10 Work at Home Projects to Advance your Skills

Advancement in technology have given birth to many work at home projects.

Actually, working from home has become the new normal.

Thousands of professionals are choosing to work remotely instead of working in an office.

Working from home does not differ from any career.

You need to work hard, commit yourself, and become creative.

Happily, there are many projects you can execute from home.

For instance, you can work as a designer, accountant, ghostwriter, or engineer.

Work at Home Projects have Many Benefits

You save time and money, choose projects and clients to work for, and you can balance your personal and family life.

And with these home projects, you use your skills, experience, and knowledge to do what you love to do. 

Here are 10 work at home projects you might be passionate about:

1. App Development

Today, websites and apps have become very popular.

Small and big companies are looking for experts to develop apps for their businesses.

And since we are in the age of apps, this is one skilled work from home projects.

Happily, there is an app for almost everything, and companies need your skills and knowledge.

As an app developer, your prime responsibility is to create, test, and program apps for mobile devices and computers.

Also, you need to have specific skills that include creativity, analytical skills, communication, and problem-solving skills, technical skills, and customer service.

Luckily, there are many projects you can undertake.

You can be a mobile app developer, android developer, or IOS developer.

*Mobile app developer-A mobile app developer is a person who develops apps for small equipment such as smartphones and other mobile devices.

Here, you need to have experience in multi-media applications and be familiar with computer programming languages.

*Android developer–This is a developer who develops applications for mobile devices that use the Android operating system.

Happily, many people use Android tablets and smartphones.

Here, you can develop games, electronic books, media players, and many other applications.

*iOS developer–You can become an iOS developer to develop apps to run on Apple devices.

Your project will involve creating, testing, and debugging the app.

2. Web Development

10 Work At Home Projects To Advance Your Skills

Just like the app development project, this is another great home project.

The good news is that people are searching for experts to design, develop, and program websites.

On every beautiful website, there is a developer, a programmer, and a designer.

There are many opportunities for web developers.

From small companies to large organizations, web developers are in high demand.

Today, almost every business has or needs a website; Hence, web development is a skill in high demand.

If you have the needed skills, there are endless projects you can handle.

All you need is a computer, internet connection, and required skills.

Some of your duties as a web developer include:

  • Designing website layout
  • Create unique graphics for the site
  • Convert graphics, written content, and other content to compatible formats
  • Ensure the site works as expected
  • Keep the site appealing to the expected audience

With this project, you can work remotely for small and large organizations.

From IT companies to web service companies to private companies, a big percentage is looking for your services.

*Web developer – As a web developer, your work is to create and maintain a website.

You need to create one that is user friendly and users have no difficulty navigating.

*Web designer–The principal task of a web designer is to design webpages.

Your project may involve designing an already created site or a new one.

Hence, you need to be creative in your work.

*Web programmer–There are over one billion portals on the internet.

This means web programming is another exciting work-at-home project to consider.

Hence, if you already know how to program, there are many projects for you.

3. Content Creator

Content creation is one of the best careers to work from home.

Your work is to contribute information to the digital world.

You can contribute the information in various forms such as news, blog posts, images, videos, social media updates, and others.

However, this is a career that requires professionalism; You need to be creative, organized, and analytical.

Besides, you need to be disciplined and diverse; You can work as a freelancer or for other people.

The job involves researching, reading, writing a lot, and being creative and accurate to produce high-quality content.

You can produce the content for one or more platforms.

Regardless of the form of content you produce or the platform you use, you need to actively generate new material consistently.

Happily, there are no barriers in this field, you can work as a freelancer or be employed.
There are various types of content creators that include:

*Audio–This providing audio content.

Here you need to talk about the things you know and you are passionate about.

Hence, if speaking is your strength, you can produce audio content for various clients.

*Written content-This is the biggest sector for content creation.

You can write a book, blog posts, recipes, and many more.

So, if you are a talented writer, this is an excellent work at home project to consider.

You produce your own content or for other people.

*Videos–This involves producing content in video format; It is creating videos, images, or drawings.

Therefore, if you have some skills in this field, you may need to think about it.

4. Digital Marketing and Sales

Marketing Content for Digital Marketing

This is another great field to consider while working from home.

Because of advancements in digital marketing, you can create content for companies or individuals.

Luckily, almost every company wants to market and sell products in the digital world.

Some sought after digital marketing and sales projects include:

*Digital marketing strategist–If you have skills in social media management, there are projects you can handle from your home.

