Explode Your Career with iwriter Article Writing Service

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If you’re looking for a work from home career, Iwriter article writing service is a splendid place to start.

It is a freelancer website that specializes in article writing.

Since it is used by trusted content requesters and professional writers, it has become one of the most known platforms for writers.

Happily, it is full of projects that include article writing, rewrites, and eBooks.

Whether you are an unknown writer or a veteran, iwriter is a stress-free platform.

It is safe, legit, and there are no major scams reported concerning the site.

In this quick guide, we have highlighted the essential things that a beginner would like to know about iwriter.

Therefore, if you are searching for regular writing jobs, read how to use the platform.

What is iwriter?

Explode Your Career With Iwriter Article Writing Service

Iwriter is a famous website that specifies content writing; The site works like Uber.

When a client asks for content, they post the job on the board.

And the writer who meets the requirements takes the job.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional writer, iwriter has many writing jobs for you.

It is a site that has helped content requesters and writers connect with each other.

Fortunately, there is no limit on the number of articles you can write.

Being a great platform, there are many writers.

Hence, you need to be proactive to beat other writers when picking orders.

But iwriter is one of the best articles writing websites.

There is no bidding of projects and you can write as many articles as you can in a day.

Who uses iwriter?

Iwriter is a site for both writers and content requesters.

It is a friendly place for unknown writers to earn money online.

Today, there are millions of freelance writers who have joined iwriter.

Also, there are content requesters offering writing jobs every day.

The excellent news is that you need not submit your academic papers or essential documents to work on iwriter.

All you need is to sign-up and become a writer at the site.

Iwriter is a website that is loved by many freelancer writers.

You can work during the day or at night on this platform.

Moreover, there are people requesting for content all the time.

You can sign-up and start earning straightway.

You need not wait for several days for your account to be verified.

And unlike other sites, there is no sign-up fee at iwriter.

Besides, there are no exams or tests to write on the site.

All you need is to complete the sign-up process and start earning.

When Should I use iwriter?

Most people use iwriter when they want to earn money as writers.

Also, there are many content requesters seeking writers.

People also use iwriter when they want work from home part-time jobs.

Fortunately, you can work as a part-time writer or a full-time writer.

Even if you have a full-time job, you can work part time on this platform.

All you need is to create an iwriter account by filling your personal details and start working.

Although the pay is low for standard writers (beginners), you can easily move up if you write more articles and get good ratings.

The site is suitable for students, mums, and people searching for work from home jobs.

As long as you can write good articles, there are many writing jobs at iwriter.

Where do we use iwriter?

Iwriter is a content creation website; Therefore, it is a site for writers and content requesters.

Whether you are good at article writing, rewrites or eBooks, the platforms provides grand opportunities for writers.

You can use it on your laptop, PC, or download a mobile app to use it on your mobile device.

However, you need internet access to visit the site.

Once you visit the website, there are many writing jobs at the board.

If you are freshly new, it would be a wise decision to watch the sample video on the platform to learn how to use iwriter.

Why use iwriter?

Why use iwriter?

There are many jobs posted at iwriter; And since sign-up is free, you can easily start working on iwriter.

One reason we use iwriter is to make money.

If you can write articles for other people, then you can make good money at iwriter.

Although you might not get a lot of money as a beginner, you can make an extra income on iwriter.

Another reason most people use iwriter is that it is free to join.

You do not need a sign-up fee to use the platform.

Moreover, the registration process is straightforward; Also, the articles written come in a good format.

This means users can use them for link building.

It is also cheaper for requesters to post writing jobs at the platform.

If you are a content requester, iwriter is an amazing place to get high-quality articles at an affordable price.

How does iwriter work?

If you are new in freelancing, you might want to know if iwriter is free?

Luckily, the site is user-friendly, legit, and free to join.

Below are simple steps on how iwriter works:

1. Create an Account

The first step is to create an iwriter account; Unlike other freelancing sites, iwriter does not charge signing fee.

To register you need to:

  • Visit the website
  • Click register
  • Fill in your name, email address, username and password
  • Confirm registration
  • Log-in
  • Upload your photo
  • Write a short bio about yourself
  • Select the best topics to get alerts
  • Enter your PayPal address
  • Save

2. Watch a Video Tutorial

Once you have become a member on iwriter, the next step is watching the video tutorial on how to use the platform.

The video is offered by iwriter and contains useful information for new platform users.

Although most people are tempted to write without watching the video, we would advise you to go through the entire video.

It contains a lot of vital information on how to begin your journey on iwriter.

