10 Work from Home Part Time Jobs to Earn Additional Income

10 Work from Home Part Time Jobs

Every day, people of all ages are searching for work from home part time jobs.

Students, stay-at-home mums, young men, and adults are interested in remote jobs as beginners.

While the ability to work outside the traditional office has been possible for some years, working from home has now become the main thing.

No matter your skills or experience, you can now search for part-time occupations to help you get additional cash or abandon that stressful job at your local store.

You do not have to wait until you have the experience to search for remote work from home part-time jobs.

There are many openings for students and people with no experience.

In this article, we are going to help you understand more about legitimate work from home part-time jobs, help you search, apply, and know the best sites to search for genuine part-time jobs.

What are work from home part-time jobs?

When searching for a job, you may work at home.

Working from home or telecommuting or virtual working or remote working is when employees work for companies or individuals without going physically to the office.

It is a style that allows employees to work outside a corporate office.

The concept is that people need not be in a specific place to execute their duties successfully.

As a part-time worker, it means working at home for several hours a week and you may or may not receive benefits as a full-time worker.

While working from home, you do not commute to the office every day.

Instead, you execute your projects and duties from the comfort of your home.

Because of advancements in technology and world events, they are limiting employees from working in offices.

Today, many companies all over the world have embraced remote working.

It is the best option to remain safe and productive.

Online Job Opportunities

10 Work From Home Part Time Jobs To Earn Extra Money

The good news is that there are many freelance part-time jobs and employee-based part-time jobs.

It all depends on the company, employer, and the profession.

With a reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop, you can start searching for genuine part-time work from home jobs.

Fortunately, there are many genuine part-time work from home jobs.

Most of these jobs will help you gain the skills and experience needed for more advanced opportunities.

Some of the best part-time work from home jobs includes:

Web developer–They will be task you to design and develop websites for companies.

Transcriptionist–This is where you listen to audio and convert it into text.

Translator–This is a job where you need to convert the written text from one language to another.

Virtual assistant–Virtual assistant work is to provide administrative and clerical duties to clients from your home.

Freelance writer–A person who writes remotely for money.

You can work as a blogger, content writer, copywriter, or journalism.

Data entry clerk–Work part-time as a data entry clerk to transfer data from a paper format into computer files or update a computer database system.

Social media manager–This is a new profession where you can work part-time to manage social media accounts for a company.

Other legit work from home part-time jobs include website tester, travel agent, customer care representative, graphic designer, bookkeeper, legal clerks, online teacher, data analyst, and many others.

The beauty of working from home is that you can work the way you want.

For instance, some people work at night when it is quiet and less disturbing.

Others prefer to work for a few hours during the day and a few hours at night.

Who is looking for work from home part-time jobs?

Who is looking for work from home part-time jobs?

Part-time jobs are mainly for people searching for extra income.

If you are a student or someone with no experience, there are several work from home part-time jobs.

There are opportunities for writers, graphic designers, data entry clerks, and others.

Therefore, if you are at home and you would like to earn while working remotely, start by searching for remote work from home jobs part-time.

It is wise to be prepared.

Since you want to earn and grow in a profession, it is essential to be ready for multiple tasks.

Below are a few tips on how to prepare for genuine work from home part-time jobs.

Prepare for Cyber Job Duties

Learn about the profession–Any person can work part-time, but you need to identify and learn about your desired profession and the qualifications.

There are skills, and abilities needed by various employers.

For instance, there are many data entry work from home part-time jobs for experienced and people with no experience.

Learn about them and the credentials required; Your applications may be rejected, and you might encounter online job scams.

Therefore, understand the professions before you search.

Get familiar with the skills needed–Getting started especially as a beginner in any profession is not a simple task.

There are certain skills and abilities most employers look for when hiring part-time workers.

For a good chance of landing the best work from home jobs part-time, get familiar with all the needed skills.

For example, they require typing skills for you to work as a data entry clerk or a freelance writer.

Prepare your resume and cover letter–Even though you will apply for part-time remote work from home professions, you need to have a good resume and a cover letter.

Learn how to prepare a good cover letter and a resume that will attract the eyes of potential employers.

Make sure you indicate your special skills and be open to new proposals and ideas.

Study More-As a beginner, you need to keep learning.

This will ensure you are well-equipped and familiar with the latest tools.

Learn all the tips needed to succeed in the profession.

