Work From Home Chat Jobs for Social People

Work From Home Customer Support Jobs

The entire world seems to be moving online, and with that, so do all manner of companies from insurance providers to retail stores.

As businesses start to strengthen their online presence and offer their goods and services over the web, the call for web-based customer support has grown.

Work from home chat jobs are one of the new roles that have been developed to support businesses going online and if you’re looking for a job you can work from home, they’re one of the easiest to get into.

As there’s no need for a degree and just a small amount of experience to get your foot in the door, they’re a great entry-level role that can help you work from home.

How do you find work in a customer support role working from home?

To be successful scoring work from home chat jobs, you need to be motivated, have good English skills, and requirements like a computer and reliable, fast internet. Companies that are often hiring these types of roles include Amazon, ACTIVE Network, Home Shopping Network, and Teleflora, or you can contact a recruiter who may have multiple positions available.

If you’re looking for a stepping stone into working from home and love nothing more than providing good customer service, you’ll want to read on for more.

This guide will show you the ins and outs of customer support roles that you can work remotely, what to expect, how to get hired, and tips for success.

What Does A Customer Support Job Entail?

 Work from home chat jobs with Customer Service

Customer service jobs are one of the most common online jobs you’ll find and they’re a great way to step from your previous role into the world of working from home.

A customer support role is one where you deal with customers directly, usually through email support, online chat, or social media, acting as a representative for the company.

A customer support role that you work from home is the same as one in an office or a retail store.

You’re required to answer customer queries, offer advice, troubleshoot problems, and give assistance with products and services, but you do it without ever meeting them face to face.

You’ll need to know everything about the company to be able to help customers, and training will be offered to ensure you’re knowledgeable.

The roles may be strictly chat support or they could be more like a virtual assistant role where customer support is only part of the duties.

Either way, the position allows you to work remotely from home, earn a decent income, and get more experience in the field so you’re able to move onto bigger things if you desire.

Types Of Work From Home Customer Support Jobs

Just as there are many types of customer service jobs in the real world, so too are there in the digital world.

Finding one that utilizes your skills and experience is key to ensuring your success in job hunting but also in making sure you’re confident in the role you’re doing.

These are some examples of customer support roles that you may see advertised to work remotely and what each of them means.

Live Chat Agent

Live Chat Agent

A live chat agent is online and answering questions and providing support in real time. These people are responsible for the pop-up chat boxes that you see when you visit a website and it requires a fast response time.

Customer Support Rep

Customer support is usually a more technical role that sees you troubleshoot specific problems and offer support to customers and visitors of the website.

You’ll be required to have a background in a specific skill, like IT or legal services, and provide high-quality assistance as needed.

Customer Service Rep

As a general customer service representative, you’ll be initiating a chat with all visitors to the website. It can include using a chat platform, social media, and email as some of the methods of communication.

Call Center Agent

Working in a virtual call center doesn’t have to mean just on the phone, as many companies now offer online support as their preferred method of contact.

You’ll be trained for a specific part of customer support or a particular product and receiving incoming chat communication.

Virtual Assistant

A remote virtual assistant will be tasked with many jobs throughout their working day, with chat support being one of them. You may be asked to schedule appointments, respond to emails, create documents, and conduct research for the business.

Hours And Pay Of Remote Customer Support

Calculating Salaries

The pay for a remote customer support role varies depending on your experience, the responsibility of the job, and the company hiring.

On average, you can expect to be paid between $10 to $15 for a work from home chat job or similar role.

If you’re working as an independent contractor, you may only be paid for the time you’re chatting with a customer or speaking on the phone rather than a fixed salary.

The hours worked will also depend on the requirements of the role. Some positions have rostered hours, just like a normal role, and you’ll be required to be online at your desk and working during this time.

This could be standard nine to five operating hours or 24-hour support service, and you’ll take shifts as needed.

Another common practice with work from home customer support jobs is shift bidding. This means you may need to bid on the shifts you want to work, up to a week in advance, against other employees.

Bidding on shifts can even be done as early as six months in advance, and the longer you’ve worked for the company the higher up your position of favor will be.

Common Requirements For Work From Home Customer Support

One of the reasons work from home chat jobs are so popular is because they require little experience from candidates for entry-level roles.

At the most basic level, you’ll need computer skills that will require you to undergo training and perform the role, so you should have a good understanding of computers.

As with any customer service role, you’ll need to be able to multi-task, have a positive disposition, and strong written and verbal communication skills.

Depending on the specifics of the job, there may be other requirements for applicants to proceed, including:

  • Dedicated workspace at home that’s quiet and set up ergonomically
  • Reliable and fast internet connection
  • The ability to download software and applications as needed, including upgraded operating systems
  • Cell or landline phone
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Commitment to training and work schedule

How To Find Work From Home Chat Jobs

Woman Using Laptop to find chat jobs

The best place to find remote customer support roles are with the companies themselves, and many of these larger corporations do their recruitment in house.

You may have more luck during busier seasons, like the holidays, when they’re increasing their need for customer support, but you can check out their job openings at any time by going to their website.