For instance, you will learn the statistics of the requesters, terms and regulations, and how to work.

3. Keep your Account Safe

This does not mean your new iwriter account is unsafe.

Keeping your account safe means they can end it; Therefore, you need to keep it safe.

Before you write, you need to know that your account can be suspended or blocked.

Most iwriter accounts are blocked or suspended for violating the terms and regulations of the platform.

For instance, if your article fails Copyscape three times, they will suspend your account.

Other reasons your account may be suspended or banned include low ratings, scamming, or sending one article twice.

4. Start Writing

The most interesting part is to write; Happily, you can write on a wide range of subjects on iwriter.

Also, it is so easy to search and find work on this platform.

And since content requesters keep posting jobs on the board every time, you can work during the day or at night.

Some common categories you can choose are health and fitness, shopping and product reviews, science and technology, medical, business, and travel and leisure.

5. Write as many Articles as Possible


With iwriter, there is no limit on the number of articles you can write.

Even though you can only work on an article at a time, you can write many articles in a day.

But as an unknown writer, you can start seeking more projects after successfully submitting 3 articles.

Therefore, your speed and quality of writing matter on this platform.

Keep in mind that content requesters can approve or reject your work.

Thus, aim to write high-quality articles all the time.

If they reject any of your projects or you are low rated, your account can be blocked or suspended.

6. From Standard to Elite Plus

On this platform, there are different levels; As a newbie, you will start at a standard level.

However, you can rise quick depending on the projects you submit.

Depending on your ratings and the number of completed projects, you can easily grow.

To get to these levels, you will need:

  • Standard writer–An unknown writer or someone with a rating of fewer than 4.1 stars
  • Premium writer–A writer with 4.1 stars or more and has 25 completed projects
  • Elite writer–This is a writer with a rating of 4.6 stars or more and has at least 30 completed projects
  • Elite Plus–A writer with 4.85 stars or more and has completed at least 30 projects.

7. You get Paid Based on Word Count and Writing Level

Your pay depends on the number of words you write and your writing level.

A standard writer earns less than a premium writer.

Therefore, you need to write more and get good ratings to earn good money.

Fortunately, the least you can make is slightly more than a dollar for a 150-word article. You can write a 150-word article or 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, or eBooks.

Even though a requester may ask you to write an article above 2000 words, the platform terms that as an eBook.

8. Get Special Requests

If you are a superb writer, and you provide outstanding projects, you can get special requests.

Special requests are projects that are only assigned to a specific writer.

If a request likes your previous work, he or she can send you special requests.

However, this can only happen on this platform and not outside the site.

Once a requester sends you a special project, it is only you who can see the project.

But if there are other favorite writers selected to write, they may take the project and beat you.

The benefit of getting a special request is that you can earn more money, get good ratings, and have a constant flow of jobs.

9. Get Paid via PayPal

With iwriter, you can only get paid via PayPal.

Therefore, you need to have a PayPal account to receive payments.

Happily, creating a PayPal account is free, and you can create one quick.

And with iwriter, you only need to provide your PayPal email address.

On the platform, you can set your account to receive payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

For weekly accounts, they make the payments on Tuesdays while bi-weekly payments are made on Wednesday.

They make the monthly payments on the 5th or 25th of every month.

However, the minimum payout is $20; This means you can only be paid if your account has $20 or more.

Although you might experience payment delays, iwriter is always on time when making payments.

In most cases, delays happen when the money is being transferred from iwriter to PayPal.

10. Become an Affiliate

If you would like to earn more, you can become an affiliate at iwriter.

However, you need to have a blog or a website to qualify for the program.

Once you are approved for the affiliate program, you will get a link that you can share on your blog or website to earn commissions.

However, you can earn a commission only if a requester joins iwriter using your link.

Freelance writers cannot join via the affiliate link.

Happily, it is a simple process and they pay the earnings just like the normal payments–weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

To promote your affiliate program, you can send emails to potential clients.

However, there is no spamming allowed; You can use banners and other strategies to promote the program.

11. Expect Site Errors

Since there are many people who use the platform, you should be ready for several site errors.

This is the biggest drawback concerning iwriter.

Even though most of these errors disappear after a few minutes, some stay forever.

403 error, 404 error, closed for maintenance, and forbidden error are some faults you might encounter.

Most of these errors happen because of high traffic on iwriter.

Some of these errors are internal and are always handled by management.

However, you can try different browsers to clear these errors.

Also, there are errors that occur if your account has been banned or suspended.

Therefore, you need to monitor your account and ensure it remains safe.

Is iwriter Legit and Safe?