The good news is that there are many resources to get the required information.

There are blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and social media pages that provide the information you need.

Do your research to be ready to work online.

When to search for work from home part-time jobs?

When to search for work from home part-time jobs

The best time to search for legitimate part-time work from home occupations is now.

Because of world events, many employers will hire people who can work remotely.

You can search for part-time jobs anytime.

This is because there are various companies and businesses always hiring part-time staff to work from home.

Health institutions, schools, organizations, and individuals require people who can provide services while working from home.

There are many data entry opportunities, writing careers, data analyst jobs, and many more.

Some occupations are always on demand and some have off-seasons and on-season.

Moreover, companies have discovered the benefits of remote working.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

The good news is that many businesses are searching for part-time workers.

Small and large organizations are looking for experts who can provide various services while working at home.

Even though getting started as a beginner is not stress-free, there are endless opportunities.

With or without experience, you will find many legit sites with jobs where you can work from home part-time.

They need no capital or enormous investment to work from home.

All that is needed is a desktop or a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Although you might need other programs, getting started is not expensive.

Being an open-ended sector, you can easily grow while working part-time.

With sufficient skills and knowledge, you can earn good money while working from home.

All you need is to be well-prepared for the tasks.

Where should I search for work from home part-time jobs?

When searching for part-time jobs, it depends on the profession.

Nevertheless, you need to search in the right places.

The good news is that there are many websites to visit for real work from home part-time jobs.

Some sites are free to job seekers while others may ask for a fee for you to search and apply for jobs.

Below are some of the best sites to search for part-time remote jobs.

*Data Entry part-time jobs–The best places to search for work from home data entry jobs part-time are on the internet.

There are many significant sites where you can search for remote home data entry professions.

Some of the best sites to search for part-time work from home data entry jobs are Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Indeed.com, OneSpace.com, and others.

However, you need to be careful not to fall into the hands of a con.

*Web designer part-time jobs–Since every company wants to have a professional-looking website, many people are searching for website developers and website designers.

Among the best websites to search for website design jobs are LinkedIn, Glassdoor.com, Upwork.com, and Indeed.com.

Also, once you have your own clients, you can get more through referrals.

*Translation part-time jobs–Among the most sought freelance work from home jobs are transcription jobs.

This is because there are many opportunities for beginners and people with no experience.

The best sites to look for transcription jobs are Transcribeme.com, Simplyhired.com, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, and Upwork.com.

*Legal part-time jobs–If you have skills and knowledge about law, there are several positions to work from home.

There are many companies, institutions, and individuals willing to hire legal experts to work part-time from home.

The best websites to look for part-time legal jobs are Zipcruiter.com, LinkedIn, Simplyhired.com, Flex Jobs, Opensourcedworkplace.com, and Indeed.com.

*Virtual assistant part-time jobs-Individuals, companies, and institutions require people who can work as virtual assistants part-time.

Happily, most typical services and duties can be performed online.

Hence, if you have the skills and experience, you can search for virtual assistant part-time jobs.

Among the best places to search for part-time work from home virtual assistant jobs is Upwork.com, Indeed.com, Remote.co, LinkedIn, and Flex Jobs.

*Affiliate marketing jobs–Similar to work from home data entry part-time jobs, you can work as an affiliate marketer even with little experience.

Even though some people believe affiliate marketing is difficult, it is one of the best careers for people with no experience.

If you would like to be an affiliate marketer, you can search for affiliate marketing part-time jobs at Upwork.com, LinkedIn, Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com, Flex Jobs and Freelancer.com.

*Bookkeeping part-time jobs–If you can handle accounting tasks such as inputting receipts and invoices, handle accounts receivable and payable, and track employee time sheet, you can work as a part-time bookkeeper.

Happily, there are several suitable sites you can search for part-time bookkeeping jobs that include Indeed.com, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter.com, Flex Jobs, and Upwork.com.

*Consultant part-time jobs–If you are a professional in any field, you can advise individuals and organizations and help their business performance improve.

Consulting has become one of the best occupations to work from home.

There are business consulting jobs, health consulting jobs, and part-time data analyst work from home consulting jobs.

Some of the best sites to search for part-time consulting jobs are LinkedIn, Indeed.com, Ziprecruiter.com, Flex Jobs, and Careers.un.org among others.

*Social media expert jobs–Today, almost every company is searching for social media experts who can work part-time.