There are hundreds of job opportunities for US-based customer support roles, but some of the larger companies who often hire remote employees include:

  • Amazon – web and chat support roles for customer assistant
  • Apple at Home – tech support roles for Apple products
  • BCD Travel – online travel consultant positions
  • Concentrix – virtual call center with lots of varied clients
  • Home Shopping Network – web and phone support jobs
  • KellyConnect – tech customer support and chat jobs
  • LiveOps – recruitment company for phone and web support jobs
  • Nieman Marcus – online support for web shoppers
  • PNC Bank – customer service roles available for specific time zones
  • SYKES – access to customer service roles in a range of companies
  • Teleflora – taking florist bookings online or over the phone
  • U-Haul – online support for reservations and ordering roadside assistance
  • VIPDesk – responsible for hiring for many reputable brands
  • WorkingSolutions – provides customer service for many companies

Job boards are another great place to find these positions that might have been advertised by a third-party recruiter or smaller business.

The two most popular sites for work from home jobs are Indeed and FlexJobs, and you can search for roles using terms like “remote work” or “work from home” to see what’s available.

Applications And Interviews For Customer Support Roles

Interview Questions for a job position

To ensure your resume and application make it through and stand out from the pack, you’ll need to curate these documents with the right keywords.

Most companies use a dedicated recruitment software suite to digitally scan through applicants, so having the keywords they’re looking for will put you a step ahead.

  • Problem solving: As a chat support officer, you’ll be responsible for troubleshooting problems that customers have. This could be technical support, pricing, website navigation, and more, so you must have good problem solving skills that allow you to think on your feet.
  • Communication skills: Communication is key in any customer service role but if you’re dealing with online chat specifically, your written communication must be perfect. Not only are you representing the brand, but you must have a clear and concise way of writing that is easy to understand for the customer.
  • Computer skills: Most jobs will have set requirements for computer skills, whether it’s a specific software or operating system. Read the ad carefully to see what’s discussed and make sure you put these keywords in your resume if you are proficient at them.
  • Conflict resolution: Anyone working in customer service knows that conflict is part of the job. Being able to calmly and respectfully deal with conflict that occurs, even if it is online during chat support, is a huge part of being successful in this role, so make sure you note it on your resume.
  • Multi-tasking: When working as a chat support agent, you’ll be required to do many things at once, so multi-tasking is an essential skill. Typing in the chat to a customer, looking up information, and dealing with other ongoing issues all at once will be commonplace.

Once you reach the interview stage, you can be confident that your resume shows you have the right skills and experience, so all you have to do now is sell yourself.

Speak confidently and clearly, play up any remote experience you have had in the past, and give examples of when you’ve worked in customer service or had to telecommute for other roles and be responsible for your workday.

Tips For Finding The Right Customer Support Role

As more and more people look for ways to work from home, competition for remote roles like customer support becomes fiercer.

If you’re new to this way of working and have never applied for a work from home job, we’ve got some tips that can make it easier to master, and how to ensure you don’t get scammed.

Be Prepared To Work Your Way Up

Customer Service At Home woman

If you’ve never worked in a telecommuting role before, you’ll have to be prepared to start from the beginning.

Having real-world experience in a customer service role doesn’t translate to working online in chat support, so don’t expect to start with a high paying role.

Spending six months in an entry-level customer support job will be all need to progress to the next level.

Make Your CV Pop

With hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of other applicants going for the same roles as you, you need to make sure your CV stands out.

If you’re not confident in your resume writing skills, it’s worthwhile hiring a company that specializes in creating these documents to help you stand out.

Understand how modern recruitment software works so you can hit all of the relevant keywords.

Do Your Research

Working remotely is very different from being hired in person so it can be hard to gauge the legitimacy of a company when you can’t go to their physical office to interview.

Before you agree to anything, make sure you read the employment contract and terms thoroughly and do your research on the company.

You should be able to find others who currently work for them, or have in the past, and trust your instincts on what you find.

Never Work For Free

One common issue with working online and remotely is that you can be taken advantage of.

It’s standard practice for companies to have a trial assignment for potential new employees, but you should always be compensated for your work.

Be skeptical of any company that asks you to work for nothing, even during a trial phase.

Be Flexible

Headphones In Hands

When you’re trying to get your foot in the door for a remote position, it pays to be flexible at first.

If your goal is to build up enough experience to move onto something bigger and better, be prepared to work shifts at odd hours to get the job done.

This not only helps you gain experience but it shows you’re committed to the role, so be flexible as much as you can.

Look Out For Scams

The internet is full of scams and one of the easiest ways to rip people off is with fake job postings.

The best way to tell if an ad is legitimate is to ask yourself whether it’s too good to be true, and if it is, you can almost guarantee this is a scam.

Excessively high pay rates, minimal information on a company to be found, and strange communication methods are all signals that something is up.

Related Questions

Work from home chat jobs are becoming a popular way to earn a living for people whose lifestyles don’t fit with the regular nine to five schedule.

Whether you want a change of scenery from your current job or are looking to return to the workforce remotely, you probably have a lot of questions, and we’ve got the answers to help you out.

How Do I Pay Tax Working From Home?

There are two options for paying tax when you work from home and it depends entirely on the type of employee you are.

If you’re self-employed and working as an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for paying your own tax and claiming the relevant deductions.

Workers employed by a company in a customer support role will have their tax withheld and paid by their employer.

What Is A Chat Agent?

A chat agent is a similar role to customer support but they work solely on an online chat platform.

A chat agent may work at home or in an office environment and it’s their responsibility to offer troubleshooting and advice to visitors of the website.

They will usually be trained in the relevant chat software and have a good understanding of the business to be able to offer support.


Social people have an advantage in finding work at home chat jobs over their competitors.

These professionals are not afraid to talk for long hours helping people solve problems over the phone.

The best part about some of these careers is that you set your own hours and answer calls whenever the time is right.

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