Your role is to coordinate online marketing for various clients.
*Community manager–The work of a community manager is managing a company’s social media accounts.

Here, you need to produce content, post on social media and engage the audience.

*Online Ads–Many companies are looking for people who can help them place ads on their websites and social media platforms.

Hence, if you have skills and experience in this area, this is among the best work home projects you can consider.

*Sales from home–Sales agents are being sought by small and big enterprises.

Therefore, if you have excellent communication skills, this is a wonderful work from home career to consider.

5. Administrative Support

Today, most of the tasks handled at the office can be done at home.

Therefore, if you have some skills and experience in administration, there are many work home jobs for you.
Some administrative work home careers to consider include:

*Virtual assistant–If you are an organized person and you have superb communication skills, you can work by hour or project.

Happily, many individuals and companies are searching for people to work as virtual assistants.

*Data capture–If you are searching for simple projects from home, data capture is the simplest.

Happily, there is a high demand for people who can provide data entry services.

*Customer service–Since they can do most tasks online or over the phone, you can now work as a customer care representative from your home.

Thousands of companies are hiring people to work from home as customer care representatives.

6. Business and Finance

If you have work home skills in finance, accounting, or human resources, there are so many projects you can handle from home.

Even though the demand might not be as high as other sectors, many companies are searching for people to help them with recruitment, accounting, and project management.

Some ways to work at home in the finance department include:

*Accounting–There are so many accounting projects that can be done from home.

Therefore, if you are an accountant and have skills in tax liability, you can work as a freelancer accountant.
*Project management–The other area to consider in this field of finance and business is project management.

If you have some years of experience in project management, you can check out some projects that might be available in your area of expertise.

*Recruiting–Advancement in technology have made recruiting and headhunting to be done online.

So, if you have skills and experience in this sector, multiple employers are searching for people to help them with recruiting.

7. Architecture and Engineering Home Projects

There are many engineers and architects working from the comfort of their homes.

Therefore, if you are an expert in this field, your options are endless.

The projects include interior design, industrial design, rendering, drawing, and many more.

8. Software Development

The other common home project is software development.

Even though apps have become popular, many people are still looking for software developers.

If you are skilled in software development, you can work from home as a programmer.

There are many projects for you; But most projects differ in budget and complexity.

You can work in the content management field, in e-commerce, and in many other areas.

This is a wide field that has a lot of opportunities.

9. Multimedia and Design Projects

Multimedia and Design Projects

If you are familiar with design projects, working for home is a wonderful option to consider.

There are many projects for people who have studied design.

The www.upwork.com website has many people looking for these types of jobs.

Some options we have in multimedia and design projects include:

*Logo design–Since companies need logos, many are searching for people who can create attention-grabbing logos.

*Infographics–Website owners need people to edit images and memes to share on social media.

Therefore, if you are good with infographics, there are lots of jobs for you to work from home.

*Video editing–Video editing from the comfort of your home is another project you can consider.

With a computer, internet, and the right program, you can get plenty of projects from many clients.

*3D modeling–This is another area where you can get work at home projects.

However, you need to have geometry and programming knowledge to create objects.

*Illustration–If you can provide illustrations, there are many opportunities for you.

Happily, most of these projects can be done remotely.

10. Translation and Editing Projects

Companies with advertising and publishing content are looking for editors and translators.

This is another wide sector full of opportunities.

Some projects to handle include:

*Blog posts editing–If you have superb communication skills, and you are familiar with SEO, then there are many projects for you.

*Copy-editing–A person with excellent editing skills and is an SEO expert can work on copy editing projects.

Your task is to create content that can draw in visitors and generate clicks.

*Translation services–Other home projects you can consider are translation services.

If you can speak over one foreign language, there are jobs for you.

The other skill you need to handle these projects includes excellent communication skills.

*Correcting text–If you are good at grammar and spelling, many people are seeking your services.

Your major task is to help authors with editing and improving text.

*Subtitling–If you are good in another language, there are many opportunities for you.

Here you need to write subtitles for videos and other content in your native language and your second language.

It is a simple job but needs someone with SEO skills.


Based on the above information, work at home project opportunities are endless.

However, make sure you search for these projects from genuine sites.

Also, have a good computer, a reliable internet connection, and the required skills.

And since there is plenty of competition, getting work home projects might take some time.

If you need more options, read the following article: 10 Work at Home Jobs -Money Making Guide.

Happily, more and more companies are searching for people to work on various projects from home.

Hence, with the right skills, equipment, and attitude, there are legit opportunities and works for you.

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