Maintaining and monitoring social media accounts is a profession that can be executed from home.

If you have the required skills, you can work from organizations, individuals, and companies as a social media expert.

Of the best websites to search for remote social media expert jobs are Upwork.com, Flex Jobs, Freelancer.com, Indeed.com, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.com, and Monster.com.

*Cybersecurity specialist jobs–Another profession you can work part-time from home is as a cyber-security specialist.

Your work is to monitor, investigate, detect, and analyze security events for individuals, companies, and institutions.

The best websites to search for part-time cybersecurity specialist jobs to work from home include Indeed.com, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.com, Cyberdegrees.org, and Ziprecruiter.com.

Why search for work from home part-time jobs?

Why search for work from home part-time jobs

Many companies are hiring more part-time employees than ever before.

This is because using part-time workers is beneficial to both employees and employers.

Some reasons you should search for legitimate work from home jobs are:

*More time to pursue other projects–The biggest advantage of part-time jobs is having time to pursue other projects and activities.

If you are a student or a stay-at-home mum with little kids, these are the best online jobs to consider.

Also, if you do not have academic credentials for a specific job, remote part-time jobs can serve as a stepping stone.

You can also use job experience to climb within an existing field.

For instance, if you are a student with excellent typing skills, you can search for work from home jobs part-time data entry.

This will help you earn money as you gain more skills and experience.

*Open doors to new opportunities–Working part-time helps you gain the experience and training needed.

This can help open doors to new opportunities.

There are many skills and experiences to gain while working part-time online.

Also, since many employers may be reluctant to use students or inexperienced people full time, working part-time will give you a chance to learn a lot of things.

*Earn more money–Working part-time can enable you to make more money.

It gives you a chance to work for various clients.

Also, it gives you a chance to balance several jobs.

If you are a proactive person, you can earn more than some full-time employees.

Since there are many opportunities, it is a significant chance to earn more.

Part-time jobs are paid based on output; Hence, the more you work, the more you earn.

*Improved health–According to various studies, most full-time employees tend to become stressed out.

This is because they do not have enough time to work out, commit to a healthy lifestyle, or enjoy outdoor sun.

But part-time employees can visit the gym, sleep long hours, and commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, they are likely to live a good life with improved health benefits.

*Savings on transport–Another major advantage of working from home is saving on transport.

A person who works part-time from home saves more on transport than people who commute daily to work.

This means you can save on transport, auto maintenance, and insurance premiums.

How to work part-time from home

Do you want to start working from home part-time, but you do not know where to start?

Here are tips and steps on how to work from home part-time.

Whether you have no experience or you are searching for a specific part-time job, there are many opportunities for you.

The good news with part-time jobs is that you can work at your own pace.

As long as you deliver, the clients are not interested to know when you are working or how you dress.

With a reliable internet connection and a good computer, you can get started.

It is important to be ready.

Keep in mind there are thousands if not millions of people around the world searching for part-time work from home jobs.

Below are a few tips that will put on the right track towards earning money while working from home.

5 Steps to Success


1. Know why you need part-time jobs

Before you get started, you need to know why you are searching for part-time jobs.

While some people search for part-time jobs to earn extra money others search for these jobs to gain experience.

Others want to work from home to stay with their kids, some are disabled, and others need more money to pay debts and loans.

With a clear mind, you will search and apply for jobs in a particular sector.

Moreover, you will be in a better position to apply for the best work from home jobs.

2. Leverage your Approach

It is also important to know the best approach to take.

The good news is that there are many part jobs available.

With a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can start working right away.

Most part-time work from home jobs requires someone with basic computer skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to deliver on time.

Also, if you have special skills and experience, you can search for more advanced jobs.

Knowing what we need such as skills, experience, and abilities, you will be well-prepared for these jobs.

3. Choose your Budget

Even though most part-time jobs do not require huge capital to get started, you need to decide how much money you need to get started.

In some areas, you need a blog, training, and internet connection.

Also, you may need new equipment such as a laptop, headphones, a modem, chair, and table.

Happily, most of the expenses are not high even for a starter.

If you do not have enough money to purchase these items, you may need to be creative.

There are many resources and courses available for free online.

4. Start Searching for Part-Time Jobs

Once you have the tools, the next step is searching for online jobs.

Although there are many employers hiring people to work from home, there’s lots of competition.

People from all over the world are searching for occupations to work from home.