Is iwriter Legit and Safe?

Since most free platforms are not secure, freelancers would like to know whether iwriter is legit and safe.

Happily, iwriter is legit and a safe site for content requesters and freelance writers.

It is rare for someone to be scammed on this platform.

Content requesters need to deposit money in their accounts before they ask the writer for content.

Hence, you will always be paid for your work as long as it’s approved by the requester.

They make all payments through PayPal.

And since PayPal is a trusted platform all over the world, you can work on iwriter knowing your payment is secure.

Where is the Official iwriter Website?

The official iwriter website is www.iwriter.com; You can visit the site now and register as a freelance writer.

Iwriter is a great platform for writers, especially for those who dislike bidding for jobs.

And since there are projects on various topics, it is an excellent site for all freelance writers.

But picking a job on the platform is not as easy as it seems; Remember, there are many writers.

Thus you need to pick the project quick; Otherwise, other writers may select the project before you.

What are iwriter Alternatives?

Iwriter is an amazing platform for freelance writers; Joining is simple, free, and straightforward.

But in the world of freelancing, it is always important to seek alternatives.

This will ensure you diversify your earnings.

Below are some of the best iwriter alternatives you can consider:

1. Constant-Content

One best iwriter alternative is constant-content; It is an impressive site for freelance writers.

However, the platform is different.

Here, you need to upload articles you have written, choose a subject, sale price, and the right you want to grant.

After uploading the article, it goes to the editor for review.

Once it is accepted, it goes to the list for clients to purchase; However, your article may be rejected.

2. Fiverr

The other site similar to iwriter is fiverr; With fiverr, anyone can start and it provides a wide range of services.

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers sell and purchase services.

Whether you are a designer or a writer, you can promote your services on the site.

Happily, the site is popular, your gigs grow as you grow, and you can find clients on fiverr and take them with you.

3. Textbroker

Textbroker is another amazing website that works like iwriter.

The payments are better than iwriter, and it is a wonderful site for veteran writers.

There are various niches that include education, fashion, entertainment, food, health, gardening, and many others.

It is a flexible site where they list thousands of jobs.

Although the terms and regulations differ from iwriter, it is a suitable site to consider.

4. Upwork

This is one of the most recognized sites for freelancers.

It is free to join, simple to register, and has many great freelancing jobs.

The site is magnificent for newbies and professionals.

Unlike iwriter where there are jobs for writers only, you can join upwork to search for other jobs such as accounting, design, marketing, and others.

5. Dotwriter

Another iwriter alternative is dotwriter.

It is free to join and you can upload many articles to sell to various clients.

All you need is to upload an article, wait for a few hours for the editor to review it, and you can start earning.

Luckily, you can upload many articles on the site.

Top 5 iwriter Tips and Tricks

Top 5 iwriter Tips and Tricks

1. Ensure your Account is Safe

Although iwriter is an excellent platform for unknown writers, you need to ensure that your account is safe.

Always submit quality articles and ensure they are Copyscape free.

Hence, write 100 percent unique content and ensure they are of top quality.

You do not want your account to be suspended for low ratings.

Also, do not provide your personal email address to clients.

All communication should be done on the platform.

2. Download the iwriter App

It is now possible to work from your smart device.

The app allows you to write and take notes from your mobile device; Also, you can use App Pro for iwriter tasks.

Happily, both App Pro and iwriter apps have advanced features that can help you work and submit your projects with ease.

3. Seek Special Requests

One way to earn good money on iwriter is seeking special requests.

However, this can only happen if you submit high-quality articles.

Therefore, always submit unique and high-quality content.

By doing this, your clients will like your work and you might start getting special requests.

Keep in mind that special requests come with good pay and you do not have to go to the board to search for jobs.

4. Join the Affiliate Program

Even though you might not get income instantly from the affiliate program, it is an excellent way to seek extra income.

Moreover, getting the link is free and you might get money even when you are not working on the site.

You can promote the link on your blogs, websites, and social media sites.

It is a wonderful way to maximize your earnings even without writing projects.

5. Pick your Jobs Carefully

To succeed in iwriter, you need to pick your jobs with care.

Always read the provided instructions and follow them to the letter.

Keep in mind that failure to follow instructions may cause your client to reject the article.

Also, you might be required to provide extra words to satisfy your client.


Iwriter is a great platform for people seeking digital marketing work; It brings freelance writers and content requesters together.

The system is well designed to ensure they pay talented writers more than poor writers.

Therefore, if you feel you are a talented writer, you need to join this platform.

Here, you will earn good money and gain skills doing what you love.

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