How To Work At Home With No Experience

How To Work At Home With No Experience

This guide will show you how to work at home with no experience with fun jobs.

If you’ve always dreamed of casting off the shackles of the average nine to five work week or setting up a permanent office at home where you can be more comfortable and productive, you’re not alone.

Working from home has become the new American dream as it offers freedom, flexibility, and efficiency, but how do you achieve it if you have no experience?

Are there work at home jobs for people who have no experience?

Yes, it is possible to secure a role working from home even if you have no prior experience. Entry level positions like virtual assistant, data entry, customer service assistant, online tutor, and transcriptionist are all available for people with no or minimal experience and they let you work from the comfort of your own home.

According to census data, around 5% of Americans worked from home in 2017, but as the world changed recently thanks to Covid-91, it seems more people than ever are looking to become permanent telecommuters.

If you don’t already have a role that’s been adapted to an office at home, there’s no need to worry, as more and more employers have begun looking for their staff to work remotely.

The key to securing a successful work from home role is to start small, so even if you have no experience you can work your way up to something more coveted.

We’ve got an in-depth list of the best work at home no experience jobs that you can jump into easily, so see if any suit your career path.

The Best Jobs For Working At Home With No Experience

Woman Working On Couch

Working from home is just like taking any other career path, so you have to be expected to make your way up from the bottom when you begin.

If you have no experience but are ready for the freedom and flexibility that this type of job offers, check out the best roles for inexperienced people who want to make their home their office.

#1: Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant might sound like something out of The Jetsons but it’s a reality for many businesses these days.

As companies look to cut costs and overhead, it makes sense for people to hire a virtual assistant to work remotely on everyday tasks like writing letters, updating spreadsheets, and performing data entry.

The good news is, most companies require very little in the way of experience, and if you’ve already had a job similar to this in the real world then you’ll be a shoo-in.

Virtual assistants aren’t just in hot demand in the US as well, so you might even have luck becoming one for a company in another country, as long as you can work their hours.

#2: Customer Service Assistant

Have you ever been on a website and chatted with a customer service person through a text chatbox?

Unsurprisingly, there are real people on the other end of these discussions and if you’re looking for a job you can do from home with little to no experience, it’s one of the best.

Many companies are making the switch to an online presence as they understand the importance of having online help for customers, and with that, these roles continue to grow.

You’ll have to learn the ins and outs of the business and have a standard script to follow, but the rest of it is about having a pleasant manner and basic customer service skills, so it’s simple to master.

#3: Data Entry Assistant

Data Entry Assistant

If you’re someone who prefers minimal customer interaction, you might do well as a data entry assistant.

Companies are figuring out they can save costs by having their data entry performed remotely so if you’re quick with a keyboard and can learn things on the go, this would be ideal for you.

A data entry assistant works in all industries, so the specifics of the role can differ. However, once hired, you have to be prepared for monotony throughout the work day as you enter a lot of text and data without much human interaction.

#4: Online Sales Representative

Some people are natural-born sellers and love nothing more than the thrill of closing a sale. If you have basic sales experience or just a way with words, you’d be ideal for an online sales representative role.

This can include both phone and online sales, or online only if you’d prefer not to talk to anyone, and there are thousands of companies looking for help.

You’ll be required to meet targets to show that you’re right for the job, just like any sales job, but being able to work from home can do wonders for your productivity.

Bonus points will be given if you’ve had any sales experience in the real world, otherwise many companies offer basic training on how to sell their products, so it is something you can learn on the go.

#5: Online Tutor

Gone are the days when a tutor would have to visit your house to help you with your algebra homework, as most of it is done online now.

The good news for you, the work at home job seeker, is that any hidden talents or special skills you have can be applied here in a way to make a decent living for yourself.

If you have a special skill somewhere or an interest in teaching, becoming an online tutor is a smart step to take.

Tutors are required in all kinds of areas like Maths, English, languages, and more, and companies that hire these educators will have training in place to make sure it’s all delivered correctly.

#6: Transcriptionist

Woman Working From Home

Typing skills can be an entry into many great work at home jobs, even if you have no other experience.

A transcriptionist is hired to listen to audio and then type out what they hear, and if you’re particularly fast on a keyboard then you’ll do amazing at this role.

A transcriptionist can work in all types of industries including legal and medical fields, and if you’re able to show a fast typing speed, reliability, and a keen sense of organization, that’s all you need for the role.

#7: Search Engine Evaluation

Google and other search engines don’t just become efficient on their own; they require the help of humans to evaluate how they’re going to improve and update.

Companies are always looking for search engine evaluators to take part in programs or positions that help them do just that, and they often require zero experience.

A search engine evaluator might look at the results that were provided for a specific keyword to see if it fits, and then rate them accordingly.

If you like looking at data or want to get a foot in the door working online, it’s one of the easiest ways.

#8: Content Writer

If you’ve always considered yourself a wordsmith but have no formal education in writing, that could be a good start for becoming a content writer.

Content writers are employed by all kinds of businesses and hired to write things like blog posts, news articles, social media content, and more.

To get a position writing content online, you have to be prepared to work your way up from the lower-paid trial articles to something more financially rewarding, as your skills improve.

With a good portfolio of writing under your belt, you’ll be able to apply for more permanent positions or keep yourself as a strictly freelance writer.

Related Questions

Working at Home

Working from home is a dream for many, but knowing how to execute it so that it earns you enough money to live on can be a challenge.

For those thinking about making the switch to telecommuting, there’s a lot to learn, so we’ve got the answers to FAQs that beginners have to help make the transition easier.

What Equipment Do I Need To Work At Home?

Although it depends entirely on the role you have, the minimum requirements for working from home are a laptop or computer, fast and reliable internet connection, and an ergonomic work station set up complete with desk and chair.

Some roles may require a printer, scanner, dual monitors, or other equipment, so you have to be prepared to meet the requirements.

What Skills Do You Need To Work From Home?

Each job will have specific criteria for what their employees need, but to be successful working from home you need self-discipline, good attention to detail, and strong organizational skills.

As you’ll be required to plan your day and ensure that you’re always working at your hardest without supervision, the responsibility for your performance will be yours alone.

Final Thoughts

There are many home work jobs that can done with little or no experience.

I always recommend getting some training before applying for an online job.

The more you’re prepared, the easier it is to show you know what you’re doing and get hired for the job.

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