With the right attitude and the required skills, you can easily get a good part-time job.

There are many data analyst work from home jobs, data entry work from home jobs part-time, and many others.

Therefore, it is good to research these jobs before you search.

Know your strengths, get enough training, and be equipped with the right equipment.

You should also prepare a good cover letter and a resume.

With online jobs, do not give up.

Sometimes you may get rejected or never get responses, but you need to continue applying.

Make sure you send as many applications as you can.

You should also be careful to avoid being conned.

Since part-time jobs have become famous, there are cons and genuine employers.

Therefore, make sure you know the red flags to avoid being conned.

5. Join Online Communities

If you are very new in working from home jobs, you need to join an online community.

There are many social media pages, and platforms that can help you get jobs faster.

On these platforms, you will get essential information because many people share their experiences and ask questions.

Moreover, the community will help you find the best sites and legitimate jobs you need to search.

There are Facebook accounts, Twitter pages, and many LinkedIn accounts you can follow and join.

The aim is to learn from experienced people who work part-time from home.

How do I prepare for work from home part-time jobs?

How do I prepare for work from home part-time jobs?

One thing you need before you get started is to be ready; It might not be easy for everyone.

They will track you for payable hours; hence if you do not work, you will not get paid.

To help you prepare this landscape of working from home, here are some tips that will help you maximize productivity, increase success, and maximize the quality of your work.

1. Plan your Steps

Are you planning to attend an interview or send some applications?

You need to plan accordingly; Whether the activity is online or offline, you need to be well-prepared.

Always prepare as much as you can in advance.

For instance, get familiar with the company, their recent changes, and achievements, or recent endeavors.

Also, prepare responses to answer when being interviewed and questions you may want to ask.

Learn the tools and programs used and the best way you can help the company grow.

The other important thing you need is a professional email.

You will have a good chance of catching the employers’ attention with a professional email address.

2. Have a Good Working Space

To succeed while working from home, your working space needs to be more than just a place to sit.

Whether you are searching for work from home part-time data entry jobs or part-time transcription jobs, make it favorable to your productivity.

Look for a room where you can close the door while working.

Also, keep the desk organized and clear, especially if you use the space for other purposes.

If you are a beginner, do not go for expensive supplies and equipment.

Many affordable items will help you get started.

With a comfortable chair, a desktop or laptop, and a reliable internet connection, you are good to go.

Keep in mind that having a good working area and equipment is as important as any job program or software.

Therefore, ensure everything is in order before you search for part-time jobs.

3. Keep a Thing to-do list

Working from home can easily be outshined by other home tasks.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, for instance, kids and other duties may outdo your part-time job.

Hence, having a to-do-list can work wonders for you.

Once you have the list, write A, B, C, or D for each task.

A should be the duty with the highest priority, and D the least priority.

Then you need to label every task with a number such as 5, 15, 30, or 60.

The number will represent an estimated time it may take to complete a task.

This will enable you to plan your days properly and saves time.

4. Monitor your Work

Whether you charge by project or by time, you need to monitor your work.

It is essential to know how much time you will spend on your tasks and assignments.

Even though some companies that hire part-time workers may use time tracking apps, it is good to monitor your work.

5. Balance your Business

Part time working from home jobs requires someone who is disciplined.

Therefore, ensure your professional and personal life are separate.

From the beginning, attempt to balance the two.

For example, would you cancel your family’s plan for a business-related matter?

These are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Always strive to balance your life so you can succeed and also deliver on all your projects.

It will also establish boundaries.

6. Use a Calendar

Whether you love the tangible calendar or the Google one, make sure you are using one.

A calendar is a powerful tool for someone working from home.

Do not keep all the important dates in your head.

It is important to have one place to keep all your deadlines, meetings, and tasks.

Furthermore, a calendar will keep you organized, stress-free, and anxiety down.

7. Create a good cover letter and resume for part-time jobs.

Applying for a part-time job is like a full-time job.

Therefore, you need to create a good cover letter and a resume.

With an excellent letter, you will increase the chances of landing better part-time jobs and remote working occupations.

8. Kill all Distractions

Working from the comfort of your house is great.

However, you will need to beat all the distractions to succeed.

From people ringing the doorbell to dogs barking and kids coming to your room fighting, there are so many distractions.

Hence, you need to be more disciplined than ever.

Some things you can do to stop interruptions and distractions include:

Use of apps to block social media to avoid wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Learn that job time is working time.

