server Room for Internet

Even though a server room for the internet might not seem important to some people, it falls under the essential things you need in the office.

If you have more than one person using the internet, you need an established network.

With a server, you will have a centralized data storage, network security, virus management, and increased reliability.

Various computers can run the server OS; However, it is crucial to have one that is optimized to manage network duties.

Keep in mind the machine needs to control and manage data 24/7.

Therefore, install one that will handle your office matters successfully.

6. Office Computers

Among the significant things you need in the office are the computers; You need reliable computers to run your business properly.

Yet, purchasing computers is not a simple decision; This is because there are various things you need to put into consideration.

Some things to look into include:

Specs – What computer specifications are you looking for?

For instance, which type of CPU, hard disk size, RAM, and the size of the screen?

By understanding the specs you need, you will be able to have the best for your business.

Operating System – The next factor to look into is the operating system; Would you want your office to have Windows computers or Mac computers?

Desktops or Laptops – When planning to purchase office computers, you need to decide whether to have desktops or laptops for you and your employees.

If your employees are always on the move, having laptops for them is the best option.

However, desktops are cheaper, easier to repair and but fixed to one position.

Other factors to consider when purchasing office computers include a warranty, processor, brand, peripherals devices, size, and usability.

7. Communication Software for Business

Software for Business

Communication software for business is among the essential things you need in the office.

Since you need to communicate with your managers, team leaders, and employees regularly, having reliable communication software is significant.

Happily, business communication programs have become several and affordable.

No matter the size of your business, it is possible to have effective communication software.

Some common types of communication software for business are messaging apps, live chat systems, and VoIP.

However, every program has its advantages and disadvantages; Therefore, ensure you pick one that suits your business needs.

8. Office Software like Microsoft Office

Small organizations just need simple office software such as spreadsheets and Word to execute their normal functions.

However, middle and large companies may need extra office software such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks among others.

Also, several programs are made for just for particular functions.

Actually, office programs are among the essential things you need in the office.

Therefore, if you need extra software to run your office effectively, ensure you pick the best for your needs.

9. Office Intranet

Office Intranet

Office intranet is a secure network that will ensure your company shares data and information effectively within the organization.

There are many benefits to having an office intranet; However, this will depend on the number of employees and the nature of your business.

Generally, the office intranet is among the key things you need in the office because it is like a special server.

It is all things in one platform; From password management to vendor payment and meeting documentation, the intranet handles everything.

Also, it is a system that will help improve productivity.

Since it will provide everyone in the office with office information and tools needed, you can be confident that everyone will work without obstacles.

Besides, it will enhance communication within the organization, enhance creativity, and streamline various processes.

10. Conference room for clients, employees, and training meetings

Today, almost all modern offices have conference rooms.

This is because many business people choose to meet in calm and private places; And there is no better place than a conference room.

A conference room is a very essential place.

It is the room where you can have private meetings with your clients, employees, and partners.

According to Inc.com, Google trains their staff via a series of emails called a “Whisper course”.

It is also a place where you can conduct training, interviews, and video calls.

Happily, these rooms are secret keepers; You can have confidential meetings without being concerned about other people are listening.

Thus, instead of conducting your presentations in hotels, having a conference room in your business is a priority.

Also, conference rooms create a good impression; Besides, they are spacious and help people focus.

11. Office training software for employees

Office training software for employees

The other essential things you need in the office are training software for your employees.

These are programs that will help them learn several activities of the office.

From writing documents properly to creating spreadsheets, the programs will play a big role.

Fortunately, there are office training programs that are custom-built; Hence, you can search for software that fits your business.

Office training software for employees helps to increase morale among employees, boost productivity, increase creativity and innovation, help employees adapt to the new technologies, and reduce employee turnover.


Some of the most important things you need in the office are communication items like telephones, internet and software.

In order to train your staff you will need office supplies, training software and a training area.

Depending on the type of office job and duties, your team may require more specialized office equipment.

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