You can silence your phone and notify your family and friends that you do not take calls during working time.

Prepare your beverages and snacks before you work.

Going to the kitchen 3-5 times in a day will decrease your productivity.

Dedicate specific time for checking and responding to emails.

By turning off notifications, you can work without interruptions.

Top 10 Work from Home Part-Time Jobs

Top 10 Work from Home Part-Time Jobs

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of various types of work from home part-time jobs.

Because of the pandemic and the progress in technology, almost every company has part-time employees working from home.

Professionals, coaches, small companies, and institutions have joined the list of employers searching for staff to work from home. Students, moms, and experts are offering their services from home.

Therefore, if you have some skills, abilities, and experience in a specific area, you can search for online jobs.

Fortunately, there are opportunities for people with no experience.

Before you search, here are the top 10 work from home occupations that you can work part-time.

1. Data Entry Part-Time Jobs


Data entry is a job where an employee adds, verifies, or edits an electronic data.

Today, many companies are searching for people to key-in notes from meetings, add sales figures, add raw data into the database, or edit questionnaires.

There are many occupations in this field. Some titles in this field include:

  • Coders
  • Typists
  • Word processors
  • Transcribers

If you are going to work part-time as a data entry clerk, they may pay you by keystrokes per minute, by project, by keystrokes per hour, or by keystroke per word.

In most cases, part-time jobs work from home data entry payment is based on your typing speed.

If you are a fast typist, you are likely to earn more than a slow typist.

If you are planning to start a career in data entry, you need to have practical experience.

To gain experience, some steps you may need include:

*Pursuing an education–There are several educational chances in high school and colleges.

Also, you can get an education through workshops and technical training sessions.

*Look for internship–Since there are many data entry opportunities, you can volunteer or work as an intern to gain skills and experience.

*Get certifications–You also need to get certifications to succeed in a data entry career.

Having a certificate will improve the chances of landing a high-paying data entry job.

*Enhance your communication skills–To get data entry jobs, you need to have excellent language skills.

Therefore, improve your reading and writing skills, and proofread your work.

*Learn how to type fast–Practice typing so you can become a good typist.

To earn good money in data entry, you should be able to type at least 35 words per minute.

Several programs can help you know your typing speed.

*Gain more computer skills–To get more part-time data entry work from home opportunities, you need to learn how to use many computer programs.

Apart from the normal Microsoft computer programs, learn how to use other data entry programs.

*Improve your interpersonal skills–Since you will communicate with clients, you need to enhance your interpersonal skills.

Go through articles and tutorials to boost skills.

Data entry is not a complicated job.

You can search for work part-time from home data entry professions while you work as a full-time worker or when pursuing an academic degree.

Happily, data entry jobs are easy to access.

Since many businesses need data entry workers, there are many opportunities.

The job entry requirements are lower than other part-time professions.

Nevertheless, you need to be very careful when applying for part-time job work from home data entry.

There are many risks and restrictions in the field.

Therefore, do extensive research before applying for any work from home part-time jobs data entry.

Also, work with companies that are credible information about contact details, activities, and locations.

Besides, do not give your personal information such as account number or social security number.

There is a high risk of identity theft in the data entry sector.

Salary: On average, data entry clerks working part-time from home can earn $2,200 per month.

2. Web Design Part-Time Jobs

Part time web designer salary.

A web designer’s job is to design a website.

And since many people are looking for people to provide these services, it is a great part-time work from home job to consider.

The major jobs related to web design are application developer, web content manager, game developer, multimedia programmer, SEO specialist, and EX researcher.

A web designer thinks not only about the outlook of the website but how it functions.

As a website designer, ensure the website has all the required information that your client wants.

This means you must be innovative and smart.

Be Flexible ready to Work Long Hours

Working part-time means they can pay you based on the project, or the number of hours worked.

Happily, you can work for over one client; This is a career that needs skills and experience.

It is difficult for beginners to work as website designers.

If you have the skills and abilities required, you can search for web design part-time jobs.

If you are planning to start a career as a freelancer, you need to be flexible.

You should learn how to design, develop, and create good content.

The good news is that you can choose clients and avoid those who are low paying.

You can set your own rates based on the clients’ fees; Finding clients can be a challenge.

To succeed in a web design career, you must be an expert in several programs, computer languages, and web applications.

Master Different Skills

Also, you need to be organized, consistent, a team player, creative, and detail-oriented.

And since website trends are rapidly changing, you need to be a continual learner.

To qualify for web design part-time jobs, you need to have a degree in web design, excellent in computer programs and languages, and have worked as a designer for a few years.

Unlike data entry and other part-time jobs, there are fewer cons in this industry.

Even though the demand for web designers is high, there are very few scams.

Though, do not share your personal data such as bank account, social security number, and other to any known people when applying for jobs online.

Salary: On average, web designers working part-time from home can earn $44,000 per year.

3. Translation Part-Time Jobs

Translator part time salary.

If you have an aptitude for languages, you can start a career in translation.

Translation is a job of converting documents from one language to another.

In most cases, translation occupations involve translating a document from a foreign language to the mother tongue.

Translation involves typing or writing and not speaking.

Hence, interpreters differ from translators.

You can work in many sectors that include legal, science, financial, and commercial.

Although it is very easy to find part-time translation jobs, you need to be an expert in that area.

But being certified does not mean you are an excellent translator.

Experience is Important

Being an excellent translator takes time and experience.

A translation job starts when you understand what clients need or expect from you.

Once you are given an assignment, you need to understand the details before proceeding.

In this field, you are not supposed to assume anything.

They expect you to translate as it is.

Therefore, if you are not sure of anything, you need to ask.

Salary: On average, translators working part-time from home can earn $46,000 per year in the United States.

4. Virtual Assistant Part-Time Jobs

Virtual Assistant part time salary.

Starting a career as a virtual assistant is not an awful choice.

This is a profession that provides flexibility, work-life balance, and variety.

A virtual assistant is someone who provides remote technical and administrative services to business people at a fee.

It is one of the most sought work from home part-time jobs since it provides numerous benefits to both the employers and employees.

A business can save a lot of time and money when it outsources tasks to virtual assistants.

Working as a virtual assistant offers flexibility, helps you save time and money.

Also, you can increase your earnings by working for many clients.

Even though the tasks of a virtual assistant depend on the skills and the client, common tasks include:

  • Creating and maintaining records
  • Email marketing
  • Accounting activities such as billing and bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Preparing reports and letters
  • Monitoring and managing social media accounts
  • Answering and making phone calls
  • Providing customer care services
  • Editing and proofreading documents
  • Making travel arrangements

If you would like to start a side job or a career as a virtual assistant, you need to be well-prepared.

First, have the required skills such as communication, computer proficiency, and organization skills.

Then decide the services you would like to offer.

You can be a virtual receptionist, accountant, or a data entry clerk.

Once you identify the services, the next step is to determine your rates.

You can charge daily, or hourly rates; You can also charge based on the tasks completed.

Now you can start searching for jobs and marketing yourself.

Build a good portfolio and create a cover letter and resume.

To increase your earnings, consider specializing in one area.

Salary: On average, a virtual assistant working part-time from home can earn $17.50 per Hour.

5. Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Affiliate marketing part time salary.

Being an affiliate marketer means you will earn a commission by marketing a business’s products.

An affiliate marketing job is not complicated, but you need to be proactive to earn good money.

Moreover, companies are looking for affiliate marketing managers, affiliate marketing specialists, and affiliate marketing experts to help them run the affiliate marketing department.

To succeed in this area, you need to have skills and experience in sales and marketing.

Whether you want senior positions, you need to know how you can create fun and exciting products.

Today, many companies are hiring affiliate marketers to work remotely.

Hence, if you are an expert in this area, you can search for part-time affiliate marketing jobs.

However, it is not a walk in the park, a lot of patience is needed.

To get started, learn more about the products and companies you may work for.

There are many resources and online courses that can help you understand and get the required information concerning affiliate marketing.

Salary: On average, an affiliate marketing manager working part-time from home can earn $63,000 per year in the United States.

6. Bookkeeping Part-Time Jobs

Bookkeeping part time job salary.

Among the highest-paying jobs you can do from home is bookkeeping.

It is a suitable career for someone interested in accounts or finance.

But you need not meet the requirements of an accountant to search for part-time bookkeeping jobs.

Some duties of a part-time bookkeeper include:

  • Managing workers’ payroll
  • Creating financial reports
  • Writing and editing budgets
  • Managing and monitoring accounts
  • Reviewing and updating financial records

To start a career as a bookkeeper, you need to have a high school degree.

Most employers searching for part-time bookkeepers need someone with a high school degree.

It is also essential to get some training.

Happily, there are many sources where you can get the required skills.

You can use online courses, software, or books.

You can also work as an intern to get the skills and experience needed.

Salary: On average, bookkeepers working part-time from home can earn $19.00 per hour in the United States.

7. Consultant Jobs

Business consulting part time jobs.

To start a career as a consultant, you need to be an expert in a specific area.

There are legal consultants, management consultants, sales consultants, financial consultants, and others.

You can be a freelancer or be employed by a company to work from home.

Your principal duty as a consultant is to advise the company.

They need your help to increase efficiency, increase sales, and reduce costs.

In most cases, they will assign you a specific project.

The good news is that you can work with many clients.

If you have more experience and required skills, you can earn a lot of money as a consultant.

There are many firms, businesses, and individuals searching for consultants in different fields.

Therefore, to be a successful consultant, you need to have a degree in the relevant field, earn knowledge through work experience, and get certified in your field.

Completing a Master’s degree can welcome more opportunities.

Salary: On average, consultants working part-time from home can earn $73,000 per year in the United States.

8. Legal Part-Time Jobs

Legal part time jobs.

Legal part-time jobs are increasing every day.

Small and big companies are searching for legal experts or people with legal experience to provide services while working from home.

Therefore, if you have some skills in the legal field, you can search for legal part-time jobs.

There are data entry jobs, bookkeeping jobs, and consultancy opportunities for you.

Even if you are a student in a law school, you can search for part-time jobs in the field sector.

In most cases, employers hire students and people with less experience to help them with administrative and technical duties.

The good news is that these are jobs you can work from home.

With a computer and reliable internet connection, there are many legal part-time jobs to consider.

You can work remotely as the following:

  • Legal assistant
  • Legal expert
  • Legal clerk
  • Legal cashier
  • Legal manager
  • Legal Intern
  • Legal officer

However, it is good to be familiar with the legal industry, have some skills, and abilities to work in the area.

In most cases, you should be familiar with legal terms, know the used computer programs, and have excellent communication skills.

Salary: On average, a legal clerk working part-time from home can earn $15.00 per hour in the United States.

9. Social Media Expert Jobs

Social Media part time jobs.

Social media has become so huge that every company wants a share of it.

This means companies, individuals, and institutions are searching for social media experts.

To work as a social media manager you need to have several skills that include creativity, communication, flexibility, understanding trends, and analytical skills.

Some titles to use when searching for social media expert part-time jobs include:

  • Social media expert
  • Social media manager
  • Social media intern
  • Social media specialist
  • Social media community manager
  • Social media strategist

Your primary duty as a social media expert is to help companies implement their ideas on social media platforms.

Thus, you should be very creative and can use programs and social media tools to succeed.

Most social media experts work from home.

It is an interesting career, but very challenging.

Even though there are great tools that will help you when working as a social media expert, you need to keep learning.

Salary: On average, a social media expert working part-time from home can earn $15.00 per hour in the United States.

10. Cyber Security Specialist part-time jobs

Cyber Security part time jobs.

If you are good at information technology, you can pursue a career in cyber security.

Because of an increase in digital marketing and online sales, cyber security part-time jobs are some of the best work from home part-time jobs.

Many businesses are searching for experts to help them with data security.

As a cyber-security expert, your primary duty is to ensure the safety of the organization’s network system and software.

Your work is to create, test, implement, and analyze the effectiveness of a company’s network system, database, and websites.

Therefore, you need to have excellent communication skills, analytical skills, and familiarity with the latest security programs.

You can start a career at the entry-level and advance to analyst or director.

There are many part-time cyber-security jobs for almost all companies.

Hence, with the right skills and experience, you can work as a cyber-security specialist from home.

Salary: On average, a cyber-security specialist working part-time from home can earn $16.00 per hour in the United States.


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Today, every company wants to hire people who can work from home.

From entry-level positions to senior positions, there are so many work from home occupations to consider.

With the above information, you are now well-equipped to search for work from home part-time jobs.

This information will help you understand your area of expertise and the best way you can search for jobs.

Be ready by having the right skills, abilities, and equipment before getting started.

It is also easier to gain skills and knowledge by getting resources online.

Also, be alert to avoid con people pretending to be employers.

Always avoid sharing your bank details and other crucial information to strangers.

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